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The One (2001)
pure unadulterated fun, 9 November 2001

The One is probably the best action movie to watch in the last quarter of this year. The plot is simple and easy to understand so the audience will not be focused on questions about the film, they're focused on the action.

Although I don't really like seeing Jet Li fighting with the use of digital effects because I don't want to see a very "robotic" Jet Li, the digital effects used in the movie didn't upstage his true form and talent. Jet Li is still amazing, and he could've done most of those fight scenes without the help of digital effects technology.

The movie has heart, even though other people say its hardcore action, and the emotional factor has been contributed by Carla Gugino (who plays Li's wife in the movie), and Jet Li (the good Jet Li) himself. I must say Jet Li has grown to be a better actor to, besides being a martial arts master, and I conclude that in the future, he will be one most bankable Asian actors in Hollywood.

All in all, I give the movie a perfect 10. Great acting, very simple yet exciting plot, clean and graceful fight scenes... a martial arts movie fan wouldn't want to miss this.

Lost & Found (1999/I)
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short but sweet..., 16 October 2001

I love laughing when watching films, and this film undoubtedly didn't fail to make me laugh. David Spade is a sellout; he's perfect for the part (he's not very handsome, but his humor makes him adorable), he plays Dylan with ease, and he works with his co-stars with excellent rapport. I say this is one of the film comedies you don't want to miss!