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The rating system of Médiafilm (1 - 7) were created in 1968 by Robert-Claude Bérubé.
*1-Masterpiece (Chef d’œuvre), 2-Remarkable, 3-Very good, 4-Good, 5-Medium, 6-Poor and 7-Pathetic.

"1" Masterpiece
It is the summit of Everest of the 7th Art. Of some sixty thousand films assessed by Médiafilm, only 145 touched it.* And because the test of time is an essential criterion to judge if a film deserve a place in the history of cinema, Médiafilm never allocates the rating (1) to a film with less than fifteen years old.

A Masterpiece is therefore:
• A pioneer in the history of cinema on philosophical, narrative, aesthetic and technical plan.
• A work-headlight in a film type or an artistic movement.
• A notable work of an outright master of the cinema.

*the first version of Apocalypse Now (#26) and the redux are counted separatly.
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Ma liste subjective des 100 meilleurs films du Québec
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Fondé en 1951 par des amis du réalisateur, le prix Jean Vigo récompense une œuvre cinématographique française qui se distingue par son indépendance d’esprit et la qualité de sa réalisation. Il couronne habituellement un cinéaste qui n’a pas encore été consacré, ni primé dans un festival./

Founded in 1951 by some friends of the director, the prix Jean Vigo rewards a film from France that is distinguished by its independence of mind and the quality of its realisation. It crowns usually a filmmaker who has not yet been recognized, or been rewarded in a festival.
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Festival international du film d'animation d'Annecy.
L'un des plus prestigieux (sinon, le plus prestigieux) festivals du film d'animation, Annecy existe depuis l'année 1960. D'abord tous les deux ans, le festival devient annuel en 1998.
Annecy International Animated Film Festival.
One of the most prestigious (if not, the most prestigious) festivals of animated film, Annecy has existed since 1960. At first, every two years, the festival becomes an annual event in 1998.