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Only the most pretentious art house junkies need apply, 28 June 2002

Ah, the sweet irony of a vast "Savannah" of pseudo-intellectuals in worshipful praise of a film with Darwinism as a central theme! And after watching this thing, painfully, for the third time the only imagery I'm left with is a bunch of baboons sitting at a keyboard with pipe smoke swirling overhead ranting on about the stunning grandeur of it all. Please. You want to be one of the sheep, or a shepherd? If evolution exists then one can naturally conclude that part of the process is the ability to think for oneself. Apparently that's not the case. If you want real entertainment, pour yourself a drink and take an hour or so to read through the reviews posted on this site. But keep an "open mind" OK? I guarantee you more entertainment value than you will find by sitting through this borefest. 2001 is an example of technological craftsmanship and that's about it, other than a monument to a director's out of control self-indulgence.

But I have an idea of how we can add some entertainment spice to this film-let's make it interactive...sort of like Rocky Horror. We can do a "shirts and skins" thing, and pass out Mastodon femurs to all the patrons, pro and con, then sponsor a free-for-all about halfway through the movie with the winners deciding whether it's worth sitting through the balance of this "masterpiece." I'm betting that all we "troglodytes" that despise this movie will win that battle everytime, no matter how greatly outnumbered. Now there's a statement about "evolution" that you can sink your teeth into.

OK, now that the brawl is over let's look at Kubrick himself and what his true vision for 2001 may have been. If you consider the balance of his most successful work they all have insanity or some sort of personal haunting dementia as it's primary theme...the insanity of war, destructive obsessiveness, etc. And if you apply this thought process, or "vision", to 2001 then the natural conclusion one might arrive at is's already interactive, Kubrick designed it that way to inspire the natural selection process in his audience thereby segregating us into two classes-the one group that will identify with James Mason's "Lolita" character as an obsessive, sexually repressed perverted intellectual, and the other that will no doubt be driven insane after sitting through this overlong snore-a-thon.... thus connecting us all eventually to the quirky genius behind camera. I like Kubrick for the most part and on balance I suppose I can even forgive him for butchering "The Shining" but in the final analysis "2001" is a dull and lifeless space opera that may fire off a neuron or two but it doesn't pass for entertainment. 5/10 SKINS RULE!

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Bizarre but cool, 8 September 2001

OK, this movie is not for everybody, but it's not as bad as most would have you believe. If anything, this film suffers from terrible casting but it still manages to deliver an entertaining diversion, albeit an extremely violent one. By now, Kurt Russell is very comfortable with his Elvis alter-ego. And if you liked the cold- blooded mercenary that Kevin Costner evolved from "Bodyguard" to "Perfect World" you will absolutely love this flick. But if you prefer the introspection of his "Message in a Bottle" character then stay AWAY. Personally, I think he's found his niche. Well worth checking out. Great soundtrack as well. 9/10

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Seduction 101 courtesy of Glenn Ford, 4 September 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, this is how you handle women guys. First he takes a run (spoiler alert) at Van Heflins wife while in handcuffs, then has Felicia Farr drooling all over herself in about 3 nanoseconds...still in handcuffs BTW. That is machismo at its best. Oh yeah, the rest of story. Well, Ford is quite simply the most charming, ruthless, manipulative, and mercurial bad guy in the history of the Western. Required viewing for Psych majors and fledgling seduction artists. The DVD transfer is excellent in widescreen and the sound is terrific...if you fast forward past one of Hollywood's worst theme songs "...I hear a ruma, when you take the 3:10 to Yuma, you can see the ghosts of outlaws riding by, way up high, in the skyyyyyyyyyy..." Have a pie, in your eye! Jeez, pretty funny though. Great movie, I don't want to talk about the ending...I mean I really don't want to talk about it. Didn't they have a jail in that town? Otis Campbell must have already checked in or something. 8/10

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Cooper is Hollywood's greatest simpleton, 7 January 2003

Too bad they didnt give him any material to work with in this turkey.

Cooper plays a dimwitted cowpoke (not much of a stretch) mistaken for a notorious outlaw. Some light moments, but no humor. Actually, about the only highlight here is a gorgeous Loretta Young as the outlaw's reluctant girlfriend. OK, I'm out of compliments.

An interesting but overlong diversion, only for huge fans of the genre, or Gary Cooper. 6/10

What's all the rage about????, 4 June 2002

I was all ready to write a scathing summary of this film until I read the review below. Yeah, what he said-word for word! Thanks for saving me the time guy. Unsettling and disturbing vision of life in the 00's. One of the most overrated movies you'll find on this site. 6/10

Worth a second look, 10 April 2002

And a third, and a fourth. 15 minutes into this movie I was thinking to myself "this is the worst western of all time" but by the end I was a complete convert. Wasn't what I expected having grown up with the genre and this one breaks all the traditional rules but you won't care if you get the joke. One tried and true formula it does stick with is the hero/villain theme and of course there's a romantic twist but since it's Ali Larter you wont mind. Get the DVD and crank the volume as loud as the neighbors can stand. 9/10

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Pointless, droll, depressing, unentertaining drivel., 11 December 2002

I remember when speilberg's name was synonymous with quality filmaking (I gave him a Mulligan for Close Encounters) but I think we've just witnessed the demise of one of our generations great directors. Seek the spotlight and the world has a way of humbling you. Karma bitch. This movie sucks. 4/10

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Hysterical!, 27 June 2002

Ten minutes after the movie ended I was still sitting in sort of a dumbfounded coma...then I started laughing and I couldn't stop. This is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Christopher Guest deserved recognition for this film, and his role as a bait shop owner from North Carolina that has a fancy for bloodhounds and ventriloquism. And I love Catherine O'Hara and she's never been better with Eugene Levy as her husband-seems everyone knows this ex waitress in a special way but I'm not sure her husband has ever had the pleasure? Lots of familiar faces and hilarity all around-not a slow moment during the movie and it's chocked full of surprises too. Very creative! 10/10

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Charlie on EDGE!!!!, 19 February 2002

And before he lost it. But, this is by far the most realistic biker movie I've ever seen. Charlie plays a real life undercover cop with issues that infiltrates a top gang run very effectively by Michael Madsen, minus the obligitory hair and tatts. Charlie's descent into a self-imposed hell is a real treat for fans. Makes you wonder where all that passion went? 9/10

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One of the worst ever., 14 December 2002

Ohhh the brutality, ohhhhh the dying breed, ohhhh the sense of loss, ohhhh the prejudice! Jeez, when are all you whiney revisionists going to stop analyzing Westerns for crying out loud? S**t happens. If it offends your socially engineered sensibilities then go back to the comfort of your Meryl Steep collection.

Boring, tedious, and very tiresome waste of celluloid-particularly in light of Coburn/Hackman/Bergen's presence. Nothing interesting or intriguing here, unless you are obsessed with 19th century desert dentisty. May have been a little better without the constant diversion of the out-of-place mexican guy with the bad tooth. A monument to the stupid ultra-left creeping sensitivity of the 60/70's. Virtually impossible to sit through the entire film. I think I'd rather have my eyes stapled open for the entire Lucky Luke/Trinity series. 4 Horses/10-all deader'n hell.

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