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Stagecoach (1986) (TV)
Improves as time passes, 3 April 2016

When the movie was first made virtually the entire cast was very familiar and it was difficult to see the people as their characters since they were so famous. Now that time has passed I watched it again and found it very enjoyable. The movie is a remake of the John Wayne classic and when it came out that version was still being played on TV and was popular on DVDs. Since then a flood of other movies have come out and made that one a little more distant. I love the John Wayne-John Ford version and this one sticks pretty close to that story but with the "Highwaymen" taking 4 of the lead roles. It's a really interesting cast with lots of family and friends popping in for small parts.

The basic story of a group of people wanting to get across a piece of country where Apaches have been raiding. They have different reasons revenge, wanting to repay old debts, escaping from the law, running from the past, etc.

There are changes from the original as the doctor (Willie Nelson) is now Doc Holiday rather than the town drunk. The gambler (Waylon Jennings) is openly a card shark with a very shady past rather than the rigid southern gentleman.

The stagecoach crew has to contend with many problems and the story never lags. There is a nice "Hollywood ending" but that was fine with me.

If you feel like sitting back and enjoying a modern "B" western this is a good one. It's a throwback to the old TV Westerns like Gunsmoke and does a very good job of it!!

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meh, 25 March 2016

For a movie like this I normally ignore the very first reviews as there are too many "10"s many of whom I assume are connected to it one way or another. Its definitely not a 10. Pros - The CGI is pretty good but nothing really cool that wasn't in the trailers. Ben Affleck did a good job as Batman. Gal Gadot was good in the action scenes. This version of Lex Luthor is unique which was a good way to go.

Cons - The make up department. Superman with a receding hairline, Lois with a blotchy complexion and crows feet. This is supposed to be a comic book movie right? But that is minor. The main con is that it seemed to drag, the build up to the big fight was a lengthy process. Doomsday started out looking like a cave troll from Lord of the Rings.

One thing I did notice was that it seemed like an unusually large amount of people got up to use the head toward the end of the movie which tells me it wasn't holding their interest very well.

It is worth seeing one time, but it's not something I will pay for a second time.

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Good alien invasion - end of the world movie, 25 January 2016

I went with the expectation of an end of the world movie and it delivered. I am surprised by some of the other reviewers who apparently went with the expectation of not liking it. If you saw the trailer and it looked good you should go see it. In this case the aliens show up and destroy the earth's civilization without much effort. Some alien invasion movie have them show up just a generation or two ahead and the humans are able to make a fight of it. In this case there is no fight. It winds up with a few human survivors scattered around and since the aliens can appear like humans it has a Walking-Dead type feel where you can't trust anyone.

Chloe Moretz was great in the main role. The only problem with that was that she pretty well out-shown the two leading men. In their defense one of them was so devastated by the deaths he went by the name "zombie".

Aside from that the whole apocalypse scenario was well done and there were a couple of twists and you could pretty much see coming but they were still well done. The only problem for me was the sudden ending which resolved a few things but obviously was intended to spark a sequel.

So if you like apocalypse movies and or Chloe Moretz you should enjoy it.

Pixels (2015)
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This Adam Sandler fan really enjoyed it!, 25 July 2015

This looked good in the trailers and everyone in the audience seemed to have a great time. It's different from most Adam Sandler movies as it have heavy CGI but still had some solid laughs. It had some real good 1980s moments as the aliens not only used arcade games but when sending messages had clips of various 80s icons providing their message which added some funny moments. Like most Adam Sandler movies there was some interesting casting. I loved seeing Brian Cox and Sean Bean in a few scenes together bringing back memories of "Sharpe's Eagle". There was also a nice cameo from Serena Williams. The CGI was great and it was pretty original, not a rehash of the aliens blowing things up. I will definitely see it again.

The Prince (2014/I)
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Excellent Unstoppable-Man Genre Movie, 30 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you like the genre you should enjoy this movie. The story movies right along and Jason Patric is solid as the man going after his daughter. When I saw the description 'retired hit man has to return to his old life to save his daughter' and saw Bruce Willis as in it I thought oh Jez how many times will he play that same character. I was pleasantly surprised that Willis is playing the "bad" man here. I say "bad" like the good-the-bad-and-the-ugly where the "good" man isn't really good. In this case his motivation is good but back in his day he was "the" bad guy.

John Cusack has a small part as the "the ugly" I guess you would say. Another bad guy but decides to give Patric some help. I think he took the part to deliver a pretty good little speech talking about Hadrians Wall in a very effective scene to give part of Patric's back story.

Jung Ji-Hoon/Rain (who is a big star in Korea) has a nice part as Willis's sensible, loyal, and deadly right hand man.

If you like this type of movie don't be bothered by the negative reviews. If you don't like this type of movie don't watch it, if you do, then just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Age of Tomorrow (2014) (V)
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It's good low budget sci-fi - stay with it, 27 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched the movie because Kelly Hu was top billed. She and Robert Picardo didn't have the most screen time but they actually had more then I expected. It starts quick and appears to be a remake of Armageddon as a giant rock is heading for the earth and a motley crew going to be sent to drill into the rock, plant charges and blow it up.

Picardo is the ranking military man and Kelly Hu is a scientist who goes with the crew to the asteroid. Pieces of the asteroid start hitting the earth which leads to the 2nd plot where a firefighter who has a wayward daughter is trying to help stop the many fires breaking out.

Things begin to twist as it's not an asteroid but a transport full of alien fighter drones and it switches to an Independence Day type movie complete with a rousing speech to the troops by General Picardo.

Some people are being killed and others appear to be disintegrated. The firefighter now is trying to make it to his daughter while the alien drones start blasting people. There were a couple of good shots where someone (somewhat) unexpectedly gets their head blown off.

It takes another twist as it turns out the people are actually being teleported to the alien homeworld and Kelly Hu and the team of rough necks make it there. They do a good low budget job of making the alien world look alien by odd colored plants. The budget is low and one of the things they saved some money on was to use some "alien" music from the 1950s-1960s but maybe it was a tongue in cheek homage.

There are plenty of moments when you yell out oh-come-on but but normally they are things to advance the plot without raising the budget.

There are more twists and I did enjoy the ending. Overall it was a fun time filler and it's certainly way more entertaining than the rating would suggest. One of the things that tells me is that the production company didn't pay anyone to post a bunch of positive reviews on sites like this. In fact some of the reviews seem to be trying to settle a score so maybe they were going to get a crew to do that and ran out of money so the professional reviewers turned on them. In any case don't be turned off by the low rating.

The acting isn't the greatest and there is quite a contrast when Kelly Hu or Picardo are expressing emotion with their faces and the others have either blank expressions or look like they are feeling constipated. But there aren't any characters or actors that are real turn offs.

If you are looking for some high budget effects and an all star cast this isn't for you. But if you can enjoy a low budget film with a decent story and good twists give it a try.

Godzilla (2014)
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Just watch the old movies for free, 17 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had high hopes for this as someone who liked Breaking Bad and the trailers I had seen for this movie. I had thought it was going to be a throw back to the 1950s where Godzilla was actually a monster and people where having a hard time figuring out how to kill it. But it turned out to be another of the kiddie Godzilla saves the world battling other "evil" monsters. There were a lot of people in the theater that seemed to enjoy it and cheered whenever the big guy made an appearance. However...

There was an hour of set up before the monster action started. The actor I was hoping to see save the world got killed in a simple fall. The "hero" I guess you would call him comes home after a 14 month deployment promises his kid he will be there in the morning but hops the first plane to Japan to bail his Dad out of jail. Aren't there bail bondsmen in Japan? This same kid is stuck on an evacuation bus by his mother because she thinks its better to send the kid off by himself and wait for her husband to come home. The entire US military seems to consist of a few army units with machine guns an a bazooka, the navy of ships that has no guns, and a few tanks that decide to take up defensive positions on the golden gate bridge! The Air Force does actually try to use some technology but are helpless as the monsters give off EMP which knock the plans out of the sky.

One of the ironic parts was that even though the adult monsters are invulnerable a gasoline fire can take care of all their eggs without a problem. And oh my God what a twist when it turns out the nuke may actually go off while it's still in the city.

It's the kind of movie where the whole city is being evacuated but when the monsters fight there was still some shots of people working in a high rise office. Those are dedicated workers!! Another big disappointment was the big airdrop with the guys trailing red smoke. Since there was still tons of people in the city including the hero's wife there doesn't seem to have been a reason why they don't just have jogged in. They also try to hide and remain silent when on the ground but for some reason decide to trail the red smoke so everyone including the monsters can see their trajectory. It does look cool on the screen but it really had no purpose.

In addition to killing off Bryan Cranston early in, Ken Watanbe has nothing to do but have a worried look on his face and tell people to let Godzilla handle things. And David Strathairn has much too wimpy of a persona to be the tough Admiral who the US Government has delegated all responsibility to. Aaron Taylor-Johnson had no charisma in this role and it's hard to tell if the writing made him bland or he just is bland. They also had a little subplot of him helping a little boy separated from his parents which did nothing but add to the running time of the movie.

I got the impression that they wanted Sam Shepard for the part of the Admiral and Channing Tatum for the part of the hero and went down the list of that type of actor until they got these two.

The production team also chose to have a lot of shots of buildings that have already been destroyed, cut aways from the monster fights, and many many scenes of reaction shots of people looking on in shock and what is coming. I was hoping to see more of the monsters actually doing these shocking things then just the aftermath and the looks on people's faces.

So if you want to see another Godzilla versus the Smog Monster type of movie you will probably enjoy it. If you want a serious monster then this one isn't for you.

House of Bones (2010) (TV)
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Charisma Carpenter completely wasted, 23 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched "House of Bones" after seeing a mention in USA Today that Charisma Carpenter from Buffy/Angel was starting in it. What a let down. I do not understand why the producers would put her in the movie then give her virtually nothing to do. As a basic "haunted house" movie it is okay. In this case the house doesn't have ghosts living in as the house itself it sort of alive. A team of ghost hunters come after going to 50 other houses none of which showed any real paranormal activity. Charisma sort of shows up with no back story as some class of medium. She is wearing baggy clothes and there is no attempt to glam her up. Okay as the story starts to unwind the ghost hunters are running around the place and about every ten minutes the script has Charisma holding her head and complaining about the evil presence. I kept waiting for her character to step up and take over or become possessed or do something else to become the focal point of the story. But no, it never happens. The part wasn't any kind of a show case, it was something they could have pulled anyone off the street and stuck in there and there wouldn't have to change any dialog. I don't understand this as they could have kept the story virtually the same but have character that gets the most screen time and is alive at the end be played by Charisma. That I would have enjoyed, this is just disappointing.

So if you want to see a "C" movie about a haunted house it's okay as a time filler. If you want to see Charisma Carpenter as I did this is not something to watch.

PT 109 (1963)
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Excellent little war movie, 13 January 2010

This movie has some great characters, some nice action, humor, and is really enjoyable to watch. The fact that it's based on real life incidents from JFK's time in the Navy makes it that much better. There are some nice touches that show that the boat wasn't the best in the fleet and JFK wasn't shown as a Superman. One of my favorite movie lines is from this movie. The boat has been sunk, several men are hurt and JFK gives a little speech to try to raise everyone's spirits and concludes his positive spin by saying the "odds are with us". Robert Culp very irritated says "We are trapped behind enemy lines, no food, no medical supplies, no one knows where we are, Japanese patrols are all around us, how can you stand there and say the odds are with us??" JFK says "I guess it's a character flaw".

The 60s and 70s would have been so much better for everyone if JFK had 8 years in the White House.

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Excellent WW2 Movie, 2 November 2009

The Longest Day has been one of my favorite WW2 movies of all time. There is so much packed in that you can see it multiple times and still pick up things you may have missed. The only weak point for me is the casting of Red Buttons as a US paratrooper. Aside from that excellent work from many people some of whom include: Henry Fonda as Teddy Roosevelt Jr demanding to be included in the invasion with his men.

Jeffery Hunter - very good as a member of the demolition team on Omaha beach who has to take over when his officers are killed. The movie did a very good job of showing how regular/nameless people like Hunter's character would play such a big part in winning a battle and no one other than the people there ever knowing about it.

Richard Burton as the last of the RAF pilots from the start of the war. He doesn't have a big part but gets a lot in on the few scenes he has.

Sean Connery - excellent as a little comedy relief Curt Jurgens as the German general knowing re-enforcements were needed but caught between Hitler throwing a tantrum and his boss who refuses to speak to Hitler personally "Get on my knees to that Bohemian Corporal?? Never !" Richard Todd as the Brit told to "hold until relieved" and not know if the relief would ever come.

A short scene where a group of nuns arrive during the middle of a battle showing as much courage as anyone there to try to help with the wounded They had people from the French Resistance, Rommel, war correspondents, the beach masters, it seemed like they tried to cover just about every aspect, most for just a few minutes but very well done. Robert Mitchum, Robert Wagner, Roddy McDowell, John Wayne, etc.

If you like WW2 films and don't mind black & white with no gore you should love this movie.

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