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Young Guns (1988)
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I remember seeing this when it was released........., 19 February 2002

and I'm still not intimidated by Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, or Casie Siemaszko-"the Pugilist". However, this may be one of Emilio Estevez best performances as an unhinged Billy the Kid during his formative years. Terence Stamp as John Tunstall and a familiarly evil version of Jack Palance are the highlights of this film. 6/10

Cadence (1990)
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Oooh Aaaahhh!, 19 February 2002

You'll have a tough time getting that one out of your head. Charlie Sheen's best work next to Wall Street as a renegade Army private stuck in a German stockade during the Vietnam War. A flash of early brilliance by Laurence Fishburne with a great, but twisted dynamic between Charlie and Martin Sheen. What can you say, this movie is just terrific! 9/10

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Charlie on EDGE!!!!, 19 February 2002

And before he lost it. But, this is by far the most realistic biker movie I've ever seen. Charlie plays a real life undercover cop with issues that infiltrates a top gang run very effectively by Michael Madsen, minus the obligitory hair and tatts. Charlie's descent into a self-imposed hell is a real treat for fans. Makes you wonder where all that passion went? 9/10

Tombstone (1993)
They dont make em' like this anymore........., 19 February 2002

Easily the best western in the last 30 years. OK, so Kurt Russell is a little short for our vision of Wyatt Earp, but he pulls it off in convincing style. I never tire of watching him slap Billy Bob Thornton around before stealing his game of Pharoah (whatever that is?) Great ensemble cast, powerful story, and fantastic action. Val Kilmer deserved recognition for his portrayal of Doc Holliday...the humor is biting. The story only suffers from occasional intrusions by wives, Shakespearean actors, and Wyatt's love interest. Otherwise, an awesome ride. 9/10

Freeway (1996)
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Seeya Big Bad Wolf!, 19 February 2002

I never tire of watching this movie but it's not because I can relate to the characters. There's something sick and twisted about all of them, as well as the fascination for this film that comes after watching 15-20 times with your friends. Reese Witherspoon leans heavily on her Nashville roots to perfect Vanessa Lutz, a gun toting, ass whipping tornado of bravado and charm hell bent on retribution. You need to watch this one more than once for full effect 9/10.

Blade (1998)
Sort of makes you wish you were a Vampire, 19 February 2002

For a brief moment. The opening scene with Traci Lords and the

techno bar is incredible. I'd probably follow her to my ultimate death too! Best vampire movie of all time but with a twist. The fight scenes are awesome. Wesley Snipes displays an athleticism you dont get to see every day. And Stephen Dorff is impressive and very believable as an ambitious new recruit moving himself up the hierarchy by any means necessary. Great flick 9/10. Where's Blade II?

Modern Vampires (1998) (TV)
Mattew Bright of course!, 19 February 2002

I should have seen his kooky twisted signature on this flick. The best send up of vampire movies since George Hamilton was in his prime. I dont know where they found Natasha Gregson but you just automatically got to love that girl, even while she's taking a bite out of you. Funny, witty, great cast and I'm sure the part Rod Steiger has been just waiting for all these years!!! 8/10

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Over the top 70's stupidity, 17 February 2002

in the same vein as Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run. Clint Eastwood in his prime is worth the watch. Occasional hilarity and great fight scenes are watered down by his interest in country singer played by Sondra Locke-easily one of the most boring and unlikable actresses of all time.

Clint, what were you thinking??? 8/10

Firefox (1982)
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Great story suffers from poor FX, 17 February 2002

Cold war tensions somewhat lost in today's society but still a terrific suspense ride for Eastwood fans. If there was ever a candidate for re-tooling and re-release this is it and I'd pay green money to see it. The special effects are laughable by current standards and are distracting from what is otherwise a pretty good flick 8/10.

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Somebody has it in for the Vermont cops, 17 February 2002

Saw this movie the other nite as a last option. Has it's moments. The opening scene is hilarious with three dopers being harassed over and over by the Marx Brothers masquerading as Vermont State Troopers. Mostly a collage of unrelated skits building to a decision by the governor whether to close their station to the benefit of the local police-the blood rivals of our heroes. And I have nothing against gratuitous cursing, but these guys find no limits here. Not much creativity in the dialogue but a fun diversion although occasionally boring. 6/10

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