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Quite a startling unfolding of a descent into depravity., 19 March 2003

I was lucky enough to catch this at a Melbourne International Film Festival a few years ago and was blown away by the serpentine descent that the audience is put through. The stunning soundtrack and focussed performance by Cotillard made for a mesmerising if somewhat melodramatic film. The characters interactions with each other were rooted in realism, sometimes displaying that twisted reality we all have to deal with. I enjoyed this for being gratuitously indulgent, and yet gritty with some raw nerves exposed.

A Must See For Every Lover Of Magnificent Films., 27 April 2002

I was lucky enough to catch this superb movie at our International Film Festival, 2001. So impressed was I, I dragged three friends to the only two other screenings, forgoing other films I had already reserved.

A cinematographic masterpiece this story is touching, humorous and remindful of how little we sometimes review our friendships. Well worth the time and ticket price, the pace of this movie is slow to some but weighted and intoxicating to others.

The performances by lead actors could not be bettered and their total immersion into their roles leaves you fixated and emotionally involved with their on-screen fate.

I highly recommend this film, in every aspect. It is available on DVD (Finally!!) and fairly priced as well.

See it, See it, SEE IT!!