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Brüno (2009)
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What Happened to User Rating For "Bruno", 14 July 2009

There are 158 user comments but the user rating is based on five comments. This I don't believe. Why don't all of the voter ratings show up. It looks like someone is trying to suppress low ratings. If so, how did they do it and why haven't I seen this in other movies. I enjoyed the movie myself, even though it was raunchy, and gave it a "7." I've seen comments for popular movies such as "Sex In the City" and other "chick flick" movies that are very low considering the commercial success of the movies. I've seen TV movies where the user ratings were based on less than 100 votes and, of course, some blockbuster will have composite ratings based on more than 100,000 votes. It is not fair to the IMDb audience who use this rating to decide on whether want to see a movie.

1st to Die (2003) (TV)
An Exciting, Well Made Crime Drama With Lots of Twists, 24 February 2003

I continue to be impressed with the quality of some of the many TV movies made and this was one of the best. The action was fast, the acting was excellent and, the best of all, the script was great. People who liked the theater movies based on James Patterson novels ("Kiss the Girls" and "Along Came the Spider") would be very pleased with "First to Die." A TV movie can be longer than a theater movie and, therefore, can do a better job of transferring the novel to the screen.

The Music Man (2003) (TV)
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A Refreshing Interpretation Of A Classical Musical, 17 February 2003

This fine TV movie did justice to the musical play, which I've enjoyed both on stage (two different versions) and on-screen. The photography, costumes and acting were wonderful Matthew Broderick was different from Robert Preston but did a good job, especially in the last part of the movie. I hope to see more musical classics made as TV movies.

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A Well Done Biographical Drama, 14 January 2003

It is very hard to come up with new information about JFK Jr. and this fine movie had very little of it, but it was a joy to watch. The casting was very good and the script, while somewhat like a documentary, was also good. My only complaint was that it wasn't long enough. Perhaps a two-part movie could have told us more about his "pre-George" days and his relationships with his mother, sister, and other relatives. Some of the material in the book, "American Son," by Richard Blow would have enhanced the movie a lot. WTBS should be applauded for producing such an entertaining movie.

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A Well Made Historical Drama, 14 January 2003

I learned a lot about one of history's most notorious people and enjoyed the experience. Aidan Quinn as Benedict and Kelsey Grammer as George Washington were great in their roles and the production values (photography, sets, script, direction and so forth) were very good. Many TV movies are more enjoyable to watch than current theatrical movies and this was certainly one of them. Applause should go to A&E for this work.

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Mark Furhman's Great Crime Book Sucessfully Brought to TV, 16 November 2002

This great TV movie told of the 1975 murder of Martha Moxley in Greenwich, Connecticut by a nephew of Ethel Kennedy. The use of the "ghost" of Martha to provide some of the details was very effective and added a lot of heart to the story. Christopher Meloni seemed to capture the personality of Mark Fuhrman very well. Furhman, who got so much underserved bad publicity in the O.J. Simpson trial has certainly vindicated himself by his contribution of bringing the killer to justice after about 27 years.

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Disappointing but still worth seeing, 25 September 2002

This movie may have been difficult to follow if the viewer had not read the two Anne Rice books, "The Vampire LeStat" and "Queen of the Dammed," on which it was based. At the end of the tape are two scenes that were left out of the movie; inclusion of these two scenes would have improved the movie considerably. It certaining wasn't in the class of the great "Interview With A Vampire." Viewers who have not read the books should do so. In spite of these flaws the movie was interesting and worth seeing for anyone who likes vampire or other supernatural horror movies.

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Like the Great Movies of 30+ Years Ago That Emphasized Story Telling, 24 August 2002

This great movie was like the great movies of 30+ years ago that emphasized story tellings rather than special effects. The acting was perfect and the scenery was wonderful and included a great driving scene down a small town main street late at night. People who enjoyed this suspenseful move would also like some of these great 1960's movies (they still look great): "Splendor in the Grass," "Dark At the Top of the Stairs," "Parrish," "Back Street," "Imitation of Life" and "Madame X."

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TV Movie Making At Its Best, 1 May 2002

This fine two-part TV movie held my interest from beginning to end and was even more exciting than "The Sixth Sense," which covered somewhat similar subject matter. Ted Danson was very good as a man who could see the dead and had a difficult time coping with this unwanted gift. People used to seeing him in "Cheers" and "Becker" will be impressed that he is equally effective in a dramatic role. Mary Steenbergen and other cast members were also very good in their roles. The biggest praise must go the the writers for producing a script that never let the viewer get bored or restless. The fact that this movie is based on a real person and a true story somehow makes life better for me.

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An enjoyable, very original movie, 28 October 2001

This movie has been on cable TV for months and I just got around to viewing it. It had a very original story, was beautifully photographed with other excellent production values, well acted, and well written. I don't understand why it was so poorly received. Perhaps it is more of an old-fashioned movie (I'm 66) with a modern plot situation. Even with the gay man conceiving a child story it could be a family film. I highly recommend it.

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