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just another review of this lousy flat waste of time, 11 March 2013

I didn't expect much from this movie - based on the reviews and what I got was even less than I expected.

As like most of the other stuff that Adam Sandler has his hands on, or any connection with whatsoever - this is dismal, shoddy and embarrassing on all levels - and almost no coherent redeeming value.

Do yourself a favour and avoid this one as well. It's a failure from the first 2 minutes - because there is no plot, the characters are poorly created, the casting is totally off and there is little if anything else to keep you amused or entertained.

Like most of the other reviewers of this movie, I too will warn you - and it's your responsibility if you don't take it.

This is beyond a waste of time.

Movie 43 (2013)
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It has it's moments, 18 February 2013

This is far from a typical comedy that most people will be used to.

It's not American Pie or a rom-com.

It's an art form that is funny in a very dark fashion and while some segments are better than other, it is till funny - even when it is rudely sick.

I've co-written a comedy movie like this many years ago, so I know how this plays out and what it takes to make the skits work.

I found it funny, not that I will view it over and over again, nor will I call it anywhere in my favourites, because it's not.

It still is far better than one of the movies I've seen a few days ago, which I can never say was written with any thought to it and was just stupid to all proportions...unintentionally.

Most of you will never enjoy this movie, because you have been brainwashed into liking TV shows like "FRIENDS" and "Sex and The City" reruns - and you think that is what comedy is...

Well this is comedy, without the laugh track. It's written well, but it's not for everybody. In-fact, even though it's written well, it's still not great or even good...because it's so off the usual which what we are accustomed to.

All I can say is, it's crafty and I'm glad that I didn't have to pay to see this - otherwise I too would be bashing it more than I did.

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review number 6, 16 February 2013

So far - there have been 5 reviews of this movie - and astonishingly, they are all somehow reviewed as supposedly the best film ever made.

Well, in reality, this is far from the truth.

If the script was any worse, it would be un-produced.

This has possibly the worst casting and setup and dialogue I have ever seen on screen.

Casting for this is absolutely horrendous and they deliver their lines with as much spark and enthusiasm as a dying bird.

There are far better bad movies out there to watch. If you like watching bad movies, you will have a huge selection to choose from. This ranks at the bottom of the barrel of the bad.

Don't let the cover of the DVD fool you - as it did me.

I own the DVD, but it was given to me as a gift. I am graciously pleased that I never actually had to pay for this - I would be very irate.

This is very bad on so many levels. Do yourself a favour and go to sleep instead.

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Pretty lousy go nowhere waste of time movie, 7 February 2013

I bought this DVD 2 years ago and today I finally got around to watch it.

I re-installed my operating system and had to try out my DVD machine to see how it plays.

I dropped this movie in as the rest of the operating system was updating.

Wow...was this a total bore. There is nothing remotely interesting in this that can really keep a viewer entertained. Nothing leads anywhere and there is no suspense, action, mystery, romance, comedy or anything else.

This is like watching water drip slowly out of a tap. It's so tedious and lame that I will be donating this DVD to my local library to deduct late fees.

Not much else to write, just that this is so dreadfully bland that I'm glad I was doing something else at the time of this viewing, because if I wasn't...I would have certainly been very upset with my wasted time and the wasted efforts by those involved in this lacklustre film.

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This was lame, 5 February 2013

Basically, this is a commercial of and what follows is what is trying to be funny. But like all other movies with Chevy Chase, it falls short. Maybe he tries too hard...nope - he definitely tries too hard.

If he wasn't so smug and if the film wasn't trying so hard to live off the old movies, it would be better.

Beverly D'Angelo makes great character, because she is not so forceful in trying to make funny...her off looks, wry smile and silence just make her good.

If you like the other Vacation movies, you will probably view this, but no doubt - you too will be disappointed.

Watch it for Beverly, if for no other reason.

**A note to film makers... Try NOT to burn your characters out with overdone and rehashed stories that just get lame due to repeated misuse.

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Borderline crap, 4 February 2013

I will excuse this film for being short of total crap, because obviously there was some sort of effort made in this...I can only assume that the money put into this was saved from hard work to make this dreck.

However, the editing is pathetic, sound is dreadful, camera work is far from good, performances are horrible, lighting and camera drastic, script is nasty.

So why do I call this still salvageable? Because with a production of this sort with the right budget, crew and cast - this could be redone with nice exotic locations and craft production and all the right quality production values that this would be somewhat of a good story.

If you can sit through this, you are strong.

Zoom (2006)
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I've seen better tampon commercials, 4 February 2013

Don't waste your time watching this.

It's corrosive in every aspect - from the absolutely dreadful voice editing which does not in any respect match with the people's mouth movements to the story of nothing.

There is no story here. i don't know where it went or if it ever was. What I see is a big commercial for Wendy's Restaurants and hamburgers.

Senseless in so many ways. I would not subject my kids to see this. It's horrible and to have them waste their time on this would make me a very bad parent.

There is no funny. There is nothing worth watching - and having the dreadful music play every few minutes just makes it even worse.

A big budget flop. I'm sick of watching horrible movies when I realize how much money was invested in them.

I expect watching horrible movies with next to no money or resources and I can appreciate those...however this mess was just lazy on all aspects.

Film is supposed to be fun - and this isn't.

Red Dawn (1984)
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Maybe Russia should have invaded, 1 February 2013

After seeing this movie twenty something years later, I now feel that Russia should have invaded.

If this is American bravado, then it's total crap. If this represents the strength and unity in the good ol' USA, then let them die.

This movie had potential, but depended so much on American heroics that it fell short - almost immediately.

This movie is an insult to anybody in war - regardless of which country they are defending.

There were so many ways that this movie could have been so much better than it was - and not the joke that it was made into - however it went with the aspect of America kicking ass and wiping everybody else out.

Another Hollywood expose for HOW NOT to make a movie about war.

This was just too stupid for it's own good.

Cross (2011) (V)
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and the Oscar goes to.....the envelope please, 1 February 2013

Uhm.....yeah...the Oscar doesn't go to anybody here.

The story, script and overall setup failed miserably.

There is no story, because it's all convoluted with too many people involved and not enough development for any of them to really be there.

While everybody else posting comments was talking of actors and performance and special effects...

let's just focus on the main reason...the story.

With all the jumping around, senseless action, needless characters and such...the story goes nowhere of interest...therefore the characters deliver dialog and present action that is not beneficial to the movie.

Seeing that most of the cast were also the producers in this mess, I realize that they wanted a role in it and because of that reason...there are far too many roles with far too many action scenes with far too little to offer.

If CROSS has the power that he does...why does he need a weapon? It could have been good...with better thought put into could have been great...but what they ended up getting is only a "COULD HAVE BEEN" movie - and that results now in what is.

Sometimes...less is more.

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A movie this stupid should not be allowed, 24 January 2013

I will offer spoilers.

The movie is stupid and the plot is retarded and everything about it basically is screwed up.

So far today I've seen 3 movies and all of them were on the same level as this...totally retarded.

With perhaps the most retarded police force in all of California, this makes for one boring, lame ass and stupid flick which should save you some time by not watching it.

With senseless action and plot development - I am still amazed that with so many horrible movies being made that there is still a thriving film industry in California.

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