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The greatest Bulgarian show so far., 21 June 2010

Many of you don't have the chance to watch this show, and I regret it. I wish somehow you could. It is the greatest creation in this area that Bulgaria got so far. It has everything - romance, a little comedy, a lot of action, there's also intrigue... You're not gonna be disappointed.

As the first season ended, I just was astonished, at how interesting, touching and fresh it can be.

And the crew - what a perfectly matched combination. The lead actor Kalin Vrachanski is doing a really great job. A lot of people refer to him as the thought doctor House - Hugh Laurie, but when you got to know him, the way he acts, you might change your mind. His character is way too different, and his personality too.

If you can - watch an episode, you would surely wanna watch another one after that.

Smother (2008/II)
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An OK film, an OK acting..., 11 August 2008

The film was an "OK", but I expected more because of the actors. Yes, Diane Keaton was great, as always, but even though, she didn't touch me so that I could enjoy her acting all the time. I can't comment about Dax Shepard, this is the first time I saw him in a movie, but I guess he was OK. Liv Tyler, come on! She could put a little more effort. But after all she was OK too.

The whole film though... What a mess! I was so bored at times that I wanted to turn into the next charter and still be bored. I certainly expected a lot more, but it's an OK and that is still something we can put on.

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I love it!, 10 January 2008

This movie had touched me so much, that I had to share it. I had never watched that kind of movie ever! It's completely original and it keeps your mind and sight on it. It's not like the other love stories, when the guy is heartbroken and the movie shows how miserable he is and than suddenly he finds the girl on his dreams and they live happily ever after. In life doesn't happen like that, you met a lot more, before the right one and the movie shows it too.

I'd never liked so much Morgan Freeman till now. Maybe because I'd never seen him in this genre. He acts like a wise man, which had been trough a lot and he gives real and sensible advices. I especially liked the end; it just fits so right to the whole movie. It shows that there are bad people, but if we stick to the good ones we can be happy.

O (2001)
Trust is the key of a great relationship, 26 November 2006

Wow...I have never seen Josh Harnett in this role... actually he isn't so good, whatever... wanna say only, that actually I didn't enjoy the film,because there was too much violence and actually it was'nt what I have expected, but Im voting 6 because after all it was fascinated with the advice you could have after watching it.

The trust is the very important thing in every relationship... people should have trust when they're in love, and the person who they love...otherwise there is no point of being in love... I actually cant imagine this in the movie to happening the real life because the people have minds, and usually they think with it...but however, I didn't sorry after watching it.