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Wrong Turn (2003/I)
Friday The 13th meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Jeepers Creepers meets Deliverence, 23 June 2003

This movie reminded me of a few horror movies I've seen in the past, but by no means is a rip-off. It was actually one of the more better horror movies I have seen in a long time.

People being stalked in the woods like in Friday The 13th, & being chased by absolute reclusive freaks like those of the characters in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, made this movie quite thrilling & kept it going with out being repetative. Similar to Jeepers Creepers when these kids realize they're in the middle of no-where and being stalked by God-knows-what. And lastly, going on a trip into the woods, & coming across some less than human individuals had this movie being more scary than I had imagined. Although slightly synonomous with these past films, it still managed to keep a certain element of originality and a great deal of horror.

It is really too bad that this movie wasn't promoted more, since it could have been up there with the likes of Scream. Maybe not completely up to par with such, but many more people would have gotten an awesome scare out of this movie. Definately one to take up to the cottage & watch with people,& be really scared. ~Enjoy~

Crocodile (2000) (V)
It's no Lake Placid, 2 January 2003

I can't say this movie was the worst thing I've ever seen, but I have viewed way better. (ie: Lake Placid - even though some freak seemed to think Crocodile was better... lay off the crack) Anyways, like it has already been said by others, this movie was very unrealistic, & maybe the only good thing was the special effects. The movie was hardly scary, lacked any good dialogue, & there wasn't a moment of humour either. (although it did try & failed miserably) If you like movies where overly large animals stalk & eat people, & your standards are low, then go for it. Otherwise, forget about it!!!

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Realistic, however slow, 23 March 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This has got to be the most given-away movie ever, however, be forewarned, the following comments may give some of this movie away. (SPOILER) Although very well acted, this movie is much too slow, & not as compelling as it could have, or really should have been. The 3 Oscar nominees are brilliant in their performances, however, are not really given the chance to shine in their roles. The one thing that was truely exceptional, were the realistic potrayals of Marisa Tomei, Sissy Spacek, & Tom Wilkinson. When tragedy befalls Tomei's character, you almost can't help but feel her loss & angst that lies infront of her. Her brief encounter w/ Spacek after the tragedy is another well acted scene, & also the last one for Tomei, who didn't get enough screen time at all. Showing more of her grief & sadness (which she did so well), would've helped add more drama to the movie. Spacek & Wilkinson as grieving parents, like Tomei, are very believable & very exceptional in some scenes. Watching Spacek in her rage makes the viewer almost angry w/ her as she is tormented from her loss. Tom Wilkinson in the scene where he is subtlely crying in his son's bedroom, is so beyond realistic, it is frightening. Both actors make you feel as if you are actually watching a true life story about a young life so tragically taken. The only scene that was particularily disappointing was when the parents are fighting about who is to blame for what happend. Although the acting is not unsufficient, it is much too weak & not nearly as riveting as some of the previous scenes. As the movie winds down to the conclusion, it starts to drag. The very last scene is somewhat confusing, although understanding to a certain effect. This is a mediocre movie that will stop & make you think, although if it wasn't for the acting, it would not be a film that I would reccomend at all.

Youngblood (1986)
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An insult to our game., 2 September 2001

As a Canadian, and a hockey fan, I was insulted by the style of this movie and how poorly our Canadian game was potrayed. I don't want to ruin this movie for anyone, however it is 15 years old & fairly predictable. So, we have an American teenager who is a complete wuss playing in a nothing hocky league who goes to Canada to play junior. He manages to play well, score with the coaches daughter, leave his team because his friend/teamate gets severely injured, comes back for the "big game" & scores a hat trick (3 goals) no less to win it. Then, he fights the toughfest goon in the league in a stick fight??? And wins??? That whole scenario actually happening is as about as believable as Keanu Reeves French Canadian accent, and Patrick Swayze as some hard core hockey player. Albeit, junior hockey is pretty rough, there are more fights, however, I do not believe there is such a thing as a stick fight, nor do you ever see a coach jump into the stands & fight with a fan,and it is a rarity to see a skilled player who is not a fighter, engage in a fight with a total goon and win. Hockey wise, this movie blows. And as for the love story, what can I say accept that it is fromage 80's. This movie is watchable, but you can't help but feel embarassed for the people who are in this movie.

Popularity isn't everything., 19 August 2001

This movie shows how popularity isn't everything it can be cracked up to be. It displays in a realistic manner how people (especially highschool students) can be total followers when it comes to the in-crowd. The most important aspect of the film is Cindy having feelings for Ronald even though in her eyes, he wasn't popular, but she didn't care. Also, the only legitimate feelings in Can't Buy Me Love were that of Cindy. All of her friends only liked him because of her, & she was the only one who ever had any sympathy for him.