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My favorite strong funny women working in show business today. If you have any suggestions, add them to the comments below!
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I'm an IMDb staff member and mother of a 5 & 7 year old. Here are my family's picks for the best new kids movies and TV shows in 2014.
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A list of TV shows and movies that have a primary focus on genealogy. Please let me know using the comments below if you can think of any that I'm missing.
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I've been talking to a lot of women about this. There are very few women characters in movies that I would actually want to be. The Dissolve has a great article: Here are the best choices from the IMDb Staff.
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Some of my favorite quotable TV shows. Give me some more suggestions in the comments at the bottom!
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If you get Amazon Prime free shipping, then you can watch thousands of great movies on Amazon for no additional cost. Here are 14 great movies to watch before Valentine's Day on February 14th.
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I've got two little kids who love going to the movie theater. They even stay for the credits. Here are their top 5 picks for new movies or TV shows.
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These are all great cooking shows that have a level of detail and science that appeal to the biggest nerd. If you have other suggestions, post them in comments.
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This is a collection of some of the Campiest TV shows that have ever graced the airwaves.

If you have suggestions for what to add to the list, let me know in the comments below.
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Fifteen years ago this week (Tuesday 15th October), opened its virtual doors for the first time. To mark the occasion, the site reveals the bestselling products that have captured the nation’s attention since the first order was placed in 1998.

See the full press release:
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This list was created by the entire IMDb staff on the day of the royal wedding.

If you want to make your own wedding list, start with advanced title search. Also we have a set of royal wedding user lists and not everything has to run smoothly.
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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its shortlist for the Foreign Language Film category. The final nominees will be announced January 16.
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My son is 4 and he loves trucks, construction and all things mechanical. Here are some of his favorite tv shows.
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This list was generated by members of the IMDb staff as part of Friday Fun! The comments come from various staff members.
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In this EW article: Joss Whedon picks 3 of his favorite episodes.
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Each of these suggestions comes from a different IMDb staff member in honor of the end of the Mayan Calendar. Note that the world doesn’t have to actually end in the movie as hopefully a bunch of unlikely heroes will band together in unusual circumstances to overcome insurmountable obstacles and save the day (as if anyone would make a movie like that ). Also will accept answers where the planet is one other than earth.
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I'm a Product Manager at IMDb, and these were my favorite movies of 2012.
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Here are some of my favorite comedies. Enjoy the suggestions. If you have any that you think I should see, leave the suggestion in a comment below.
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I love a complicated TV show with a lot of great characters. All of these shows have excellent ensemble casts. Please use the comments section at the bottom of the list to suggest other great shows for this list.
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Some of my favorites...
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The best origin stories.
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IMDb staff members answer the question: "What is your favourite movie or TV-show featuring a train or train station scene and optionally why do you like it?"

The comments are from a variety of different staff members here at IMDb.
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Here are 12 movies that scientists use to elicit emotion during studies on humans, based on a 1995 paper by Gross and Levinson. What other movie clips would you test?

Via Salon
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I love reading, and some of my favorite book characters have made it into the movies.
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Brought to you by the IMDb staff. For a longer list, see our keyword feature:
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If you have other suggestions for my list, please post suggestions in the comment field below.
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Tune in to NBC every Thursday evening to see some of the best comedy on TV. Use the "Add to Watchlist" buttons below to keep track of these shows wherever you are using the IMDb Watchlist.
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Actors rumored to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men.
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These are the only movies that have actually made me walk out of the showing.
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These are my favorite actresses, and my favorite performances.
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Twenty Five people who not only are Leos, but who act like Leos - ambitious, confident, independent, influential, magnetic, possibly vain and overbearing. Read more on Leos on an astrology site.
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The key players in the British Royal Family
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Please check out my list and leave ideas for other movies my 3 year old would like.
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My husband and I share a love for movies with great writing. We love well written dramas and well written comedies. We've been working our way through the Oscar winners for best original screenplay, but are looking for more movies (especially ones that aren't too heavy).

If you have more suggestions, please post in the comments below!
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To get you in the mood for the holiday season, this is my list of movies where families come together (usually to eat). These picks are generally of the quirky and heartwarming variety. This is a work in progress. Leave me a comment below if you have suggestions for this list.
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Look at how pretty all of your favorite actresses are for the Oscars.
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I love the glamor and drama of great films, but that just doesn't compare to the glamor and drama of a great event dress. Here are my favorite dresses from the Oscar red carpet last year.
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How I would cast the movie of my life. Who would play you?
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The Golden Globes were on 1/16. Here are some of the most interesting dresses.
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The first few are genuinely good. The last few are guilty pleasures. I'll leave it to you to figure out where the line is. :)
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TV shows that I'm actively watching right now.
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I'm a Product Manager at IMDb. I like movies with good writing and original concepts.
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I love watching them, but I'd never admit it (until now).