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Does Guinness have a record for 'melodrama'?, 5 June 2002

Cause this one gets the crown. Add bad acting and even uglier direction by acknowledged talent and you've got a real keeper here. Let's see, Robert Mitchum plays the classic southern rich guy sportsman with a reputation for the ladies, estranged from his live in wife for the past 18 years, we assume cause she was a bad girl, with a resourceful and illegitimate son, Peppard, and another not so resourceful son, Hamilton, that all seem to have some sort of relationship with the appliance store owner's daughter. Still with me? And like all southern towns, rumor and innuendo finally lead to bad things, very bad things as depicted here. The final chase scene is not to be believed. Pure camp-one of the funniest I've ever had the pleasure to witness. I just sat in stunned grinning silence, shocked that Vincent Minneli could turn out such garbage. But the interesting thing is, now that I get the joke I can't wait to see this thing again. My bet is George Hamilton gets a migraine anytime someone mentions this film. 7/10

What's all the rage about????, 4 June 2002

I was all ready to write a scathing summary of this film until I read the review below. Yeah, what he said-word for word! Thanks for saving me the time guy. Unsettling and disturbing vision of life in the 00's. One of the most overrated movies you'll find on this site. 6/10

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Quite simply the worst war movie of all time, 1 June 2002

And that may be an understatement. I am shocked at the comparisons to Private Ryan and other legitimate films of the genre. What are you people thinking. And I'm one of Lee Marvin's biggest fans but there must have been a reason I avoided watching this turkey for the last twenty years. It's terrible, and not worthy of further comment. Put Sam Fuller in the category with Peckinpah as one of Hollywood's most overrated directors. Just painful to watch. 3/10

Shaft (2000)
I've been Shafted, 1 June 2002

One of the worst movies I've ever seen. I sat through it only out of respect for Samuel L. Jackson-and there were enough laughs to keep me stationary, but I don't think they were intentional. Some great lines from Pulp Fiction that made me feel nostalgic for a real action movie. Then there was Vanessa Williams who has apparently done a Kathleen Turner to the point where you hardly even recognize her. And the bad guy from American Psycho with another bad guy that went to Amherst but can barely speak know what I'm sayin? Pitiful 4/10

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Eastwood's best role, 30 May 2002

Unfortunately, not his best film to go along with the tailor made Gunny Highway persona. Clint is in rare form and the one liners are hilarious. Well worth the watch even as irritating as Mario Van Peebles and Marsha Mason are as Eastwood's undisciplined anti-Marine and his completely used up trailer trash ex-wife. But maybe that's what they were going for? A sequel would have been fun without all these silly distractions. 8/10

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Peckinpah continues to be the world's most overated director, 25 May 2002

I really wish I had seen this turkey 30 years ago so that the memory would hopefully be erased from my mind by now. Seriously people, this is probably, next to Heavens Gate, the worst western of all time. And the director's attempt at an existential journey does nothing but leave you laughing. That's the only response I have to this thing. The absolutely worst cast film I have ever seen. And even Coburn in his prime sleepwalks through this dog. And they even miscast two of the great character actors of all time, Chill Wills and Jack Elam, and it is painful to watch them struggle through lines and scenes that they have no desire to be in. Kristopherson is just awful-I can't describe it any better. But he does have the best line in the movie when he shoots a deputy with his own shotgun full of dimes and says "Keep the change Bob." OK, that was the highlight of the film. Now you know. If you buy this movie you are insane. If you watch this movie you will be forever regretful of the two hours that you could have spent working in the yard. 3/10 Just pathetic, and Peckinpah sucks-Wild Bunch included.

G.I. Jane (1997)
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Worth a second look, 18 May 2002

I ignored this on it's release and caught flashes of it during it's run on HBO, there were some exciting action sequences and amazing glimpses into the hell that SEAL training requires, but somehow I just couldnt put all the pieces together. It didnt make sense.....until now. I finally watched this movie in it's entirety last night and I am hooked. Whether the film misses the target on it's "statement" is not the point. It's just a good flick. Demi Moore pulls off the roll in convincing style and Viggo Mortenson has his best part as the Master Chief of the SEAL training unit. They have this crazy dynamic between themselves that finally unfolds at the ending, leaving you wishing for just a little more. Solid action film with a great support cast and a perfectly despicable villain played to the hilt by Anne Bancroft as a Senator who compromises GI Jane for her own political gain. Well, at least she tries. I think Demi Moore is one of the most underappreciated talents in recent memory. She has this unique combination of hardass determination and sensitivity that is rare. 9/10

Worth a second look, 10 April 2002

And a third, and a fourth. 15 minutes into this movie I was thinking to myself "this is the worst western of all time" but by the end I was a complete convert. Wasn't what I expected having grown up with the genre and this one breaks all the traditional rules but you won't care if you get the joke. One tried and true formula it does stick with is the hero/villain theme and of course there's a romantic twist but since it's Ali Larter you wont mind. Get the DVD and crank the volume as loud as the neighbors can stand. 9/10

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Still a fun movie, 31 March 2002

I've been a fan for over 10 years, both my daughters love this movie, and as a former HS wrestler I'm probably hooked for life. Begs to be remade with less emphasis on the goo goo eyes for Linda Fiorentino but Matthew Modine is just terrific, both as kid on a mission and a wrestler. 9/10

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Seduction 101 and above, 31 March 2002

Pay attention guys, this is what your women dream about. Johnny Depp is the man, I dont care if he is from Kentucky. A fantasy within a fantasy, and Depp is dynamite. Brando gives a very sympathetic and appealing performance as Depp's counselor "wannabe". 9/10

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