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All They Want Is Your Hard-Earned Money, 29 November 2010

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First of all I'm a fan of HP, have been since I was the same age the actors were when they started this movie venture because of J.K's awesome ability to write her world and bring it to life through them. However, I have never been a big fan of the movies because, obviously, they can never capture the true essence of the books. Key word: Essence; not every boring camping trip that happens. Although it's true the the bigger the books got the more the movies were rushed to get to key points and events. Although I'm trying to discern why that was not the case with this movie. I was truly and more irrevocable disappointed with this film as NOTHING HAPPENED! You spent most watching them camp and wander about and when you did reach the part where they destroyed the Horcrux it was so uneventful and disturbing. I'm sorry to say, but the image Ron saw was not needed to the full explicitly that was displayed. It makes me wonder how the actors felt seeing that; I mean yes, it is technically their characters and it was manipulated using CGI but still, was that really necessary? The 30mins where something ACTUALLY happened could have been incorporated into an actual film. This splitting the movie into two parts just to make more money from this franchise is despicable, especially in these economic times. We want something worth our money, not something else to waste it on and make us think we should have just splurged on those new shirts or something. I'd rather wait for it's TV debut on the movie network then either waste mine or my parents money on a 4-5hr movie where nothing happens for half of it instead of purchasing it like the other six. For shame, Warner Brothers and David Yates, for shame.