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A childhood movie found!, 10 February 2007

I'm giving this movie a 7 for the lasting memories it produced. I have no idea how awful it may really be. I have had distant memories of this movie for a while and have spent the last couple of years asking people "do you remember the movie with the electric grandma?" I got a resounding "no" on this movie and few others, including The Peanut Butter Solution, some movie with very little dialog about two girls who go into some fur store and dress up in muffs and hats all day, and some foreign film (German perhaps?) dubbed over in English about a little boy going to wizard school and screwing up a lot until he finds his talents (I'd really like to find this one.) Maybe someone else watched the same odd films as I as a child. I'd love to find these! On the Electric Grandmother: I remember really enjoying something about the part where they all go in to the "shop" and a trait is taken from each to create the grandma (their eye colors and voices are blended into one.) This scene appealed to something in my creative nature and I was fascinated by the idea. I do remember how one little girl was freaked out by the grandmother and wanted her sent back. She went to the basement and unplugged her one night. There was all this drama and the grandma's eyes just opened blankly and it was totally freaky to my young disposition. My favorite part was how she could shoot chocolate milk or orange juice from her fingers. I daydreamed about that a lot at breakfasts throughout my young years. I hope I'm able to find and rent this movie in the near future for the flood of memories and perhaps I'll check out the short story. Contact me if you have heard of the films I mentioned above., subject, childhood films.