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The best show!!!!!!!!!, 24 July 2002

"Operación Triunfo", has been the most popular TV programme in Spain during the last years. At the beginning there were 16 contestants, and the jury had to propose four of them to leave the music academy. The last winner was Rosa López, and the finalists David Bisbal and David Bustamante. Now all the participants are stars in Spain, and their music albums are very, very popular. All the contestants were great, but I have to say that Geno Machado (who sang "Otro amor vendrá", "Átame a tu piel" and "Una noche más") and Nuria Fergó (who sang "Noches de bohemia", "Si tú no estás aquí", "Acuarela"....)were the beeeeeest!! The second part of this programme will start soon and I'm willing to see it.

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The best show!!!!!!!!, 28 March 2002

I thought that Sex and the city would be very bad, but when I started watching it I changed my mind. The actresses are great!!! Special mention to KRISTIN DAVIS who portrays as Charlotte York, the best character of the show. Some of the special guest stars are very famous: Bon Jovi, Lucy Liu, Matthew McConnaughey, Timothy Olyphant, Dan Futterman...

WATCH IT!!!!!!

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Good show!!!!!!!!, 31 August 2001

I only saw four episodes, but this show was quite good. Gaby Hoffmann, is the first child actress I've ever seen. The other actors are good too, Patricia Heato (Raymond) and Anthony Tyler Quinn. You can see Nikki Cox, before being famous, and guest stars such us Leslie Nielsen.