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Amazing Game!!! Way Better Then Smackdown Vs Raw!!!, 17 June 2008

I Like WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain More Then Smackdown Vs Raw Because The Way Smackdown Vs Raw Was Made Is Weird When You Get Punch And Get Hit On The Ground You Stay Down For Along Time I Know It Real Life That Would Happen But Still This Is A Video Game People Don't Like Games Like That Well I Don't And The Royal Rumble Matches On Smackdown Vs Raw Is Stupid How You Get People Out Of The Rings You Push Them Off And In WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain You Can Get Them Off Easyer and Funner By Doing What Ever You Want To Hit Them Off!!! And Smackdown Vs Raw It Takes Hours To Complete A Royal Rumble And In WWE Smackdown Here Cames The Pain It Takes 20 Minutes About And Its Very Fast Past And Not Boring Like Smackdown Vs Raws Is!!! The Season Mode On WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain Is Amazing Its Just Like The Real WWE And In Smackdown Vs Raw Its Not Its Stupid And Boring!!! Thats Why I Like WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain More Then Any Other Wresting Game Out There!!!

Amazing Movie!!!, 12 June 2008

Wow Where Do I Begin The Pursuit Of Happiness Is One Of The Greatest Movies I Seen But I Do Say That About A lot Of Movies But This One Is Will Smith Was Great Hes Acting Was Amazing!!! So Was Hes Son And Hes Only 5 Years Old I Mean Just Amazing Cast And Sriped Does Not Get Better Then This!!! I Don't Cry In Movies But At The End Of This Movie I Had Teers Coming Down My Face And I Was So Happy For Will Smith To Play In The Movie With Hes Son!!! But If You Don't Want To See Your Self Ball Your Crys Out Then This Movie Is Not For You Well I Hope You Would Cry If You Had A Heart You Would!!! The Movie Is About Will Smith And Hes Wife And Son Are Not Going To Good With Money And They Are Having A Hard Time Making It In Life!!! And Watch The Movie To Find Out The Rest Of It!!!

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Stupid Not All The Funny!!!, 9 June 2008

Meet The Spatans Was Not Very Funny But It Had A Good 3-5 Laughts In It I Say!!! Yes The Movie Is Every Stupid But You Know Its Going To Be Stupid I Mean Look At The Cover Or Reviews Why Go See The Movie And Pay $7.50 If You Know Your Going To Hate It Like The Last 5 Other Movies They Made That Were Dumb Just Don't Go See It If You Thinks Your Not Going To Like It Its That Simple!!! But I Think The Scary Movie People Need To Stop On These Movies They Made So Many Of Them And Every One Hates Them And There's Not Much Things That Can Make Fun Of Know That Came Out With Superhero Movie!!! But Over All I Think The Movie Is Stupid But I Knew That And It Had Like 3-5 Laughts And Thats All I Was Wanting Because I Was Not In A Mood To Watch A War Movie Or Whatever!!!

But I Still Hope They Make Some More Even Know There Stupid But Some Are Funny And I Enjoy A Stupid Funny Movie Hear And There!!!

Jarhead (2005)
Very Good But Needs Action!!!, 4 May 2008

Jarhead Was A Great Movie. I Loved It But It Needed A Little Action!!! I Did Not Know Anything About This Movie The First Time I Watched It So I Was Kinda Getting Mad That There Was No Action Because I Was Thinking It A Action Packed Movie But Its Not At All. The Movie Is Just About Everyday Life In Iraq For Our Solders Over There!!! If You Ever Wanted To See This Movie You Should See It. It's Every Good But If You Think Its Going To Be All War Movie And Action Think Again Because There Is No Fighting This Movie You Don't See 1 Person Die Just A Lot Of Training To Be A Marine In Iraq!!! But It Does Every A Lot Of Swearing In It!!! So It Might Not Be The Best Chose For Kids To Watch And Has Some Nudity In It!!!

So If Your Looking For A Good Movie About The War Pick This One!!!

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One Of The Best I Seen!!!, 18 August 2007

This Was The First Epilode I Saw Of Suite Life Of Zach And Cody And I Was Like Wow I Did Not Know It Was This Funny Then I Started Watching A Lot Of It And I Just Feel In Love With Suite Life Form This Eplode!!! Suite Life Of Zach And Cody Is A Great Show Its Not Good For Everyone And Its Not That Bad Of A Show Even Adult Like It They Like To Watch It Even When There Kids Don't Want To. My Mom Always Wants To Watch Suite Life Of Cody And Zach Or Hannah Montana When Im Trying To Watch Something Else Its Crazy!!! And Thats Why I Loved This Eplode Of The Suite Life Of Zach And Cody!!!

P.s Im Hoping They Make The Suite Life Of Zach And Cody Movie?

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Not Very Good!!!, 7 August 2007

The Great American Bash Of 2007 Was Not Good. The Match's Seem Shorter And 2 Match's Were Just Jokes. John Vs Bobby Was A Great Match They Both Gave There Hearts In To It And I'm Happy That John Won But I Don't Think The Same About Bobby No More I Use To Hate Him Before This Then See The Way He Gave His Heart In To This Match I Do Think Hes A Good Wrester Now And Before I Did Not Think. The Great Khali Vs Kane Vs Batista Was Stupid The Great Is Not A Good Wrester He Should Not Be A Wrester Hes Just Big And The Would Wrestling Entertainment Made A Mistake My Making Him The Champ. Matt Hardy Vs MVP Was A Good Match What I'm Mad That Hardy Lost. Randy Orton Vs Dusty Rhodes Was Stupid And Plan Dusty Rhodes Can Not Wrester No More Hes To Told And Fat. And The Horns Match Was Stupid And Plan. And Jeff Hardy Vs Umaga Was A Good Match But I'm Bad That Jeff Hardy Lost. John Morrison Vs CM PUNK Was Not Very Good. And Thats What I Think About The Great American Bash Of 2007.

WWE Royal Rumble (2006) (TV)
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Best Royal Rumble Ever!!!, 6 August 2007

I Love The Royal Rumble Of 2006. I Loved It So Much Because Royal Rumble Is My Fav Match Ever And Plus Rey Mysterio Won It And Hes One Of My Fav With Jeff Hardy. I Other Matches Were OK. John Cena Match Was Good Because He Won And I Hate Edge!!! And The JBl Match Was Not Good They Did Not Fight At All Of What I Can Remember. And Kurt Angle Match Was Good Because He Won I Hate Matt Henry!! Mickey James Match Was Stupid Because Ashley Lost!!! And That Was It That I Can Remember. And That Is Why I Liked The Royal Rumble Of Year 2006.

I Hope In The Next Royal Rumble Rey Mysterio Wins Again Or Jeff Hardy Wins!!!

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On Of The Best Movies I Ever Seen!!!, 6 August 2007

Live Free Or Die Hard Is One Of The Best Movies I Seen In My Whole Life It's Action Pack There's No Part Of The Movie Where You Get Board. The Acting Was Great I Mean Bruce Willis Is 52 And He Can Do Movies Like This Still Is Amazing And Justin Long Did Some Good Acting To Plus Timothy Olyphant Was Great To. I Say Everyone Should See This Movie Its Amazing But Stop Action And You Will Never Get Board Of This Movie.So Take The Family Out Or Friends To See This Movie Right Now And See This Movie And I Bet We'll Love It. Thats Why I Love Live Free Or Die Hard.

I Hope They Make A Die Hard 5 And It Better Star Bruce Willis With It If They Do Make I Die Hard 5 (Bruce Willis Is God)!!!

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Very Good Don't Listen To Those Haters, 5 August 2007

Are We Done Yet Is Very Good It's a Kids Movie. Its Does Not A Movie That Should Be On The Bottom 100 It Should Be 5.0 Out Of 10.0 Go A Little More But Not 2.4 Thats Crazy. Ice Cude And Nia Long Were Very Good In This Movie The Acting Was Great Ice Cude Was Different In This Movie Very Wanting To Do Everything Him Self Way But Thats His Role And He Did A Good Job At It. If You Did Not See This Movie I Think Take Your Family Or Friends Out Right Now And See It I Think Everyone Will Like It If Your a Comedy Person If Not Don't See This Movie Because Its Just A Movie For Kids And Fun Just A Histoy Movie So See This Movie If You Like Comedy. And That's Why I Liked Are We Done Yet!!!

I Hope They Make A 3rd Are We There Yet Movie!!!

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One Of The Funnyest Movies Ever!!!, 7 July 2007

American Wedding Is One Of The Most Funnyest Movies I Seen Ever. I Think If You Liked The Frist 2 Or Just Like Funny Movie Go Out And See This Movie Right Now. The StoryLine Is Not So Great But Whatever It Does Not Matter Because It Not That Tpye Of Movie Were There's A Good Story Line. The Acting Was Great I Think. Seann William Scott Was The Best In This Movie His Acting Was Amazing To Me. Also Jason Bigges Did Good So Did Alyson Hannigan. But The Rating On This Movie Should Be Close To 7.0. I Know That Its A Comedy And Comedy Don't Get Good Ratings Because Of The Storyline But This Movie Is So Funny. And Thats Why I LOVED American Wedding!!! Ps. Keep Making The American Pies!!!

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