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Great!, 21 January 2002

I watch this show when I was little on 'kindernet' its a great show because you also learn things about life and respect other creatures David always helping other people or animals in the forest when they need help.

They story is about the gnomes that live in a forest. They are friends with the animals and nature. Wherever they are in the forest, they are in danger of the mean trolls who are always trying to capture them.

The fox 'swift' is also fantastic, and also lisa david wife. And they live in a really warmly homey home I want to leave there! one of my favourite animation shows beside 'the simpsons' I give it a 8.7/10

Face/Off (1997)
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One of the Best!, 23 October 2001

Wow this movie hase it all great action (one of the best action movies I seen in my life) and yes the story is also good (whit a strange plot) and really great performance from John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, and there are many great action sequences the opening scene at the airport was cool I hope they make a Face/Off Sequel!.

Almost good!, 22 October 2001

This movie was almost great. what a shame of the last 15 minutes it would have been better ending when David praying to the Blue Fairy, but this movie is great entertainment nice effects and great performances from Haley Joel Osment and Jude Law. I give it a 8.5/10.

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good movie !, 25 August 2001

I only saw this movie because James Dean is in it and his good in this movie not only james but also Sal Mineo give an excellent performances and I also can related to him I liked this movie there are good scenes like the chicky run and the knife fight and the dramatic end of this movie great I give it a 7/10

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nice movie, 24 August 2001

First of all I never saw the first two Crocodile Dundee movie's personally I think its not a great movie but it is entertaining but some of the jokes ar not so funny but there are also a few good joke's but still I liked this movie paul hogan acting very well as Mick Dundee now I want to see the other 2 movie's and I heard they are better then this one if thats true then I really want to see them I give it a 7.5/10