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It is not the Transformers of the 80's, 8 September 2001

This Transformers is not like the 80's.But it not to bad, the concept have changed alittle.I must Spike and his father,but the animations is very good.And the story is very well written.All in all this new Transformers of the Fox kids generation will bring in a new generation of giant robot lover."Autobots transformers...and roll out"

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Yep it is a sickness, 21 August 2001

The 80's is best remember for it misguided attempt to gear toward kids.Like the Dukes cartoon, which Boss Hogg is about to take the Dukes farm over.But they have to win a race around the world first.It had to many bad plots and the Hazzard gang was wearing thin for the most part.

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Stick to Airwolf, 21 August 2001

This show made no sense sometimes.And how did they get Blue Thunder back on line after it was crushed by a train.And Bubba Smith on a copter that is like a can inside the cockpit.This show was a flaw show.Stick with Airwolf.

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A true cartoon that had humor...., 21 August 2001

By far Goofy is the best when it comes to comedy at the Disney.This show was very good and well done.Goofy Pete Max and PJ gave Goof Troop the style it need to fit the line up of Ducktales and Tale spin.Too bad Disney has a habit of killing something that is good.But i am glad they gave Goofy a chance.

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Alpha Commando almost killed Robocop, 21 August 2001

This cartoon was the worst thing to come out of m.g.m.After they bought Orion pictures.He look so cheap in this cartoon.And they made him more like Inspector Gadget than from the movies .I am glad that this cartoon is gone.The 80's cartoon was much better than this misguided cartoon.

"Mister T" (1983)
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How to get your own cartoon in the 80's, 21 August 2001

Yes even u can have a cartoon show in the 80's.All u have to do is have a catch phase and hit tv show.Like Mr T, only thing is this show did not live up to Mr T that much.and the kids took away a lot from the show.Also here is some fact, the show is kind of a spin off from the Chipmucks where he was a guest star.