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"Grimm" (2011)
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Great show, 28 April 2012

I see how some earlier reviewers had some negative things to say about this show, and for me too it started out a little flat. The supporting characters were more interesting than Nick and every episode had pretty much the same story with little insight into the creature world and the history and purpose of grimms.

However, the last few episodes were surprisingly consistent and wow...the story is really moving along, we're getting more character development and depth. What a pleasant surprise! I'm finally seeing development of Nick's character and he's now faced to make choices between his "job" as a Grimm and his job as a cop. The writers are also giving us more insight into the creature world, its structure, hierarchy and some of the history, which I think is great. We also got a new female character, which fairly interesting and has a great presence (that I cannot say about Nick's girlfriend). I love seeing the new interactions with creatures; Nick is finally embracing or at least trying to understand his role in the wesen world.

I came to love this show and I'm definitely waiting for the second season.

Twilight (2008/I)
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Movie with no substance or acting talent, 15 October 2011

I was hanging out with my niece and she talked me into renting this movie. Wow! What a colossal waste of time. This movie has absolutely no substance and actors have even less acting talent. It really makes me wonder how this movie made so much money and why the actors keep getting decent acting jobs in other movies. Well, Bella is an absolutely dull lifeless character. It seems like the actress couldn't get emotions out of herself even to save her life. Edward is also mind-numbing, he can't express any love or even interest to Bella. There is no chemistry between the two of them. The movie is also filmed as though it's in slow motion. Stay away from Twilight