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great science show, 11 December 2006

"Scientific Temperament - Donot Lose it" has been the theme of this TV show series, is one show of its kind in Doordarshan which brought several young minds like me to be interested into science and technology.

This program was divided into several small parts like "Looking Glass", "Breakthrough", and "Tailpeice" each lasting about 8 minutes and each elaborated on one major scientific issue of the contemporary period. Topics were selected by their a) Their relevance to the betterment of the Indian society and b) public popularity. Professor Yash Pal moderated the contents of the series based on the queries, feedback and the mails he received from the viewers.

The topics ranged from the reproduction cycle of insects to Dark Matter in the universe, and occasionally on certain scientific developments in the rural India.

This along with the UGC Countrywide Calssroom were the only two programs on Indian Television during the late 1980-early 2990s that ignited the young scientific minds of India.