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Happy Days (1974–1984)
Great Show The 1st 2 or 3 Years
9 September 2001
Happy Days was a great show when Ritchie, Potsie, and Ralph were still in high school, but when they moved on to college the show just skyrocketed down hill. The relationship of Chiachi and Joannie turned into boy band type pop with them singing almost half the shows, Jenny Piccolo was useless in the show, and Ted McGinley just has the knack somehow for making every show he's in, to destroy a show. I thought one of the funnier characters in the show was Sheriff Kirk, and Arnold in the earlier shows, but Ashley and LoriBeth were so so. I always thought the Fonz was funnier in his gray jacket days, but when he just had powers beyond belief, it detracted from his character to me.

All that aside, the 1st few seasons were 1st rate. I always loved the show, but it lasted way to long to continue. There were a few shows after Ritchie and Ralph left, and some of the Leather Tuscadero episodes that were good, but it just didn't have the nostalgia feel that the 1st seasons had.
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The Love Boat (1977–1987)
Sea Sickness
24 August 2001
The Love Boat, while it had lots of famous guest stars and exotic locales, it was a boring show to me. It was the type of show, like "The Dukes Of Hazzard" that once you saw one or two shows, you've seen them all. Nothing ever changed on the show. There are many people that will probably disagree with me, but I just couldn't get into this show at all.
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The Cisco Kid (1950–1956)
Excellent Western For It's Day
17 August 2001
I remember when I was little that I was just glued to this show. One of the 1st westerns that I remember seeing, and I've seen just about all of them. I haven't seen this show for years and it would be nice to see it again sometime.
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