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This is a list full of movies that have such great and thrilling plot lines, that they dont need a whole lot of space to make it just as good, in many sense's working in its favor. Please help me add more :)
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There's always been a special place around the world for adventure movies based upon traveling the open road. Here's a list of my favorite road movies that will perk the interest of any road warrior. More emphasis on the journey itself rather than the cars they drive.. Key Words of Quirky, Witty, Abstract Characters, Sci Fi, Dark Comedies, Dramedy's, Thrillers, Psychedelia, Flat out adventures and a dash of Horror, Post Apocalyptic and Romance films :) Please add if you can... and comments appreciated (pretty much in order imo)
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Here is a list of all my favorite Post Apocalyptic Movies. Im a huge fan, and this list includes many movies one might not have seen :) please comment and/or add!
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Like those movies in the desert? the ones in those small towns with not much to do? These are my favorites. Everything from newer Westerns, Thrillers, Indie Flicks and Crime to Small Town Dramedies. Everything Desert
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A list of all the greatest Sci Fi Movies in my opinion. Lots of good ones many dont know about. all excellent. in no order at the moment (some of the best may be at the bottom ;) also check my favorite post apocalyptic movies for a more specified list
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This list is for those that like their comedy like their coffee, strong and dark :) (Key Words Crime, Quirky, Thrillers, Surplus of Characters, bizarre ect)
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This is a list for those that like to watch others pitted against nature. Key words Survival, Adventure, Action, Thrillers, Characters Studies. Many more to come