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2010: Moby Dick (2010) (V)
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Balancing on the line of being awful., 21 November 2010

Lets make make something clear, this is low budget. Whats worse is that any technical aspect that could possibly be wrong, IS wrong. A low budget is no excuse for not doing some basic research on the internet before you being production, its free after all.

We have navy officers wearing army field uniforms, we have have a one legged submarine captain and and helicopter attacking a submerged nuclear submarine with a machine gun, and doing enough damage to make the 400feet sub shake like it was being depth charged!

All the special effects and animations looks like they transfered in from the eighties and and most of the sets are awful as well. The ultramodern submarine looks like a run down Russian factory on the inside, and the instrumentation seems borrowed from a lesser Sci-Fi production.

So why did I still give it a 4? Well I managed to sit through the movie. I'll admit that I was desperately bored, but still. The acting is not as horrible as you might expect, but still far from anything memorable. And the basic story is not hopeless either, with a large studio this might have become an OK film on par with godzilla or king kong. However any similarities with the original book are nowhere to be seen, besides the big whale and the obsessed captain that is.

The 4 I gave it is being generous, but I have seen movies that are worse, and still scored higher on IMDb.

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Should have been so much more., 6 October 2010

With a good concept, decent actors and a strong budget, I had expected more. The action is great, even if the slow-mo is a bit excessive at times. The problem is what happens between the action, or rather, the lack of anything happening between the action.

This movie is just a series of action cutscenes edited together into some sort of a movie, but there is no storytelling going on at all. It feels like the director couldn't be bothered doing anything but the action scenes. There is nothing smart, no suspense and no thrill. Just action that looks like its copied straight from "The Matrix", but without the finesse, and that leaves you feeling indifferent and unimpressed.

This movie suffers from the usual sequel virus, symptoms are less smarts, less story, less atmosphere and more CGI to compensate. It's unnecessary, lazy and insulting to the fans that the Resident Evil Franchise does not try to keep a higher level of quality, especially when they have the actors and the money to do something really good.

Final verdict is that the movie is "ok" for a Resident Evil fan, but even for a fan this is pushing the lower quality limit. Personally I hope they get another director for the next movie, like Christopher Nolan or Ridley Scott, imagine that.