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Great 70's Rock Movie, 5 December 2006

Kiss meets the phantom was OK as a TV movie goes..but the cinema version Attack of the phantoms was way better..The cartoon music that featured in the fight sequence's in kiss meets the phantom was dropped and music from the solo lps was added in..also there was many different scenes that wasn't in kiss meets the phantom,.. these was scenes that was deleted from the TV version,.. The opening scene in Attack of the phantoms,is of sam and melissa on roller coaster then goes into credits... other notable changed scenes is.. Abner & calvin on monorail talking about his creations... The talisman have flashing lights and smoke coming from them..Melissa leaving the park to the music of Hold Me Touch Me...Kiss on merry go round and amusement park footage at night to the music of Man of 1000 faces...Security guards being kidnapped by 17th century cavaliers to the music of Almost Human, ... Scenes in the Chamber of Thrills while fighting the monster robots is to the music of Love in Chains ,..Kiss fighting the Evil Kiss to the music of Kinda Sugar Papa Likes...Paul Stanley shoots the microchip of sams neck with the star eye, ...the end credits have Abner walking under the roller-coaster, this leaves the audience to believe that it wasn't him as an old grey haired man in the chair at the end but one of his cybernectic robot creations..God of thunder is replaced with Mr Make Believe as the end credits role.. This version of the movie has never been released on VHS or DVD... Released in 1979 by Avco Embassy Pictures....

Hope you find this useful kiss fans!!!...