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If you've read the book and seen the original, you'll cringe.
12 October 2002
Being a huge Stephen King fan I recently read the book Firestarter, and today rented Firestarter 1 and 2 at Blockbusters out of curiosity. Firestarter 1 was good, it stuck with the book's plot, it changed a few minor details and cut a few scenes as expected but much of the actual dialogue was just as the book word-for-word.... however when I put Firestarter 2 in the DVD player, I was cringing at every detail, the information isnt accurate, it's made a complete mess of the original movie, the flashbacks to "what happened" were totally different, everything from the way her mother was killed to what happened at the Manders Farm.

If you've never read the book or seen the first movie, you'll probably like it, but once you've read the book and gotten attached to the characters, you'll find this movie a huge disappointment.
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Return to Cabin by the Lake (2001 TV Movie)
Awesome movie! A must see!
14 August 2001
A while ago I saw Cabin By The Lake on the USA Network, and I thought it was a really cool movie, then recently I found out the sequal was being shown TONIGHT! I just finished watching it, and it was better than the first! I'm not sure wether it was a good or a bad point, but some of the camera shots seemed somewhat... amateurish... like a home movie, similar to the style used in the Blair Witch Project, shaky camera, close up, just no professional quality to it, this struck me as odd, but it gave the movie a certain feel to it. The actresses are good looking I must admit! And if I had to pick any psycho to be like I'm sure I would choose Stanley, the whole calm approach to tormenting the victims, making them aware of what is happening to them is the approach I took... er, i mean, would take if i were a serial killer ;) The whole plot of the movie was well linked, things would happen which would make you question what was happening, then further along something completely unexpected happens making you think "ahh so thats why he did that earlier". All in all it was a good movie, worth seeing if you're a horror fan, it's kinda light hearted in a way, you start to feel for Stanley, understand his character and understand what's going on, and get annoyed at various other characters and WANT Stanley to kill them! :) Go watch it! Enjoy the movie!
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