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For the ICM Board poll:


Excluding unavailable films I've seen on festivals.
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Includes Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

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iCM Forum's April 2017 poll:

Top 30 ranked
1: 10 stars
2-18: 9 stars
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My favourite films with less than 400 checks on iCheckMovies, created for the forum's annual Hidden Gems/500<400 poll. Permanently updated version.
My 2015 ballot:

Ineligible link:,ls075488012&sort=my_ratings&view=simple,ls075488012&sort=my_ratings&view=simple

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for ICM Forum's Favorite Movies (2017 Edition)

1-15: 10 stars (rather accurate ranking)
16-50: 9+ stars (not so accurate)
unranked after 50: 9 stars

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German and Austrian films
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For the iCM Forum 2017 list:

1: 10 stars
2-25: 9 stars
Rest: 8 stars

First 30 ranked
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My favourite unconventional, surrealistic, unusually structured or allegorical films, with a list focus on cinematography and style rather than on story. Films that are often accused of being pretentious.
Contemporary films only, starting from 2000.

Ordereb by year, ordered by preference within each year.

Latest additions: Irreversible, Fuocoammare, The Neon Demon, Only God Forgives
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First 12 ranked

For iCM Board's list:
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my watchlist -> doesn't include films I've already seen.
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Excluding the big countries: China/Hong Kong/Taiwan, Japan, Russia, India, South Korea (?)
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Top 24 ranked, rest unranked.
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Based on the IMDb tag (minus those I don't accept as horror).

Ranked. Films get a malus if they're only borderline horror.!ls075181193&sort=my_ratings&view=simple
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my watchlist -> doesn't include films I've already seen.
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Revisiting the many British films that have fallen through the cracks, this Flipside collection favours the overlooked, the sidelined and the undervalued.

With cult favourites from the BFI’s Flipside DVD label – and more besides - the collection offers rare films from directors who merit attention, plus little seen performances from accomplished British actors as Helen Mirren and John Hurt.
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For the iCM Board poll:,1989&sort=my_ratings&title_type=feature,tv_movie,tv_episode,tv_special,mini_series,documentary,short,video&view=simple&lists=!ls060387732
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In order (as far as possible).
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Includes Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary
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My submission for the iCM Forum's Favourite Balkan Films poll:

Be sure to send in your submission for future versions of the list ;)
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iCM Board poll:

IMDb search:,1979&sort=my_ratings&view=simple&lists=!ls078003074
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Arthur's recommendations
Misc. <400
Arab countries
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ICM Board's Hidden gems poll 2015:

Ineligible link:,ls074674403&sort=my_ratings&view=simple,ls074674403&sort=my_ratings&view=simple

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iCM Forum's Favourite Depressing Films:
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iCM Forums' Favourite Films on 0 Offical Lists:
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1-13: bought tickets
rest is watchlist
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Compiled by mjf314. Films with 100 votes and below.

Unavailable at IMDb: - Sigur Rós music videos Viðrar vel til loftárása (2001) + Glósóli (2005)
- UNKLE music video Rabbit in Your Headlights (1998)
- Chinese documentary Liulang Beijing (dir. Wu Wenguang, 1990) would be #499
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a list of 101 titles
a list of 89 titles
Missing from IMDb: Verlassen; Verloren; Einsam, Kalt (Abandoned; Lost; Lonely, Cold)
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For the iCM Board poll:
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ICM Board poll:

Ranked: 1-5
Group 1: 6-15
Group 2: 16-54
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a list of 188 titles,1969&sort=my_ratings&view=simple&lists=!ls076291676

1-4: 10 stars (1-3 are my 3 of my 4 favourite movies actually)
5-10: 9+ stars
11-43: 9 stars (order gets messy from here on)
44-69 (or so): 8+ stars
70-158: 8 stars
159-188: 7+ stars
a list of 27 people
Directors that I care for with at least 7 movies seen.

Last update: 07.04.2015
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For the iCM Board poll:

A rather random (except Lillian Gish) selection of actors that are stuck in my mind the best.
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Missing from IMDb:
- Lucky 7 (2008) by Sun Koh, K. Rajagopal, Boo Junfeng, Brian Gothong Tan, Chew Tze Chuan, Ho Tzu Nyen, Tania Sng (#56)
- Women Who Love Women: Conversations in Singapore (2007) by Lim Mayling (#105)
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a list of 171 titles
As found here:

Please contact me if you have any additional information on the catalogue!

143 distributed films (11 non-German film removed) + 44 produced films - overlaps (16 films)
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All movies that got a "Like" rating at (as opposed to "Indifferent" and "Dislike"). Ordered by the review date.

Reviews linked (except the first 15, I'll add them later). Some early review are rather minimalistic but most reviews are quite extensive. Go check them out (both the site and the movies)!

Also liked (Pre-Code Retro):
– Johnny Dangerously (1984)

Last update: 14.12.2014
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Subs only when needed.
Incomplete for shorts & animation shorts.

Processed up to 1991.

Karel Plicka - Jaro na Podkarpatské Rusi aka Spring in Subcarpathian Ruthenia (1929)
Cenek Zahradnícek & Vladimir Smejkal - Pribeh vojaka AKA Soldier's Story (1934)
E.F. Burian & Cenek Zahradnícek - Procitnutí jara AKA Spring's Awaking (1936)
Elmar Klos - Ctyri lide - jedna rec AKA Four People - One Language (1939)
Karel Vachek - Malir Kamil Lhotak aka Painter Kamil Lhotak (1960)
Elo Havetta - 34 Dnu Absolutniho Klidu aka 34 Days of Absolute Calm (1965)
Jan Spata - Okamzik radosti aka Moment Of Joy (1965)
Vlado Kubenko, Peter Mihalik, Dusan Trancik - Tryzna aka The Wake (1969)
Ladislav Kudelka, Milan Cernak, Stefan Kamenicky, Ctibor Kovac - Cierne dni aka Black Days (1968)
Otakar Krivánek - Den nás kazdodenný aka Our Daily Day (1969)
Jan Spáta - Jdi za stestím AKA Go In Search of Happiness (1970)
Eva Sadková - Romanetto (1970)
Jirí Barta - Labyrinth of Darkness
a list of 24 titles
Thanks to Kenji @mubi:

Luoi troi (2003)
a list of 43 titles
Entries up to 1949
a list of 201 titles
By: © <',))( Astro-T​ofuprax​ographe​r (@mubi)

"Ooooh, a list. Totally subjective choices, of course, and some of them I haven’t seen, I just know they’re contemplative by reputation. The List is still a work in progress, I’ll add more when they come to mind, and of course, suggestions would be welcome.

I’m just going to steal the description from the Unspoken Cinema blog
“the kind that rejects conventional narration to develop almost essentially through minimalistic visual language and atmosphere alone, without the help of music, dialogue, melodrama, action-montage, and the star system.”

Harry Tuttle also added: “…it could be confusing to mix in certain films that feature a general “minimalistic” narrative, but still use dialogue as an important narrative drive. My Dinner With André doesn’t exist without its dialogue. Most of the film content is articulated through this conversation. But I agree its mise en scène is minimalist in its own way.
Same problem with the major voiceover/dialogue in The Inner Scar, The Sacrifice, L’Eclisse, Broken Flowers, Two-Lane Blacktop, 24 City, Chronicle of a Chinese Woman… and a couple others are arguable.
If the film provides narrative signposts, clues, walkthrough with words, it doesn’t let the spectator figure all out by contemplating at the images alone. Minimal dialogue doesn’t distract as far as it doesn’t spell out character’s motives, personality, intentions to cue a following scene. Especially mundane conversations that have nothing to do with the film’s principal narrative; it just gives a natural slice of life for these characters without constructing an artificial narrative drive.”*"

Further reading:

Missing from IMDb:
- Untitled (2009) by Lisandro Alonso #140
- Ex Isto (2010) by Cao Guimarães #163
- 607 (2010) by Liu Jiayin #172
- Ponce de León (2012) by Ben Russell & Jim Drain #183
- Train of Thought (2008) by Jim Jennings #190
- Nocturne (2002) by Emily Richardson #202
a list of 60 titles
for the ICM Board list:
a list of 79 titles
a list of 159 titles
My final ballot for the 2014 ICM Forum's 500<400 poll.
New version can be found here:

Improved the order.

Some 7/10 films are included at the bottom.
a list of 11 titles

1-10 is the list
11 is mentioned on the top.
a list of 11 titles

1-10 are the list
11 is mentioned in the beginnning
a list of 10 titles
a list of 12 titles

1-10 are the list
11+12 are mentioned in the beginning
a list of 11 titles

1-10 are the list
11 is mentioned in the beginning
a list of 18 titles

1-10 are the BFI list
11-18 are the users' suggestions
a list of 119 titles
List of movies that were mentioned in the BFI documentary project.

Source - Skyscore @ ICM:
a list of 43 titles
Favorite Films with less than 400 checks.
a list of 843 titles
Source: Kevin Aditya @ mubi (


Asian Cinema is a book by Tom Vick, published in 2007, that chronicles the history of cinema in various regions in Asia throughout the years. This is an (arguably) complete list of the films mentioned in the book for easy identification purposes.

Part One: The Old Guard
China: Tradition and Resistance (#1-76)
Japan: Cinema of Extremes (77-266)
India: All That and then Some (267-355)

Part Two: Postwar Booms
Hong Kong: The Fine Art of Popular Cinema (356-459)
Korea: Rising from the Ashes of History (460-573)

Part Three: Recent Arrivals
Iran: A Continuing Conversation (574-632)
Taiwan: The Little Island that Could (633-675)

Part Four: New Players
South and Southeast Asia: Coming Into Focus
Bangladesh (676 & 677)
Bhutan (678 & 679)
Cambodia (680-682)
Indonesia (683-689)
Malaysia and Singapore (690-704)
Nepal (705 & 706)
Pakistan (707)
The Philippines (708-732)
Sri Lanka (733-737)
Thailand (738-766)
Tibet (767-772)
Vietnam (773-784)
Central Asia and the Middle East: Global Intersections
The Former Soviet Republics, Afghanistan, and Mongolia (785-800)
The Middle East (801–832)
Turkey (833-843)

Part Five: Where to Go from Here
(List of websites and books)

Missing from IMDb:
- South Korea: Chunhyangjeon – Lee Myeong-woo (1935)
Habitual Sadness – Byun Young-joo (1997)
- Taiwan: Watching the Spring Wind Blowing (1938)
Heartbroken Night on May 13 – Lin Bochiou (1965)
Dangerous Youth – Xin Qi (1969)
Bride from Hell – Xin Qi (1965)
- Thailand: Dr. Karn – Chatreechalerm Yukol (1973) [Khao Chue Karn]
- The Middle East: The Thirsty – Muhammad Shukri Jamil (1972) [al-Zama'un]
a list of 558 titles
a list of 706 titles
a list of 53 titles
(approximately) Ranked: first 26
after that unranked

for the ICM board:
a list of 317 titles
Movies below 90 minutes that I potentially want to see (from the lists that I care for).
a list of 1,999 titles
a list of 105 titles
Films co-produced & distributed by ATG: 1-75
Japanese films distributed by ATG: 76-105

Missing from IMDb (both ATG distributed-only):
1967: Kawa – Ano Uragiri Ga Omoku / La Rivière Poème de Colère [Mori Kota]
1978: Our Song And All Of You [Tatsumura Jin]
a list of 41 titles
a list of 1,191 titles
a list of 250 titles
Films from Mainland China/Hong Kong/Taiwan on the following lists (Martial Arts/Triad films are excluded):
- Asia Weekly Magazine's 100 Greatest Chinese Films of the 20th Century
- Hong Kong Film Award's Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures
- Golden Horse's 100 Greatest Chinese-Language Films
- Golden Horse's Greatest Chinese Language Films (4-9 votes)
- Hong Kong Film Archive's 100 Must-See Hong Kong Movies
- dGenerate Films' Best Chinese-Language Films of the 2000s
- Best Films of Golden Horse Award
- Academy Award Submissions for Best Foreign Language Film
- Jonathan Rosenbaum's Essential Films
- They Shoot Pictures 21st Century Top 250 Films
- Doubling the Canon
- additional choices
a list of 129 titles
a list of 250 titles
Vote Minimum: 5000

Turkish/Indian mafia films removed.
a list of 24 titles
for the ICM Board list:
a list of 291 titles

All films in competition for New Currents Award, Winners of all other awards
a list of 1,001 titles
a list of 1,973 titles
Each year, Kinema Junpo magazine publishes a list of the top 10/top 30 Japanese films of the year (sometimes more due to ties).
From 1926 to 1942: 10 films (1930: 3 modern and 3 period films)
From 1943 to 1945: cancelled due to war (1946 shortened to 8)
From 1946 to 1954: varying between 19 and 32 films
Starting from 1955: Top 30 for each year (up to 3 more due to ties)
For 2013 I currently have the Top 10 only...

This is not the complete list because some of the films are missing from IMDb. You can see a longer list and rankings for each year at the list source:

Films translated from this website:
a list of 33 titles
For the iCM Board:
a list of 36 titles
a list of 168 titles
Only includes films neither included in "Roger Ebert's Four-Star Reviews 1967-2007":

nor in "Roger Ebert's Great Movies":
a list of 15 titles

Before his epic new HBO series Boardwalk Empire premieres, director Martin Scorsese revisits the gangster films most influential on his career.

"Here are 15 gangster pictures that had a profound effect on me and the way I thought about crime and how to portray it on film. They excited me, provoked me, and in one way or another, they had the ring of truth.

I stopped before the ‘70s because we’re talking about influence here, and I was looking at movies in a different way after I started making my own pictures. There are many gangster films I’ve admired in the last 40 years— Performance, the Godfather saga, Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America, The Long Good Friday, Sexy Beast, John Woo’s Hong Kong films.

The films below I saw when I was young, open, impressionable."

Scorsese's comments included.
a list of 11 titles

"Just in time for Halloween and exclusively for The Daily Beast, Martin Scorsese—the man who brought you Taxi Driver and The Departed—shares his favorite horror movies of all time."

Includes Scorsese's comments.
a list of 40 titles
a list of 116 titles
List taken from the book by David Desser.
a list of 65 titles
a list of 2,560 titles
Note: Some films are listed as one on TSPDT but have more than one IMdB entry (for example Brakhage's Arabic Numeral Series is listed here in no less than 20 parts).
"This section consolidates all of TSPDT's film recommendations, most of which you can also view via our director pages, found here and here. These are - in essence - our favourite 2,500-plus films, and we encourage you to seek as many of them out as possible. Our recommended viewing section contains many acclaimed classics (that you'd expect to see on many all-time-best lists, and do), but it also contains plenty of neglected films (including Delmer Dave's public domain-crucified The Red House, George Archainbaud's The Lost Squadron, and Frank Perry's The Diary of a Mad Housewife). Films that we passionately believe deserve their 'day in the sun.'

All films listed in this section have either been seen by the makers of this website or chosen by contributors to TSPDT whose opinions we value and trust. We are not critics, just buffs, and it's fair to say that this list - due to the fact that there are still many remarkable films (by reputation) that we haven't seen - will continue to grow steadily. All up, between us, we have seen over 8,000 films to date."

"HR = Highly Recommended (Masterpiece/Near-Masterpiece); R = Recommended (Strong cinematic effort/Better than good)"

I have marked "Highly Recommended" films with "hr".

Update 22.04.2013: Added The Master (2012) according to P.T. Anderson's director page:
Update 25.04.2013: Twin Peaks [TV Series] added (HR)
Update 04.05.2013: Skammen changed to HR, Code Unknown and Amour added (both HR)
Update 07.05.2013: The Turin Horse added (HR)
Update 09.05.2013: Four Nights of a Dreamer changes to HR
a list of 667 titles
Includes only the movies that are "Highly Recommended" by They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?

"We classify 'highly recommended' films as being superb cinematic achievements. These films are either flawless or near-flawless entertainments and/or artistic triumphs that occupy a special place in our lives. This is our pantheon, it is our canon, call it what you like. These films shouldn't be missed."

Introduction can be read here:

- Olympia by Leni Riefenstahl is listed as 1 on the website but as 2 on IMdB
- Solaris is listed as Highly Recommended on the "Recommended Viewing" list but as Recommended on Tarkovsky's director's page

Every year starting from 1922 has a HR movie - except 2006

Updates through new Director's pages: Twin Peaks [TV Series], Skammen, Code Unknown, Amour, The Turin Horse, Four Nights of a Dreamer, Dodesukaden, The Bad Sleep Well
a list of 22 titles A list by German newspaper "Die Zeit". Every director can only have one movie on the lists. No TV shows.
a list of 70 titles
Movies listed in this (German) guide to Film Noir, published by Reclam