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Amazing film!, 10 January 2006

I just cant believe how much I became fond of the characters and hows visually beautiful this film is. The score is gently leading you along as this touching tale unfolds.

The different layers of the story adds much deserved humanity to the characters - which were well cast. Especially the crazy girl of the village (Hye-jeong Kang from the film Old Boy).

The film brings together the South Korean/American Allies and the Communist North so that they saw eye to eye as human beings, due to the example of innocence radiating from the village. I'm looking forward to the director of Welcome to Dongmakgol's future work.

Basically a really really good film! Korean cinema is really finding its way.

Many Thanks, Ricky Thind

Very excellent film..., 25 November 2005

Woo! Just watching this video now. Its in beautiful 4:3 pan scan and I have just seen a dog in slow motion. This going to be a classic! Just seen a guy with a purple suite who is acting suspiciously... called his bird a bimbo. He has now got into his really bad car and has caused distress to hobo. its not too bad actually... The composition and cinematography is so interesting. The score is free samples they've got from the internet and looped. The script was written by a 12year old I think. No, its just good fun. The film cost my friend 97pence too. and it was worth it!!!

Oh man this guys door just fell off... oh my and hes become Rambo and has a tool box with all the ammo and guns John Rambo would need.

i recommend this for a drunk night in with your friends!

Swades (2004)
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From an Indian filmmakers view, 5 February 2005

As a British Indian and film maker this film really changed my perception of Indian cinema and has given me hope that all is not lost (only if India produced more films like Mother India and Salam Bombay -Bollywood would find its way). Sharu Khan is an inspiring actor! Yes he can act very well and his rendition of "Waiting For A Girl Like You" by Foreigner is funny! Director Ashutosh Gowariker has done a tremendous job.

Swades deals with real issues and tries to bring a conclusion to them through a beautiful coming of age tale of the main character Mohan (Sharu Khan). TRUE - It doesn't have the Bollywood formula. And people expected that - but its a slow story that needs to unwind and does unwind well to help you get to know the characters and relate. Its simply a tale about India. Its beauty. Its mystery. Its people.

Like the first reviewer Sabsinha say "Thank god for Swades." I am in strong agreement. It was only sooner or later that something this ground breaking would find its self a leader in new wave of films coming up for air. This film is simply stunning.

Asif Kapadia's "The Warrior" is beautifully directed like this film. Different content yes, but technically its cinematography, music, direction and script are matured enough for for foreign awards.

Bolly"would" seems to be emulating the foreign market with silly Blockbusters. I hope its own home grown talent can flourish and Inspire.

Inspired I am indeed. I hope you will be too.

Hope this helps, Ricky

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One of the most inspiring films I've ever seen., 16 December 2004

I have just seen this film and have to say I am deeply moved by it. The premise of the film is about one mans struggle to do the right thing at when everything around him is going wrong.

Don Cheadle is the best African American actor out there. His passion and heart was so strong that moved me almost to tears. There is a definite wish here to let this story to be known to the world.

Its powerful and provocative in its indirect and subtle jabs at the west for not intervening into such a horror that took place in Rwanda.

Very well made and directed. Please see this and let it inspire you as it did me - to try cultivate selfless actions.

Thanks, Ricky Thind