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This list will keep evolving with the list of films to come out in 2015 still not out. But half way into the year these are my favorite movies.
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A List of my favorite WAR Movies! :)
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OK so here is the list I'm sure all my friends, and fans of my show have been waiting for!

Ok maybe not.

But I'm gonna give it to you anyway!

This is my top favorite films of all times... That's right ALL TIMES!
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A List of my favorite Superhero's cinematic adaptations.

My top 50 favorite Superhero films ever... This wasn't an easy list to put together but after much thought this is my top 50 list, and while I don't like or love EVERY single movie here these are the top 50 Super hero movies which I've seen thus far. A few of you will notice that some movies are missing. Well had I gone to top 100 I would have included such films which are missing. But I wanted to stop at 50 which is a lot especially since I was going to do only 20 at first. I might expand the list to a full 100 movies.

So anyway hope you all enjoy checking out my top 50 Superhero movies of all times.... Like I said I don't love them all, and in fact I hate a lot of them on the very end of the list....
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Be it an Episode or an Anthology film...
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I love a good western... Here's my top list!
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Ok so I love to laugh! I love comedies, and thought a list of my favorite comedies ever would be a neat idea.
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Ok so here is my top 20 favorite coming of age movies!
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I love sports movies much like most sports fans! So here is my top 20 list.
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So here it is my top 10 list of films which I wasn't expecting much at all, and left not only enjoying what I saw! But I actually became a fan of the film.
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As the title states! Here is my top list of movies which had me super hyped, and when I left the theater I felt really disappointed with the outcome.
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Drum roll please!!!
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Here is my top 30 holidays!
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A List of my personal favorite rappers who made the transition to acting. The list isn't indicative of my favorite rappers. Just favorite actors who happen to have started as Rappers. The only rapper who's in the same number as my favorite rapper is Tupac who's number 1 on both lists.
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Love films, and here is the list of the top 20 directors who's helped shape my love for films.
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Love horror movies, and nothing gets to me more than a good scary flick... I've been into them since I was a kid, and watch a ton of these flicks. It's not easy putting a list together like this but well without anymore waiting here is my top 100!
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Here is my top actors list! I'm going to try, and stick to naming only 100 actors.
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Well here is my top 20 Vampire movies of all times!
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As I shared on the radio show "The Round Table Show" on 9/11/2014 this is my top 10 list. Might eventually expand it a bit more.
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2013 was a busy year in movies... Check out which movies made my top 30 for the year.
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The 50 favorite actresses I have... ALL TIME!
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Why 1977? Well that was an awesome year... It's the year I WAS BORN! And looking back there were tons of really epic films that came out that year. Here are my top 10.
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Here are my 30 all time favorite 80's cartoons!
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I LOVE TV, and thought about it long, and hard on which shows I'd put on my list.. This is what I came up with.
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So does his casting as BATMAN upset you? Well here is a top 10 list of his worst movies ever! I'm talking stinkers here guys, and he's bad in every single one of these movies. Sorry Ben I also agree you are totally wrong for BATMAN. I stopped at 10 because it seems like a good number but I think with Ben Affleck I could take this list up to 20 easily! But here is the worst of the worst from the next Batman. This is 10 reasons why Ben Affleck is not good for BATMAN!
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So while watching the entire first, and only season of the show "Outsourced" I had the idea for this list. That show was hilarious, and only lasted one season. A Shame considering the garbage we see on tv these days. So here are my top 10 shows which lasted 2 seasons or less.