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Milan (2004)
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Milan, Where East Meets West!, 30 December 2004

The movie reflects the true feelings of an Overseas Filipino Workers in Italy where Filipino communities can be found. Like Chinese and Indian nationals, Filipinos can be found in almost all parts of the globe. Because Filipinos can adapt easily to any given environment. This story follows the journey of naive Lino (Piolo Pascual) as he searches for his missing wife in Italy. He comes across Jenny (Claudine Barretto), an imposing figure in the Filipino community of migrant workers, whose dreams of grandeur have clouded her need for personal relationships. In a desperate quest and game of survival, the two find refuge and affirmation in each other. What started as a mentor-protégé relationship, Lino and Jennys partnership evolves beautifully into a self-consuming love affair. Until these two are put to a test. Reality bites as the land changes everything. In the end, it matters not for Lino that he finds his wife for he has found himself. And alas, it matters not for Jenny that she sacrifices for love, for she has learned to give, in order to live again. The film is not just a mere love story. It encompasses the colorful lives of Filipinos as a global citizens of the world.

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The Funny Girl of New Millennium, 1 December 2004

Move over Barbra Streisand! The new Funny Girl of new millennium has invaded the silver screen once more.

The funny but charismatic Bridget Jones character brought Zellweger to critical acclaim in 2001, for who could ever forget this Briton office girl who unexpectedly became the symbol of young working women around the world? But reprising the role again was a hard decision to make for Zellweger because she needed to fatten up. She had to give up her whistle-bait figure which often was under Carolina Herrera's dreamboat gowns.

But Zellweger admits that it is her devotion to Bridget Jones as a character which ultimately made her agree to do it the second time around. "I simply loves this character so much that I felt a strong personal responsibility to protect her and to preserve the integrity of who she is. She was such a blessing in my life and she's so special to me."

For the "resurrection" of Bridget Jones, Zellweger had to gain more than 30 pounds and change her normal Size 6 dress to Size 14! This physical transformation was needed to account for Bridget's constant obsession with her ever-so-light extra layer of fat (or fat units, as Bridget is known to say).

"For me, it's a necessary part of an honest portral of who Bridget is," noted the actress. "If I can't be her in body as well as in spirit, then what would be the point?" While the first "Bridget Jones" film was a clever story telling from a contemporary single woman's secret diary, the new "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" is an actual rip off on the real world of love and career challenges being experiences by everybody. The new film starts where the fairytale romance ends and the morning-after questions begin. How do you make love work once you've managed to do the impossible and find it? The resulting comic tale shows Bridget dealing with her newfound happiness and coping with her new crazy career challenges.

The director, Beeban Kidron, explained Briget's dilemma about being a woman in love: "Bridget starts out with this fantasy ideal of perfect love with a perfect man,without any conflict. She seems to think that she herself has to be perfect, but the harder she tries, the worse things get. In this movie, we see Bridget really maturing into someone who realizes that perfection isn't at all that counts in love. It's caring, kindness, understanding... all those other grownup things. Yes, she's growing up in her own hilarious ways."

Yes, indeed! Renee is a charming, witty and classy comedian I have ever seen after Barbra's My Funny Girl.

I, Robot (2004)
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I am amazed when Robots act like humans, but I am more amazed when Humans act like robots..., 2 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Contains Spoiler Everyone has accepted the presence of robots in human society except for Det. Del Spooner (Will Smith), who continually regards them with suspicion. The opening sequence shows him pursuing a robot running with a woman's bag. He tries to arrest the robot thinking it's a snatcher, but it turns out the robot was only ordered to get the bag that contains the inhaler of its master, a woman suffering from asthmatic attack. Spooner is really an oddity because he is very old-fashioned in a highly technological world. He uses an outdated motorcycle that drives on gas, wears a 30-year old pair of Converse sneakers (free plugs), and even uses an antiquated remote controlled JVC machine that can already be operated through voice commands. As such, he is the perfect antithesis to highly mechanized robots.

Spooner is then called to investigate the suicide of a brilliant scientist, Dr. Alfred Lanning (James Cromwell of "Babe"), the man who created robots and its laws for U.S. Robotics (USR.), owned by the Bill Gates-like character, Lawrence Robertson (Bruce Greenwood of "Double Jeopardy".) He is assisted in his snooping around by USR's robot psychiatrist, Dr. Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan of "The Recruit"). He correctly deduces that it was not Dr. Lanning who killed himself but his latest creation, a robot who calls himself Sonny. He is able to trace Sonny's hiding place inside Dr. Lanning's room, but Sonny manages to escape with Spooner in hot pursuit.

Dr. Calvin refuses to believe that it was Sonny who killed his own creator. He's the exact opposite of Spooner in that she has a totally different perspective about robots, believing they were created only to serve humans. But as the story develops and Spooner's life becomes more and more in danger as he faces a series threats in the hands of robots (one exciting sequence shows him inside a house being demolished by a giant bulldozer of a robot), her belief about robots being totally subservient to human gradually changes. Together, they uncover something that threatens the human race as the machines have evolved and now want to take over.

A key factor in the story is the character of Sonny, a robot with very human traits and even learns how to wink. Sonny is aware that Dr. Lanning built him for a purpose, but he cannot figure out what the purpose is, even if he somehow dreams about it. Eventually, Spooner realizes that Dr. Lanning created Sonny as a clue, like "Hansel and Gretel following the breadcrumbs along the trail." The design and effects people did a great job in coming up with a sympathetic, innocent-looking robot in Sonny who everyone would think is a villain but actually develops a distinct emotional connection with Calvin and Spooner.

The film is actually a dazzling combination of high-tech action flick, a computer generated special effects sci-fi movie, and a murder mystery. The sequence where Spooner is attacked by a phalanx of robots in a highway is quite mind-boggling. But of course, you have to suspend your disbelief all throughout to be able to fully enjoy the movie. The scary climax shows Spooner, Calvin and Sonny in an action-filled final showdown with rampaging robots in the mammoth USR headquarters, a glass and metal structure that is a character in its own right.

Director Proyas succeed in creating a believable futuristic world populated by robots. It's different from the cinematic modernized environment of "The Fifth Element" where cars can fly but more like just a realistic progression from our real world. What makes the story even more thrilling is the fact that it takes place just as the latest robotic model, the NS-5 automated domestic assistant (where Sonny belongs), is about to be mass marketed to the public. They are designed to replace earlier models who are more loyal to man. It turns out they are the ones with the mean streak in them.

Will Smith gives a witty portrayal of Spooner, delivering his clever one-liners with enough wit and aplomb. Bridget Moynahan gives good support as the addled Dr. Calvin and James Cromwell is very persuasive as the late Dr. Lanning, even in the scenes where he is just shown in holograms. But the real stars of the film are the designers and technicians who came up with the robots and a unique visual style that gave Chicago a new breathtakingly beautiful metropolitan skyline and landscape.

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A feel-good gay movie!, 17 August 2002

I like the story - light but very humane! A gay movie does not have to be burdensome. The film is recommendable to those who wish to see light romance about gays, and this is it! Giovanni Andrade and Brent Fellows are promising to be a good actors in the future. Both direction and cinematography are great. The story focuses mainly on Eban and Charley, and the characters are not screaming fags.

Forgive and Forget (2000) (TV)
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The ending of movie is most likely to happen in real life., 5 April 2002

I would like to believe that there are more closet gays than gays who are open about their sexuality but I do not have the statistics to prove it. Whether you are open, or not, or about to open, this film will somehow touch you. I like this film so much that I can relate to it. The love story of straight-acting David that has been told so many times but presented in a realistic way is enough to catch my attention. A gay who is in love secretly with his best friend for so many years is nothing but ordinary plot because that is always the case when a straight-acting gay fall for a straight guy. I knew beforehand that the ending of the story would not be a happy one because normally in real life a straight guy would not return the affection of a gay even if that gay is his best friend for so many years. Oh yes! This is the truth! The ending of the love story of David is so credible that makes me watch this film again to remind me that this kind of love does exist, and once you came out of the closet, you are taking a big risk. The acting of David as portrayed by Steve John Shepherd is superb! No doubt, he is so convincing as a straight-acting gay. In fact, I fell for him after watching the film.

The film is absolutely close to reality., 15 March 2002

The plot of the story and the performance of the lead actors are very much down-to-earth! The romance between two teen-age boys on the screen was done in good taste. You can easily relate to their emotions if you are one but if you are not one, you can appreciate the kind of love the film is trying to impart.