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Terrible drivel, 14 August 2013

This film is barely even worth a review. I gave it one star because of the gorgeous actors. I would be ashamed to have been in or made this film. It makes all women out to be pathetic, needy twits, waiting by the phone, waiting to be wed, waiting to be asked out. How could these actresses in all good conscience appear in this movie? It's the most shallow meaningless thing I have ever seen on a screen. The relationship issues were not realistically dealt with; there was not any depth to any character or any incident; there was no moral to the story that was at all worthwhile. As a film, it's an embarrassment and almost insulting to the viewer.Pathetic and sad, it's disrespectful to all women. Really girls, you are not defined by your man,believe it or not. You are better than this.

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Could you remake Gone with the Wind??, 21 May 2013

This is just my opinion though I don't expect anyone to agree.Let me begin by saying I don't believe in critics tearing apart movies that so much money and effort has gone into. And kudos to Leonardo DiCaprio who I think is a great actor and who can portray a wide range of human pathos, qualities and characters. I love his movies. Having said that, as a classicist, something in me dies at the reality of this great book being re-done again. It shouldn't have been done. I see hugely different opinions and perceptions here and I accept all of them, but I would be re-miss and disloyal to not state here that Robert Redford and Mia Farrow just ARE Gatsby and Daisy, to my mind, and there could be no other. They should have been left to stand forever in our memories, like Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh.You may want to see this Baz Luhrmann rendition just to see it, but seriously,then go back and look at the exquisite beauty and subtly of Redford/Farrow and Sam Waterston; these beautiful and subtle actors of such brilliance and depth! It's beside the point which movie was truest to the novel. Rather, which was more subtly beautiful in rendering that aching, longing feeling of Gatsby and Daisy, and the similarly aching, longing dreaming quality of all the music and sounds and feeling of the 20's? Do you need hundreds of dancers for that? Go back and look at it:the brilliance of every moment and every drunken actor in the great party;Gatsby(Redford)in his uniform dancing with Daisy to the scratchy music; the long, sweaty aching moments of togetherness and longing looks; the utter shallowness and confusion of Daisy(Mia Farrow); the intrigue and beauty of Jordan Baker ; the manic despair of George Wilson;the sweaty slimeyness of his wife (Isla Fisher was too sweet!) and the goodness and utter disbelief and helplessness of Carraway (Waterston).These were great actors and every one of them, especially Redford, deserved an Oscar for their performance. Luhrmann's film is entertaining, but all the beauty and subtly is gone and ruined the memory of what to me is a classic. Will we ever forget Clark Gable's stunning slicked-back hair, necktie and suit and "Frankly, I don't give a damn?" Well the memory of the sheer beauty and ethereal quality of Redford in his white suit, appearing amongst all those roses in the cottage, should have been left untainted ,for all time, longing,longing.Finally, if Carey Mulligan is ever asked to play Scarlett O'Hara, please, think twice: Don't.

"Revenge" (2011)
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The Best Show E-ver, 8 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well done Mike Kelley, the writer, and all the producers who have brought this brilliant programme to our screens.I appreciate it may not be to other reviewers' taste, but for me and everyone I know, it presses all the right buttons for quality entertainment. Yes it is a very dramatic soap opera(but please note the parallels with the classic The Count of Monte Cristo) and yes, you have to suspend belief for certain twists, but isn't that true for Homeland, the t.v. show receiving the highest accolades from all corners at the moment? I love Homeland, but it, too, is far from perfect.Revenge is beautiful to watch:the settings, the glamour, the clothing!the stunning actors and actresses. Everyone plays their role to such perfection that you can't believe that actor is different from their role! What other show packs in the drama and twists and turns and suspense the way this does in every single episode?There has not been one flat episode.You really get your hour's worth here.Totally addictive,all my friends new to the show have not been able to turn it off after the first episode. I am stunned it does not get a mention in the Golden Globes. Seriously? Beautiful Emily Van Camp is every bit as brilliant and complete an actress as Claire Danes, portraying a full range of subtle and not so subtle emotions (not just hysteria/psychosis).The fire,despair,distrust between Victoria(Madeleine Stowe) and Conrad(Henry Czerny) sustained through each and every episode is Oscar- worthy.We already know she is a great actress, but Conrad? He is a a revelation;an amazing actor. Nolan? A genius.Give that man a movie!We love him.All the others, Daniel, Declan, Jack, Amanda, Charlotte and all the ancillary characters are GREAT actors.Roger Bart's portrayal of Mason Treadwell and that whole plot line was excellent drama.Don't forget David Clarke;he is stunning. Can't he still be alive somehow?Such a waste!

Thank you to all of them,and to ABC and Channel 4 for bringing intelligent drama to our screens.Long may it reign."Before you embark upon a path of revenge, dig two graves".(Confucius).Chilling.

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Two Important Don'ts: DON'T miss this movie, and DON'T believe the critics, 26 February 2012

I agree heartily with all the reviewers here (except "disappointed") because this is a GREAT BRITSH FILM for which the critics have not given hardly enough credit. I am glad I didn't listen to their "disappointment" and went to see it anyway. Sometimes it is critics that are the disappointment! The acting was tremendous. The setting of India was beautiful and perfect. The theatre was full and as most people have already said here, everyone was laughing out loud. It was like a great and funny and cleansing session at a cinema/therapist,that just washed over you, so touching were all the emotions and insights, so real to life ,you could not believe they were acting.

I read one newspaper critic who said the characters didn't have enough depth. Well, no, it was a two hour movie, silly, and what you got was a vignette of 7 real lives, each of them facing the reality of old age in their own way.

How wonderful to have a real movie about real issues that addresses them with humour and leaves you feeling uplifted. And how refreshing to have a film by and for the mature and senior members of society. To me the whole idea and effect of this movie is to fly in the face of the Western idea we have of old age somehow being something pitiful, to be feared, and if possible, to be glossed over, fixed up and avoided, so you can remain as young, powerful and appealing to your very last day, as possible.The movie opens up all these ideas to question and I am sure left many, like me, pondering. Why are over 60's in this country called Old Age Pensioners, when no self-respecting American would allow that? They are "Senior" Citizens over there(note the difference). Why don't we look after and respect our elders? Why does the extended family work perfectly well in countries like Italy, Spain, Greece, India, but is a rarity here? And who is responsible for ignoring or marginalizing a whole generation of baby boomers who lived through and oversaw one of the biggest transformations in society ever? They were the generation that believed in a Brave New World, and many of them still do.

A society that doesn't value the wisdom and experience of its elders is without foundation.Young and old,"every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the whole". Go and see this movie and think about it. And take your family. Great stuff.

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The best family comedy, 10 July 2011

I'm sorry I have to disagree with previous reviewers who do not like this show. I was an absolute devotee of Everybody Loves Raymond and Patricia Heaton deserved her awards in those days, but this to me is a far better show because the message in the end is usually positive and family-affirming. Yes I was at first put off by the crazy kids too but watch for a while and you'll see they have incredible talent, as does the whole family. Every cast member is a real character, but Frankie Heck steals the show every time. It really is a matter of taste and I hope the producers realise this appeals a LOT to middle class families. All the situations the Hecks get into are SO real, and Patricia Heaton is absolutely at her best, completely believable and hilarious.Brilliant, brilliant brilliant.Love it to bits. Laugh out loud stuff. Renew this programme!

Attention Simon Baker fans, 12 June 2011

Anyone who is gripped by the popular crime drama, The Mentalist, and currently waiting for its next season can assuage the pain of waiting by viewing this "old" series of The Guardian currently showing on 5USA. It really should be picked up by the main television channels as its brief 3- season run can provide fantastic dramatic viewing over several years. The basic premise of the programme provides endless possibilities for plot twists and personal conflict and resolutions.You have the touching theme of a man defending vulnerable children's lives in court who appears to have no genuine emotion or depth himself, yet clearly does.

This outstanding drama is a perfect showcase for Baker's many talents, especially in his portrayal of a man with many "issues".You can almost appreciate this programme more after seeing 3 seasons of The Mentalist, as you tune in to this actor's ability to portray a very conflicted adult. What a genius. Why, oh, why are this man's talents not more frequently recognised by the awards committees? (Emmy, Golden Globe, etc). Kudos also to the writers of The Guardian. Excellent drama without the usual approach of blowing people to pieces for excitement. So sorry this show had such a short life.

"Outcasts" (2010)
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Jamie Bamber, 22 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Give this man a movie !" as they say. Britain and America note: this is an under-used and not sufficiently valued actor.

Yes, add me to the list of disappointed BBC viewers who hoped and prayed for a great series (keep hoping) BUT I cannot pass up the opportunity to point out that even though they unfortunately bump him off in the first episode, pull-ease producers and directors look again and go through that first episode and tell me WHO can and does really really act and save the day? And who can draw in the audiences?

It's Jamie Bamber, who did his absolute best to make something gripping out of nothing.In his brief appearance he portrays the mixed emotions of a good guy/bad guy, loving hubby/wife-killer/ saviour of humanity/dirty traitor, and did it so well I was not sure which he was! Watch the facial expressions, body language, and those deep blue eyes go from hard to soft to crazy and back again.

As many reviewers here say leave SciFi to the Americans, (please note Bamber is half-American), it would seem that this man's talent would be better developed with American scripts in Hollywood. Then we would lose him ,as so many others have been lost to greater opportunity over the pond.

Smart, cool, good-looking, and a great actor. Someone give this guy a movie. Or at the very least, bring him back to life.