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These are all the movies I have rated 1-3. I'm admittedly easily impressed when it comes to movies, so it has to be pretty damn bad for me to give one that kind of rating.
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Self-explanatory- my ten favourite anime TV series or movies! :)
(There is some cross-over here with my favourite animated movies list)
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This is somewhat in order, but not strictly. It's quite a lot of Disney, Pixar and Ghibli, but I've tried to make this list a little bit diverse. Not sure if I succeeded but oh well! xP
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NOTE: I'm basing this list on the movie versions ONLY. If there is a stage version of any of the films here (which there will have been for a lot of them), they're irrelevant in my choosing them for the list.

And yes, I am aware of the amount of Disney movies on the list. You'll deal with it, I'm sure. :D
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This is going to be difficult for me to narrow down, but here is what I consider to be the best ten movies I've seen. They're in no particular order (except for the first two or three).
And yes I am aware that there are no movies here from pre-1990s. It's not that I have anything against older films (some of my other favourite films are from an older era), I just prefer modern movies, it seems. :P

These ten movies in particular are here because they both touched me in a very profound way and completely transported me into another world. To me, the writing, acting, direction, music, cinematography, everything is perfectly in synch in these ten.

EDIT: 26/6/11- Se7en put at #6, pushing Wall-E out of the list.
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Gotta love a good twist in the end. Here's some of the best (spoiler-free!)
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In no particular order, and with what I think are their best performances!
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Plus their best movies!
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I love movies that don't reveal exactly what's going on all the time, and allow for a bit (or a lot) of audience interpretation. Here I've got things from relatively mild craziness or film with wacky timelines, to complete WTF-ness. The thing they all have in common is that they're fun to figure out!
(Not in any particular order)
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Also added what I think are their best performances. These are in no particular order.
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I have a strange affection for opening credits sequences. I think I like to see what order different actors are credited in, and then come up with my own order of how I think they should be ordered depending on their character's main-ness...... Anyway! Here is my list of cool opening credits sequences.
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