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The full version of this movie is still missing, 22 June 2013

The Turner version of THE 25th HOUR, now available everywhere, has a 12 minutes sequence removed.The missing scene refers to an episode at occupied France where a small city girl has an affair with a Nazi soldier. Rosa (Olga Schoberova) had her hair cut and parades at the end of the war for everyone to see. The scene was there when originally screened in movie theatres in Countries like Brazil and Chile. Rumours say that the clear political implication of French collaboration with the German government was the reason for this reduction of original footage.Not even the respective photos are available. As truly appreciator of this Czechian actress, here in one of his best roles, we still miss the full version of the movie.

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Soundtrack comments, 26 May 2013

The movie is very attractive for Olga Schoberova, aka, Olinka Berova's presence and beauty and also for the wonderful soundtrack by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino.With just one movie for Hollywood("Togetherness") Olga has made several European movies, outside Czech Republic. We could say she is sort of famous specially for her roles in German Western movies with her husband Brad Harris. Along with several other soundtracks by this magnificent Italian composer, POPPEA never appeared in LP or CD. The plot is weak and it is just another example of misuse all technicians in Cinecittá to obtain rather feeble laughable situations.

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A hilarious fantasy!, 18 August 2001

One of the first movies to cleverly mingle pulp fiction characters with real life persona.Olga, looking specially naive and sexy, added a spicy flavour that would make it quite watchable 30 years later. Though it was usually shown at classical Czech movie festival, I guess by now it is listed among the long lost pictures of the past.I would give an arm to see it again today.