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I'll try to put a lot of "excellent"-possible movies.
Some that are maybe not the "most excellent" movies may make this list, anyways.
Also, I have placed some of my (even-)more-personally-liked movies, that may disregard the (rough) criteria already set in place for this list. Those movies are decribed with "Personal Pick" in the beginning of their descriptions.

Sort of in particular order, but not much, really.

Movie Descriptions:
I may just put a teaser or summary of the movie's themes, or else I will put some of my comments, as the movie's description.
I will try to eliminate major spoilers, mostly, but may include them in a more general sense (hopefully not too often, though).

Disclaimer of Dangers, Etc.:
Please, watch, research, and value these movies, their qualities, their affiliation, and other such intellectual qualities ONLY by responsible means.
By continueing to read this list, use this page, or&and otherwise engage with any content or entity related to any, all, or&and some aspects of this list, all engaging entities refuse to take any action against any entities affiliated with this list and&or its parts, only restricted by applicable law.
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Fictional Series. On-Top for their type / genre / feel group. Various types.

Obviously, by the contents of this list, I have a limited view on life. Tee hee. !
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List Qualification:

It has to start off in pure, basically 100%-appearance-of-true, reality.

Then, some very-unrealistic aspect (occurance, characteristic, creature, world, substance, etc.), no matter how big or how small, is found to be present, at some point and/or in some way.

This aspect (or aspects) must not be easily linked (hypothesized, explained, pathwise understood, etc.) in a followable, recreatable way by the rules of the original logic (of real life). ((It is preferred that there is a unfathomable distance in creative logic linkage: between the logic about the aspect and the logic of real life there should not be an easily-foreseeable distance.))

It should be using real laws to explain how to transition between it and truereality. It can use fake laws that do not originate within current science of real life.

The use of Hypotheses type logical links is up to the descretion of this lister. [Personal Note: if it seems really plausible that a popular hypothesis may give rise to the unrealistic result, I may just reject that idea, because it is not (in my opinion) "unrealistic" enough. If it does not take very much of a logic jump for the audience to percieve the link of the aspect(s) to real life, then I'll probably disqualify the idea.]

[Another Note: if an aspect or aspect set of a movie is, in my opinion, too weak or insignificant to really fit the criteria, then I'll probably not consider the idea.]

[Note on Perspective: obviously this is my list, so I determine the perspective(s) (of any quality) taken for all judgements for within the list. Basically.]

[Note on Question: "What about animated movies?" I don't know how or if I'll include them.]

Movies Rejected From this List / Movies That Do Not Pass:
-"Men In Black"
-any movie not based in the real world.
-"The Matrix"
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This is going to be a long list. It will be difficult to 'not' put things in this list.

Note: This List might never be completed, and currently is 'not in order' very much.
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Many say that making anime (Japanese cartoon animations) into reality (e.g. using real actors, real-life sets, etc.) is a very foolhardy task to take on. That may be so, but it's not going to stop me from taking at least one very-baby step by thinking about if one were made: actor choices.

Even though I really like Gundam Wing, and wouldn't mind a film made exclusively for the anime, I would think it more helpful to not limit the actor search, but to just pick interesting people to think about acting "somewhere" in the movie, whether it is possible or not.

Hopefully this list will inspire someone to actually make a 'good' gundam-type movie.

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Notes About Comments: My choices and comments (so far) are NOT about how an actor is a good actor or not, but could be based upon , or refering to, other aspects that may not be fully specified.

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