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an Alice sandwich already ROTTEN.., 26 September 2012

well i am a fan of the video games saga, not from the movies, i 'played all the games etc. then in 2002 the first resident evil movie comes out and was OK, at least enjoyable, then the second one was fine.. till the middle of it, but when nemesis appear and turn to be good and even not mutate, the movie transform in a totally crap , from that moment the movies are so bad that are a joke, this movie isn't the esception, the characters are far far away from the videogames counterparts, this movie is bad made, contain the worst acting of all the saga, the cheapest effects ever made, and the plot holes are so big than the entire universe, and nothing is well explain, besides the situations on the afterlife movie, has not effect on this one, I don't want ad spoilers, but the fail is so big that dragon ball movie is the best movie ever compare to this, in this sequel characters like crhis and claire are never mentioned, and anybody says nothing about it, others take they spot, but not for to long, alice continue stealing the aspects from the others heroes, and doing it all by herself. At the end there is cliffhanger for more, so if you respect the resident evil games don't watch it save your money, and wait a reboot... is the only hope we can get.. anyway there isn't hope for paul anderson....