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The big daddy of all horrormovies, a true masterpiece in every aspect!!, 24 November 2006

THE EVIL DEAD, how do you comment a film that is absolutely perfect? I will give it a try anyway. Everything in this picture oozes quality. The special effects, the horror, the sound effects, the settings and of course (in this picture the very young) Bruce Campbell!! I cannot even count how many times i have watched this. Last year, they have shown this movie in a big theater. There were only 15 people there who have watched it, and everybody was saying the lines that campbell was saying in that particular scene. Groovy.. If you say that you are a horror fan but never watched "evil dead", please go home and ask yourself if you should watch "Titanic" instead. But if you did, then there is no doubt you agree with me, hail to the king baby!!!

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A classic vampire movie, outdated; but still great fun!, 19 November 2006

Now this is the movie that i have watched when i was twelve years old, and made me fall head over heels in love with the horror-genre. Today, it may look outdated (wich of course is the truth), but in my opinion it still is the best vampire movie ever created. If you should take the effort of watching this entire picture, you will come to the conclusion that Polanski has made a masterpiece. Special notes should be taken for the musical score. Such a cliché, but unmissable for this picture. This is a classic horror movie with a perfect, ambient atmosphere that suites the movie perfectly! Today, the teenagers are growing up with vampire movies like blade and underworld. But these are not to be called horror movies. There is little or no atmosphere, just pocket fillers for the movie makers. For classic and Gothic atmosphere, you cannot do any better then "The fearless vampire killers" For those of you who have become curious: enjoy!!

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A splendid horror movie roller-coaster, food for fans of the genre!, 17 November 2006

The concept of this movie of course, is not to call exactly new. But who cares? Over the past 20 years there have been so many horror movies, that it will be very hard to think of a new reviving idea. But to be honest: does the genre really needs it? No matter how many movies you have watched, the idea of crazy cannibalistic psychopaths, is still very joyfully to watch for us real horror fans. Now the first movie from Rob Zombie (House of thousand corpses) was utterly superb. It is easy to spot, that Rob Zombie is heavily inspired by Tobe Hoopers masterpiece: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A lot of movies are, by the way (The hills have eyes 2006, wrong turn, 2001 maniacs, highway to hell and so on). His second movie is a little bit surprising, but equally as horrific as the first one. I really like captain Spalding; and Sid Haig, who plays the role of the sadistic brother of Sherry Moon Zombie, really deserves an Oscar for his acting!!!! Rob Zombie: I demand a part III!!! Nuff said, right?!