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One of the more touching episodes and Hulkouts of the series, 2 July 2014

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This was one of the more touching episodes of the Incredible Hulk; particularly when his sister sees him become the Hulk after a nightmare and fully understands why he lets the world think that he's dead and when the Hulk runs to DW Banner's farm and overturns they hay wagon and DW chases after the Hulk with a rifle not knowing the Hulk is his son. And also when his father sees that David becomes the Hulk hanging on the side of the plane. The powerlessness that his father must feel knowing that there is nothing he can do to help his son is heart wrenching. David and his father had some fences to mend and his father has a very difficult time understanding why David isn't forthcoming about his problem. It was also heart wrenching in the second Hulkout when DW sent the Hulk away

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Very Interesting Movie, 29 August 2005

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This was one of the most interesting movies, I have ever seen. I like the way it has people portraying Elvis, and the way the narration is done, it is almost authentic. The stock files of Elvis are really interesting. Seeing the real Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show, and the other shows he did during the early part of his career, are really cool. Listening to his obvious frustration of being drafted into the army, and the hurt he felt when his mother passed away and his total disgust for the movie treadmill he was on, it revealed quite a bit about the man. I loved watching his comeback and seeing him back on stage in the 1970's again. I had never realized how many health problems that he was having by the mid 1970's and the movie touches somewhat on that as well. For most of the movie, Elvis looked good, and healthy, the most shocking part was near the very end of the movie, when he walks out on stage for the last time in the movie, in one of the two concerts taped for the CBS Special "Elvis In Concert", just how terrible he looked. Seeing him so overweight, and obviously so unhealthy, was quite a shock. And watching him forget the words to "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", was sad. At that point, I think he was already dying. But still a great movie.

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Elvis at his best, 29 August 2005

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This was definitely Elvis Presley at his best. The way the film was done, and presented. I like the way that there are interviews with several of his fans, throughout the film. I think that the rehearsals are absolutely fantastic. It was definitely Elvis in his natural environment. While watching the film, watch for one of the scenes in rehearsal, when his mike shocks him. His reaction to it is hilarious.When he's backstage, reading some of his letters is pretty interesting as well. I really enjoyed watching him rehearse "I Just Can't Help Believin'", and just before he gets ready to go on stage, he is still concerned that he will be unable to remember the words to it. Elvis never looked better, and never sounded better.

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Biggest performing event of all time, 21 August 2001

This was really the last high of Elvis's career. He does a decent and flawless show, but he doesn't look like he's into it. He looked better in this show than he did in "Elvis On Tour", but he seemed sluggish. His face and eyes were puffy. He still sang well, but something was not right. It is still one of the greatest events of all time, but it was also the beginning of the end.

Elvis in Concert (1977) (TV)
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Definately on his last legs, 21 August 2001

This show was not as bad as the critics make it out to be. But it was obvious that Elvis was dying. He was so sick and it was obvious. But he still put on a great show. I would like to see this released on video for the fans. I don't care what the critics think of it. Elvis didn't care what the critics thought of him. He still pours out his heart. It was sad to see him forget the words to "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", but listen to the emotion that he put into "My Way", and "How Great Thou Art." I think he knew he was dying and was saying goodbye.

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One of his better later films, 21 August 2001

While this film is not one of his all time best, it is certainly one of his better later films. It's interesting to see Elvis in a film set in the 1920's rather than the psychadelic 1960's. This movie had an interesting plot, but was marred by some rather bad acting. Elvis was okay and the scene with Vincent Price was interesting, but most of the acting was lame.

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Elvis had gotten chubby but he wasn't fat like he was when he died. Elvis still looks decent, and is in top vocal form. What "That's the Way It Is" did by showing Elvis's life in rehersal, this one did by showing Elvis's life on the road. It was good to see Elvis at or still near the peak of his performing career.

Tickle Me (1965)
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Hilariouis movie, 20 August 2001

This movie was Elvis Presley's funniest movie. It's almost Elvis in slapstick. This movie didn't make much sense, but it wasn't supposed to. It was pretty obvious that Elvis enjoyed making this movie. Even though the supporting cast wasn't particularly strong, this movie makes up for it with all the crazy antics in the film.

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decent movie, 20 August 2001

This was actually a much better movie than the critics say. It has an interesting plot and great actions. there are a lot of gorgeous women in this film. It's hard to believe that Sam Katzman produced a film this good, and also produced something as bad as Kissin' Cousins. This movie was the exact opposite of Kissin' Cousins, in Kissin' Cousins most of the songs were great, but the movie stank. In this movie, the film was great and most of the songs stank. There were still some good songs, like "Kismet", "So Close Yet So Far From Paradise". It's not that they weren't all good songs, they were just not good songs for Elvis.

Girl Happy (1965)
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not spectacular, but not bad either, 20 August 2001

This was a decent movie, but it was not in the caliber of some of his earlier movies. Like Kissin' Cousins the soundtrack was great. But unlike Kissin' Cousins the plot made sense. Shelly Fabres did a great job as Elvis's interest. The title suggests that it gould be Girls! Girls! Girls! II, but that's not the case, while this movie is not in the same caliber, it is a good movie in its own right. I used to live in West Palm Beach area, so Ft Lauderdale is just a stone throw away for me. Definately a watchable movie.

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