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If Stitch was ex. 626, what happened to the other 625?, 21 June 2007

Lilo and Stitch is one of the coolest Disney Channel shows ever! the real idea behind the show is that Jumba had the other experiments, Stitch's prototypes, dehydrated and put into a big container. eventually, the container gets opened and the pods are scattered throughout Kaui, the Hawaiian island Lilo lives on. Lilo and Stitch have to try to catch all the experiments before Hamsterveil, Jumba's old lab partner, and former Captain Gantu does.

It is a beautiful show and actually has some cute take-offs from things like Jurrasic Park and Fantastic Voyage. I really like the theme song and sing it every time I watch. My all-time favorite experiments are Stitch,625, and Angel. A favorite series exchange was actually said by Kim Possible in the crossover episode, Rufus: when Jumba says " You're Possible Kim, yes?" Kim said"No-I mean yes,am Possible Kim... Why are we talking like this?" I wouldn't have started to watch Disney Channel if not for Lilo and Stitch.

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This film is truly 'so the drama'!, 30 December 2006

This is my favorite Kim Possible film of the two. A Sitch In Time was good too, but this is tops. Kim and Ron are getting ready for the prom dance at their school, Middleton High. Drakken and Shego cook up a plan to take over the world using cybertronics and a toy design which they stole from a Japanese toy maker, Nakasumi-san, and Kim's dad. Kim falls for a boy named Eric who has just enrolled at the school leaving Ron to look for another date for the prom. Meanwhile 'Lil Diablo toys run amok at Bueno Nacho, Ron's Favorite restaurant. Can Kim and Ron foil Drakken's latest take-over-the-world plan and find dates for the prom? You'll just have to watch and find out!

The story is really good and believable, and some of the lines are really funny. My favorite line was Shego saying "Ya'know, one of these days we reeeeeeally need to get that hair dryer away from her." This film is truly "So the drama"!