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Jacknife (1989)
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I'm sure you'll enjoy this tragic and tearful drama, which is topped off by a Grade-A cast and..., 6 May 2002

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What we have here is an ultimately powerful and thought-provoking drama about the healing process after War. The film fortunately doesn't get (too) preachy, yet it's let down a little in the first half by it's slightly slow pace. Usually, I'd be the first to compliment De Niro on an incredible central performance however, as good an actor as we all know him to be, De Niro is made second-rate here, due to the practically flawless co-lead performances of Harris and Baker. De Niro and Harris are Vietnam veterans who were very close during the struggle of the war and were a team with their best-friend, Bobby. Only De Niro and Harris returned from the battlefields and we discover that Bobby died when he went back into danger to save `Meggs' (De Niro) at the cost of his own life. Harris is a drunk and a wreck of a man, drinking all day and going to all night bars to get himself through the dark hours, both men are still (in some way) traumatized from the war. Harris lives with his Sister who he neglects and doesn't appreciate, even though she is the only one who feeds him and tidies up after him, etc. Out of nowhere, De Niro turns up on their doorstep and after much confusion and persuasion; De Niro takes Harris and his sister (Baker) fishing. From there, a romance starts between De Niro and Baker, much to Harris' anger and frustration, insisting that De Niro is `sick' and `a loser'.

The Director is brilliantly able to gain our sympathy for the 2 lead men at different points, at first we feel sorrow for Harris who is irritated by De Niro and really doesn't want to talk about the horrors he remembers from the war, it is this that De Niro is trying to get him to do, to be healed.

We later discover that Harris is shattered because he blames De Niro for Bobby's death, and that is why he has let his despair and anger damage and push away the people around him who care about him and love him: Meggs, his sister, etc.

Even if you find the pace a little slow to begin with, stick with it and I'm sure you'll enjoy this tragic and tearful drama, which is topped off by a Grade-A cast and a very heart-aching central plot outline that must mirror the lives of millions of soldiers across the globe when War breaks out.

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Good, but not the BEST of Tarantino.., 22 February 2002

If we were to put QT's 3 directed films in order of best, `Jackie Brown' would have to come last, at no.3. It lacks the true suspense and complex structure that made `Reservoir Dogs' and `Pulp Fiction' work so well. The cast are very good but mostly dramatically underused- with and exception to: Samuel L. Jackson, Pam Grier and Robert Forster. Other A-List actors are used interestingly but not to much consequence. The story of the not very well-off flight-attendant who creates a pipeline for gun and drug smuggler (Jackson) to import from Mexico (`Rum Punch' by Elmore Leonard) is well handled. She finally wants to leave the life but while stealing his money AND getting him arrested… and getting away clean herself. That means enlisting the help of stoned out beach bunny, and unloyal mistress to Jackson, Melanie (Fonda) and Jackson's bonehead ex-con friend, Louis (De Niro). She'd also work at developing a trusting relationship with Drug-Cop (Keaton) and so work everyone into the plan gradually. It takes a little while to get moving but when it does, you'll most probably stay ‘til the end. I read that Tarantino wanted to make a movie very different from it's predecessors. But I think all it is, is a Tarantino-esq. Type Drama/Thriller but with the lower certificate, creating ultra-low violence and much fewer F-words in the dialogue which might sound okay, but C'MON people- what makes a good Tarantino movie??? This does, however, have some great humour and I think it's that and the plot that carry this film through to the end. I also want to say that the film seemed a little long. I think we'd all agree that `Pulp Fiction' worked as a 2 and a half hour film but I'm pretty sure that this could've been an even 2 hours at the most. Maybe I've made it sound a little more ditchy than it is, but it IS an entertaining and quite interesting film but just lacks the raw energy and structure of Tarantino's 2 earlier directional films. Well worth a watch though.

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A Flashy, blazing assault on the mind and nerves.., 22 February 2002

Quentin Tarantino's Hollywood debut is a flashy, blazing assault on the mind and nerves and never fails to deliver great dialogue, pounding suspense and a kick ass finale which is never properly explained… if you've seen it before, you'll know what I mean (Steve Buscemi, ahem, that's all I'll say..). The cast are absolutely top rate and it all combines itself to create one of the most atmospheric and taut thrillers for years. Keitel, Buscemi, Tarantino, Madsen, Roth, Penn, every one of them makes great gangsters and different elements of psychology and personality are created from the individuals. For example, we see Mr. White (Keitel) blowing away cops without a second's hesitation but he shows great sympathy and caring towards the severely shot, Mr. Orange (Roth) and so in each character we are given a variety of sides and histories. Even Michael Madsen isn't a TOTAL psychopath, in the flashbacks of each character that we're given throughout the film, we see how he had gone to prison for a few years- really through the fault of his boss. Yet he never held grudge or ratted them out to get a cut sentence and stayed loyal to his friends and so `he served his time like a man'. The entire cast really grab the audience by the throat and tug them in and in an interview; Tarantino said that he actually made the scenario last the length of the film (no `the next day' type flashes) and this genuinely makes the viewer as uneasy and claustrophobic as the character, hanging around for nearly an hour and a half waiting for everyone to meet up after their heist went sour. Steve Buscemi is by the far the actor who excels the most and he certainly comes through as being the bag-of-nerves of the crew! The whole picture provides thrills, spills, violence, humour and some very (very!) dark comedy- not to mention Michael Madsen's `infamous ear-exterminating scene'! The film is one of a kind- see it and get warped into the stained and ripped (and incredible imagination) of QT!!

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Sick, Sick, Sick... BUT WE LOVE IT!, 21 February 2002

OPINION… this is nothing more than an opinion because while classic movies and traditional action/thrillers might get similar ratings amongst the audiences- as harsh as it sounds – people will almost certainly either love this movie or hate it. It IS one of the most surreal and original films made for years- with Tom Green acting his usual, disturbing self- but also playing it cool in the director's chair. Personally, I really enjoyed this film, it was so fresh and original, loaded with absolutely jet-black humour – PLUS, I'm a big fan of Tom Green. But I could predict where someone else would be turning off the tape or looking away in disgust. Tom Green's proven his great comedy style and sense of strange humour in his appearances on `Saturday Night Live!' and his more recent films such as `Road Trip' –by the way, if you've seen `Road Trip' and thought he was weird in THAT , you have no idea… J. Some audiences may be offended by the scenes of Tom G `stroking' horses and elephants (yeah, not the normal stroking) and while I've seen critics ditch it for it's repulsive humour and childish jokes, you HAVE to applaud TG for having the bravery and balls to see the project through and give it his best shot. For those of us who are fans, this is a landmark in modern filmmaking, whether you sat through it or not- it's one of a kind.

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Very pleasing work from the Coen Bros..., 21 February 2002

This is certainly not the best work of the Coen Brothers. It lacks their usual great sense of visually enhancing the scenes and the jet black humour to impregnate the story and make your nerves cringe. However, this is a very entertaining and thoroughly watchable black comedy/drama with some very memorable moments of it's surreal and warped plot. Jeff Bridges and John Goodman are both on top form as the eccentric and laid-back best friends who are caught in the middle of gunfire and hired killers all because they're trying to get compensation for Bridge's rug which was soiled in a mistaken identity wake-up call. Julianne Moore adopts a strange Southern/British/Canadian type accent (in an interview, she states that the accent wasn't supposed to be specific or realistic) and provides many of the laughs. There are also some brilliant minor and supporting acts along the way, which add immense humour to the overall picture. These come namely from Steve Buscemi, as the other best friend of the 2 main characters, and John Turturro, as a flashy bowler with a huge ego… who we learn has "exposed himself to an eight year old'. Jeff `The Dude' Lebowski (Bridges) was based on a real-life man, an ageing hippie living in Los Angeles who called himself `The Dude'.

Bridges takes on the role with nothing less than 100% and so with the pot-smoking/alcoholic attitude of the character, the Coen Bros. are able to build some amazing visuals of acid trips and fantasy sequences which is really where they develop the comedy most.

This is a very good and solidly entertaining movie but if you want something REALLY special, you should check out such titles as `Fargo', `Blood Simple' and `Barton Fink'- all from THE COEN BROTHERS!!

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I can't begin this review by saying anything other than that this film is one of the greatest ever made.., 21 February 2002

I can't begin this review by saying anything other than that this film is one of the greatest ever made. It has almost everything anyone could wish for from a movie - It's got action, drama, comedy, surreal comedy, violence, tragedy, twists, great acting, great directing, an amazing cast and so much more that you have to see to appreciate. As we all know, it was also the film, which reformed John Travolta after all his `Look Who's Talking' films which need no mentioning. He is incredible, as is, namely, Samuel L. Jackson, as they play co-hitmen- having to deliver a mysterious briefcase to their boss (Ving Rhames). Throughout the film, we are presented with a variety of perspectives and stories, featuring such crazy and creepy characters as `Butch' (Bruce Willis), `Winston Wolf' (Harvey Keitel), `Zed' (Peter Greene) and many, many more. One way or other, they all intervene and end up coming across each other before the end. The story is told completely out of context and in jumbled order which adds to the unpredictability and so the story falls together and the plot unravels even after the film's long over. You'll probably be left sitting in the office, thinking about the scene's -which will still fall together in your mind. This will, of course, mean that you'll enjoy it even more the second time, and third time, fourth time, etc. This has to be one of the most complex and well-structured movies in cinema history and when it comes to these types of movies, Tarantino is a genius! We stared back in awe at his 1991 debut, `Reservoir Dogs'- but this beats even that!!

I really can't stress enough how much there is here and very few will be disappointed with the result.

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Informative rather than entertaining.., 3 January 2002

This is certainly a powerful piece of filmwork, most notably for the incredible and unforgettable leading performances of it's stars, Oldman and Webb. The film will, I think, be more interesting to Punk fans, or fans of the "Sex Pistols" (which I am both)- however I'm sure others could find something positive from it nonetheless. The seedy lives of the Sex Pistols in London before they were famous is a good laugh and although portrayed as delinquents, there are some great moments between Sid Vicious and his best friend and lead singer of the band Johnny Lydon (aka- Johnny Rotten), who is replaced in friendship by airhead, New York druggie chick, Nancy Spungen. Although Sid is a bit of a joker, and doesn't seem to be too interested in anything, it is Nancy who turns him from a brash, uninterested young man to a alcoholic and heroine addict. Though trying to force the drugs away, consious they are doing him harm, she is seductive and persuasive enough to keep him hooked. In one scene, they are asleep in the early hours of the morning and the next day, Sid is going to the airoport to meet his band and their promoter and they are touring. Nancy keeps interrupting Sid and talking to him while he's trying to sleep and so he eventually gets out of bed and takes all his bags and leaves for the airport (it's around 2-4am) and he says "I'll be bloody early for a change!!" , to get away. She shouts after him.. "Sid! No! we havn't had our fairwell drugs yet!"

The film is powerful and informative, giving insight into the final parts of the lives of these two individuals, arguing and fighting fairly frequently yet inseparable and bound tight by love. The film is not pleasent to watch, it's not entertaining, it's not even enjoyable- but it is timeless and powerful.

I'd give it 4/5- but we warned- it's not for the faint-hearted.

A slick & stylish Musical feast!, 10 November 2001

One of the greatest music videos, based around arguably the most powerful and relevant American Punk band today, "Bad Religion". The sweltering and hard-hitting 90-minutes of cool Live footage is interspersed with a number of interviews with all the band members on different topics. If you're a fan, you simply cannot miss this brilliantly edited European Tour. If you're a Punk fan, you could love this video just as much! The Best alternative to seeing the boys live! Just stick the tape in your VCR and watch the fast-paced and melodic Kings of Punk, "Bad Religion", in your own home!

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An astonashing, Jet-Black comedy!, 10 November 2001

This film is, by far, one of the most repulsive and sickeningly hilarious black-comedies I've seen for ages! 20 minutes into the film, I admit I was looking at my watch, but 40 minutes into the film, I could'nt get myself to go and make coffee! I swear you become totally 100% hooked on what the hell will happen to all these unfortunate folk and who'll be double-crossing who. The entire cast are fantastically hilarious, particularly Christian Slater, Jon Favreau and Daniel Stern. Cameron Diaz also makes a funny and menacing co-lead as the dominant and bitchy fiance with high expectations. Favreau will marry her right after this Bachelor party in Vegas, which goes horribly wrong. The humour is black as coal, the violence is bloody and shockingly humourous. Certainly not for the faint-hearted. Without a doubt, this should've made more hype than it did, an incredible directional debut from actor, Peter Berg, who some may remember in a support role in James Mangold's 1997 Police corruption drama, "Cop Land". His character's name was Officer Randone. In this, there is a character called "Officer Randone". Anyone else get that inside gag?

The Limey (1999)
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A Simplistic yet creatively complex thriller., 10 November 2001

Steve Soderbergh took this done-to-death routine, revenge-thriller and notably put in some influences of his own. Stamp plays the cockney hardman very well, and I was so surprised that Soderbergh didn't exploit stereotypes, particularly Stamp's character. The most he did was used a bit of cockney rhyming slang, but not too much. Fonda was good but I find his smile irratating (?). Am I alone there? I agree with the review which said that the film rewards patience, not much happens for the first half an hour. And the viewer, throughout the film, gets repeated flashbacks and flashes of future scenes in about 2-3 second doses. The film's violent content only really kicks in for the second half and isn't as gratuitous as it sounds. My favorite part is when the gangsters, about a quarter into the film, drag him out of their warehouse and kick and beat him outside. Then, they say all this typical stuff like: "If you show you're face around here again- you're a dead man! English fag!" Then they walk back in. What does he do? He pulls himself up, bleeding and bruised, reaches into the back of his belt and pulls out his pistol and walks straight back inside...

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