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Not even Charlotte McKinney can save this piece of crap., 17 May 2017

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Big Charlie Sheen fan here, he's completely wasted in this flick. Defitelyu worthy of Crackle, but not worthy of your time. Dennis Quaid makes a funny cameo, and McKinney makes for some good eye candy when she's not bitching at Charlie or making ugly faces, but this thing is just not funny.

"We have become a nation of soft pussy people." OK, thats the highlight of the movie. You've been warned.

Hilariously and incredibly bad., 5 May 2017

No wonder Loughton was ever allowed to direct another film, this is probably the worst piece of crap I have ever seen, but for a good laugh it was worth the cost of admission. Listen, we all know Mitchum was a one dimensional hack, his best role came in What a Way to Go, but this thing? Holy Mary mother of god. And to add insult to injury, the dumbed down idiots in this country hail it as one of the great masterpieces of cinema. Seriously, what planet am I on? BTW, my dad was in the theater business, he refused to run this tripe because of the general reception in Nashville... it was totally panned, and ended its run after 3 days. LOL And yes, its that bad!

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Not as bad as is being reported., 10 November 2013

Come on people, I actually thought this was semi-entertaining.

Where this thing falls down mainly is its attempt at being a little too Guy Richie'est. The comparisons are several and yes this is a weak rip off of Lock Stock, but its certainly not the worst movie I've ever seen. Another example of the internet breeding idiots all over the world.

I'm posting comments from the director below to meet this stupid minimum length thing:

"The production of this film was a mess from the start. If you would like to know more, then watch the film "The Plex" or goto

I'm sorry you all sat through this version of the film. The directors cut is supported by not only myself, but Sam Worthington, Steve Bastoni, Jason Crewes, Brian Cobb, David Wheeler and the lists goes on.

Hopefully one day, the correct version can be released. Until then I hope you enjoy the future projects more than this one."

Romeo & Juliet (2013/II)
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Worst mob movie ever!, 13 October 2013

Silly story about two Mafia families in Italy who were at war over a failed Pizza Hut franchise. This Romeo character who was from one family went to a sock-hop and met this chick named Juliet who was from the other tribe, they talked about his haircut and pantaloons for a while, then he climbed over her balcony and screwed her brains out while her parents were watching Johnny Carson in the next room.

The following day the story got out and all hell broke loose and there was this big gang fight and a couple of Capos got stabbed and died. Romeo celebrated winning a knife fight by going back to Juliet's and boinking her again, but he forgot his rubbers this time and so she got preggers. "Ohhhhh Romeo!!!"

Juliet was having morning sickness real bad, and her gynecologist or a monk or somebody gave her some Hydrocodone and Benadryl, but she had a bad reaction to it and went into a coma. Romeo thought she was dead cause they took her to the cemetery and laid her out on this big stone slab, but he thought she was really really dead so he shot himself. Then Juliet woke up, finds Romeo dead, takes his gun and shoots herself too. End of another stupidassed Shakespeare tale.

I cant believe they made me read this crap in high school No wonder everybody is so friggin dumb these days.

Loosies (2011)
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The internet has made idiots of..., 10 October 2012

half the population. Well actually, these idiots have always polluted the gene pool, but now they get to spread their ignorance around the world via the internet.

First of all, don't pay any attention to these bad "reviews," I seriously doubt these people actually watched this movie. For an independent, it was quite a surprise. Facinelli does a terrific job with the screenplay about a pickpocket trying to pay off his Father's $500,000 debt to scumbag Vincent Gallo. Along the way, he manages to lift a badge from Michael Madsen, who works for acknowledged superfreak William Forsythe (in a very subdued role) and then all hell breaks loose.

As our lead is being pursued by seemingly the entire NY City police force, his mom breaks bad with Joe Pantoliano, and he "accidentally" bumps into and falls in love with the beautiful, but recently impregnated, Jaimie Alexander, with whom he had a one night fling then apparently forgot about.

The writing is tight, the characters are well cast, there is humor, drama, intrigue, and romance, and this is Michael Madsen's best role since ... well since hell I cant remember... a long damn time.

Anybody that doesn't like this movie needs their heads examined. For its budget, a solid 9/10.

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More fake "Reality" TV, 18 July 2012

I was really enjoying this show, no Tom Colicchio, no Padma (gag), with a new cute host and some world class chefs jumping through all sorts of hoops to advance.

And I was really digging this show right up until I caught this disclaimer in the end credits: "Winning and elimination decisions were made by the Judges in consultation with producers. Some elimination decisions were discussed with Bravo."

WTF!!! "in consultation with producers?" How bogus. Screw these guys, I ain't watching this crap anymore.

What a waste of a real opportunity here... great chefs like Hubert Keller and Rick Bayless shouldn't have to rely on ratings to get passed up the chain, their food should stand on its own.

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I know I'll get bashed for this, but......., 29 October 2011

Quirky and inventive, yes. Entertaining, somewhat.

Look, I lived and worked in the UK for 3 years, but I cant understand bloody half of what these people are saying. I may be somewhat jaded since I was introduced to this series via the Showtime version, which IMHO is a far superior implementation than the original, and if you haven't seen it yet you need to check it out cause its the best thing thats happened to cable since the Sopranos.

The only reason I was able to follow the storyline in this series is because of my familiarity with the US version. It basically follows the same plot lines, in different sequence, but without that baseline, I never would have known what the hell was going on here.

One of the biggest issues with this show is the character Frank McEvoy is just not likable at all. He's a total scumbag with no redeeming value whatsoever, compare that to the Bill Macy character on Showtime, who is also a total scumbag, but with charm and a certain appeal. Anyway, I could go on and on but I wont. One reviewer mentioned the fact that this cast is much less attractive than the US cast, and thats putting it nicely, they are hideously ugly.

Bottom line, this is not a show that will appeal to a mass US audience, primarily due to the language and cultural barrier. This thing has very limited niche appeal, but if you love British cinema or BBC telecasts then it may be worth checking out. Thats not a money back guarantee.

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Hilarious!, 17 October 2011

I must admit, on first viewing I wasn't all that impressed, in fact I had rated this thing a 4, but after watching it a second time, maybe with a few more beers down my neck, I love this flick and I am lauging my AO!

OK, the family was crazy, but the problems with this film is that all the interesting and crazy members of this family are either dead or in jail. The rest are just a bunch of redneck trailer trash pregnant women but they are pretty entertaining. I love the scene where Bertie is released from prison, goes to steal her husband from his girlfriend's house, hijacks him to the drug store where they got prescriptions for pain pills filled while the pharmacist originally had married them. hahahahaa

This is a two hour marathon about a bunch of ignorant hicks from West Virginia. We got grandma, her daughter, and a bunch of grandkids sitting around her house smoking pot, snorting pain pills, and drinking beer they cant afford. But then how the hell do they all afford the drugs and cars cause none of them have jobs. You heard me, none of them, not one.

I guess I wasn't so impressed with this insane flick cause being from Tennessee and knowing worse families, oh yeah, there's nothing here that I haven't seen before. These guys are a bunch of Pikeys compared to the Jetts, the Stinetts, Blackwells, and the Whiteheads of Marshall County. On second thought I may be a little jealous cause I wont be doing any Oxys, Roxys, Coke, or smoking any pot at my mom's house when I go home for Thanksgiving this years.

Glory Road (2006)
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A little historical accuracy would lend credibility., 17 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If Don Haskins had not already been on the Texas Western staff for FOUR years before the landmark 65 season, then maybe I would believe there were a hundred people in the stands waving Confederate flags at the championship contest with Kentucky. Well, not really, but you get my point. But, since the producers think they can take liberties with facts, the whole premise of this tale is now re-spun from a "true story" into a story "based on true events." I hate that. I guess that means that all the racism portrayed in the film also was based on true events that occurred "elsewhere?"

A nice "true" story that loses major style points for classic Hollywood remixing of facts, and reinvention of real events. If you are white, this movie is designed to make you feel guilty about the prejudice that once existed in this country that you didn't have anything to do with. If you are black, this movie will in all likelihood inspire you to feel superior about your athletic abilities, and also make you angry and bitter over the portrayal of racism in the deep South during the 60's. I too am angry that I shelled out $9 bucks to see this crap. 2 whistles.

Evil Roy Slade (1972) (TV)
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Stupid and very dated., 19 December 2003

I remember thinking this thing was funny when it was released but after searching the planet for a copy of the video I was very disappointed that none of the laughs I remembered survived the passing of 30 years time. What a bummer!

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