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Very fun entry in a really great series, 6 October 2004

The Fairie Tale Theatre franchise put out by Shelly Duvall was a benchmark on the programming put out on Showtime in the early-mid 80's. This unique tale stars Barkin as a Princess who has never even cracked a smile. So, the King (Howard Hessman) puts together a "laugh off" featuring all of the comics in the kingdom stating that - "Whomever shall make the Princess laugh shall have her hand in Marriage". Hilarious routines by some of the most distinguished names (at that time)in comedy. Howie Mandel turns in a sweet performance as a young man who seems obsessed with his friendship with a pig. Great Family Fun! Despite what this website shows -- the entire series was released on DVD in August of 2004. Find this one and give it a look.

Something's Afoot (1982) (TV)
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Great production of the musical, 1 May 2003

Jean Stapleton and Andy Gibb lead a terrific cast in this live taping. Originally airing on Showtime, it's horrible that this is not available on DVD or at least video. I directed a college production of this in November of 2002 and it played like gangbusters. Maybe someone will read this and find a copy of the original tape and mass produce it . . .there IS a market for it. I highly recommend anyone to catch the stage version if it is playing in a city or town near you.