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Shonda Rhimes is credited for breaking the racial barrier on primetime TV dramas. Here's proof (whether you accept that Ms. Rhimes has done actually that is respectfully up to you).
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A 70's Child's virtual retrospective from "Reed Between The Lines" (2011) to "Barefoot In The Park" (1970).
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Aunjanue Ellis, Raven-Symone, Jurnee Smollett, Gabrielle Union and the women (many of them faceless here on IMDb) that blazed the trail.

A child of the 70's looks back.

[Note: I'm continuously updating when names come to me. Most recent additions: Sufe Bradshaw, Barbara Eve Harris]
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This talented group represent my memories of actors of Asian descent on TV from the 70's to present day.
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A 70's Child cites her favorite 'GBM'
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Plain and simple: Sexy Latino Men.