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"G.P." (1989)
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An Excellent, First-Class TV Series, 15 August 2001

"GP" must rank as the best medical drama -and indeed the best Australian television series-that I have ever had the privilege of seeing. This TV show provided an in-depth, realistic and sometimes quite graphic portrayals of relevant and controversial medical issues -some which were particularly controversial during the late 1980s-early 1990s-and also provided us with an interesting insight into how treating these medical issues had an impact on the individual characters. Combined with an excellent cast of first-class actors and actresses -including Michael Craig (Dr. William Sharp), John McTiernan (as his nephew Dr. Robert Sharp), Denise Roberts (as the receptionist Julie), Brian Rooney (as Julie's son Michael), Sarah Chadwick (Dr. Cathy Mitchell), Judy McIntosh (Dr. Nicola Tanner) and many others-the excellent content contained in this script made it a privilege to watch.

Unfortunately toward the end of the show's tenure, the scriptwriters decided to transform "GP" into more of a soap and less of a medical drama. We had a lot of sickening love scenes, dramatic and unrealistic events and generally unappealing and unrealistic characters. It lost everything that had endeared it to me in the earlier days and I stopped watching it.

Nevertheless, during its peak, it was a wonderful show