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Sunday (I) (2008)
Bollywood running out of sane people
26 May 2008
I don't know how on earth this movie ever made it to the theaters..i mean come on, there's no proper story line, all the extras were over-acting, Ajay Devgan's entry is a scene of him walking in slow motion thru a bunch of flying red chillies(i have no idea what that signifies),Ayesha Takia dubs for ALL characters in an animation feature(what the..?), discos with synchronized dance!!? That garbage of an actor Tusshar Kapoor was put in for god knows what, and danced like a spastic and went the way, i felt his entry was pretty dramatic too.they showed his stomach and groin first.Bad choreography, bad wardrobe(when Ayesha wears ethnic Indian dresses in the songs, Ajay Devgan's always got his mammoth shades on, and is wearing multicolored slim-fit clothes).Songs aren't great either.They only song that made it to radio channels is 'manzar'.And what the hell is with the dumb long haired hit-man???what language does he speak in? is that supposed to be funny? or scary?who laughs for stuff like that? same goes for the 'comedian' in the movie. The 'south-indian' karate instructor.No one in the theater was laughing for his jokes,let alone his absolutely ridiculous accent."Suhasineeeee! Meine Tumse Pyaar Kiyaaaa!!! Lekin Tumne Mujhe Dhoka Diyaaa!!!KABLAM!!" used to work back in the 70s, i think.Arshad Warsi and the his sidekick are garbage again.the movie could've done without them.last but not least, they HAVE to have a RIDICULOUS 'thing' for all heroes eh? either they're chewing on toothpicks or they're constantly wiping sweat of their foreheads or playing with guns or running their fingers thru their hair(in slow-motion of course).The Sunday guys found a 'better' one.A hero who keeps munching on ice-cream all the time.Very heroic, i should say.One of the WORST movies I've ever waste of time and money.
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