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Disappointing Louis Jordan vehicle, 4 March 2002

Even if you are a die-hard Louis Jordan fan, as I am, and can't get enough of his jumpin' jive, this very low-budget movie will leave you yawning. The very basic (and not too funny) script is basically an excuse to cram as many Jordan numbers as possible, which is fine by me. But there is no direction to speak of, no rhythm in the editing, basically, nothing going on visually. The last song, which is supposed to be a Broadway musical number, doesn't even have any dancing at all ! As it is, "Reet, Petite and Gone" is at least interesting on one point : it seemed to be aimed exclusively at black audiences, and as such, they were not deemed worthy enough to deserve a well made and reasonably budgeted movie - I suppose the producers thought it was good enough to have a "race records" star featured in the movie and just doing his stuff. At least, that's my interpretation...

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Possible cult status looming ?, 18 February 2002

Now that the dust has settled and that the Spice Girls have stopped annoying everyone - replaced by weaker, duller, more stupid pap bands -, it's time to watch "Spice World" unprejudiced. And realize it's not as bad as you might fear (or everyone said when it was released). In fact, the Spice Girls vehicle is even enjoyable as shallow, but not so dumb entertainment, with a good camp quotient. The self deprecating humor is a good surprise, and the girls seemed to know where they were going - that is, nowhere fast as a "band" or musical talents. And the cameos are sometimes really hysterical - I dare you not to laugh at Sir Bob Geldof after his makeover. OK, "A Hard Day's Night" it may quite not be, but I wish every teen exploitation movie were as smart as this one. And I bet it will gain cult status over the years. Fear not and be among the first to jump on that particular nostalgia bandwagon !