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"Fancy" (2011)
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A good show!, 21 May 2011

I was pleasantly surprised by the show Fancy! First of all, it has Patrick McKenna in it and I like him in every show I've seen him in, from Stargate to especially Traders even though that's not a comedy at all. I didn't even mind him on Red Green even though that's not the kind of show I like (don't hate it or anything though it's not my thing that's all). He plays the agent, Ed, and he is great in this. Queen Maureen is also a pretty good actress and her friend Leslie is great as a gruff cop who says whatever she is thinking. Maureen is looking for love and isn't very good at it, half trapped in the fantasy world of the kids show she does where she plays Queen Maureen. I hadn't heard of this show and it doesn't seem to be very popular but it's worth watching, not a bad way to waste a half hour.

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I can't believe they put this on T.V.!, 21 May 2011

Sometimes a movie or T.V. show is bad, then sometimes it is so bad that it becomes funny, then once in a while that show is so very bad that it goes past bad and past being funny to being just unbelievably terrible in a you can't look away from this car accident kind of way. I have watched this show almost every week, I am usually out or asleep when it is on so I tape it on my old school VHS player and I think that actually adds to the feel of watching a show like this. It is so awful it's like watching some crazy rich man's public access show from the 1960s, where everyone knows it's terrible but he pays for everything himself and threatens to have his mafia henchman Guido break the network guy's arms if he tries to take his awful show off the air. Frank D'angelo is the worst latenight host I've ever seen. Most of the time he sits there struggling desperately to think of something to say before piping up with some terrible one liner a grade school kid would think of, usually some penis joke that's just cringe worthy. He even plays characters like his own aunt who uncrosses her legs all the time. Why would a latenight host also play the characters he interviews? That's just the kind of look-at-me guy this host obviously is, he thinks he is a real entertainer and wants desperately to be the centre of attention all the time. He also sings a lot even though he has the voice of Frank Stallone. All of the regulars on the show seem to secretly hate him including Ed the Sock and the two sidekicks, but the guys in the band seem to not hate him and even just kind of realize what a joke he and his show are. That's the feel I had watching it and the review in Now Magazine verified it for me, he's a terrible T.V. host and apparently also a terrible person even if the rape charges against him were bogus. Take a pass on this show or you'll end up hooked on watching this car accident like I am!

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Boring, 13 February 2011

The only reason to watch this show is if you have a real perverted fetish where you get turned on by duct tape or bearded old grampas with brillo pad beards and plaid shirts. This show just puts people in plaid shirts and has them tape random things together (like taping a Barbecue to a raft to make a handyman's official picnic table or some such crap) and it thinks that is the most funny thing ever. Red Green is so stupid and it's not even funny. He also has a stereotype nerd nephew who I guess is supposed to be funny because he is such a geek, I bet he would have killed in Revenge of the Nerds but on TV now in the new millennium this show and all the characters on it are so stupid it is sad.

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Better Than the First TRON But Still Bad, 20 December 2010

This sequel to TRON, TRON: Legacy, is better than the first TRON movie which I thought was just awful but this movie still is not worth seeing, I give it 3 out of 10 and was very disappointed with it even though I went in obviously expecting very little out of it. I am a Jeff Bridges fan and was really hoping this movie would be good but it just was not.

I like 3D movies in general but despite some good effects was bored through most of this movie and wishing it would just end. The first movie was from 1982 and the effects look stupid now but at the time they were revolutionary and very mind blowing, I think obviously the only reason that movie got any kind of cult following was for the leap forward in computer effects and not for the story because that movie was just stupid.

This is the first feature movie directed by Joseph Kosinski and it's hard to tell if this movie being so bad is his fault or just the bad ideas/script involved. In the movie basically Jeff Bridge's son gets a message from him in the world of TRON where he is trapped and he gets sucked into that world as well where he tries to help his dad.

Bridges/Hedlund/Wilde acting wise were all fine the problem with the movie was just what a stupid story and concept the whole TRON idea was/is.

The 3D/2D stuff was pretty neat and a good idea but again the effects being great did not make up for the story being so stupid for me.

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Great Acting, Good Movie!, 19 December 2010

This movie has great acting from both the actors, Nicolas Cage and Sam Rockwell, and the young lady Alison Lohman also does a very good job acting her role. The movie is not as good as the acting but it is still definitely a great movie to watch and worth the rental/time involved. It is hard to review a movie like this because it is about con men doing a heist and there are obviously twists and surprises and I don't want to give away any spoilers, but basically it is about two con men trying to put together a big con on somebody when Nicolas Cage's daughter gets involved and that threatens to tear things apart. I recommend watching this movie if you like con/heist stories and if you are a fan of Nicolas Cage's acting which I definitely am.

"Hiccups" (2010)
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Epic Fail, 19 December 2010

I do not even see what they were even trying to do when they decided to make this show. I understand that after Corner Gas ended it was a hit for Canadian TV standards in the ratings so they wanted to get those people back on TV in other series right away to kind of capitalize on that success that they had before but these shows are just awful in every way. The writing is terrible with real bad jokes and the acting is just awful, this show and Dan for Mayor are both awful. The characters in both shows are so useless and unbelievable and just not funny that it makes me sad and upset that my taxes help pay for these shows, it is like they did not even try to make something good/funny.

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Fail, 19 December 2010

This show gets a big fail from me. The acting is terrible with unbelievable characters and the main character is just Hank from Corner Gas doing the exact same act that he was doing before, he is basically a big moron who is trying to do things he is too stupid to do. None of the characters are believable and this show is just a huge mess with nothing funny happening in it. I can't believe this show is even on TV in the first place it is so stupid and not funny at all. I have to write ten lines I guess so I will tell you I just bought a new goldfish because my last goldfish died he actually lived a real long time though for a goldfish so yeah.

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Very Good Performance, Boring Movie, 18 December 2010

I was bored out of my head trying to watch The Social Network it was just a boring and pointless movie! The lead actor playing Mark Zuckerberg or Zuckerburg whatever the spelling of that crazy name, he did a great job playing the part and I bet he will be nominated for an Oscar for best actor and I can't argue with that, but the movie over all was just boring and a waste of time. I can't believe it has a rating of 8 out of 10 here on IMDb. The other actors were mostly okay but Justin Timberlake was not good or believable at all in his role even though he lost that weight to look younger he doesn't look younger. I thought the whole movie was just boring and pointless, we already know that this Zuckerberg guy is a total a-hole so why do we need a movie about it?

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The Best of the Series!, 17 December 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) is easily the best movie of the series (so far anyway!) and that says a lot seeing as how much I loved the rest of the series so far. I am a big C.S. Lewis fan and loved the first movies in this series but The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is great, the actors are really coming into their own as their characters and the story is great, with a lot of great action as well as interaction between the characters. It is just a real shame that it took like three years between these movies for this new one to come out but it was well worth the wait because it was a great movie and it's going to be hard to see the rest of the series live up to these high standards.

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Huge Potential, 26 August 2010

This show is very funny and there is huge potential for it to be a really great show that could last a long time. I am a huge fan of Ed the Sock and he has already been on TV for many years but I hope he sticks around and does this show for many more years. I have seen every episode even though it is hard to keep track sometimes (they do not always list it), I watch CHCH TV a lot and it is on once a week depending on the day. The movies are very good (by that I mean they are entertaining the movies obviously suck like the title says they do) and the comedy added is very funny with Ed, Liana his red haired sidekick and Ron Sparks from Video on Trial fame cutting jokes all the time. The show was very rough at first with bad audio problems where I thought it would not stay on the air but it got better every week and is one of the few shows I look forward to seeing each week now.

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