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DWP best film of the decade! Ten Stars in a walk., 17 November 2006

So after being pleasantly surprised by Lauren's book, which, by the way, supplied the answer to that long standing question: Can a twenty something Cornell grad write really funny prose? we have the film.

Oh, and what's the correct answer? The answer is this: a gasping Yesssss!!! accompanied by rolling and rocking laughter.

Now the film, well the screenplay first. And what a smooth, deep- throated-humming, high-end-elegant BMW of a screenplay it is, too.

Oh well. Enough about the screen play.

The Film knocked off my socks, heel boots, pinky toe ring and lucky heart ankle bracelet while leaving the toenail varnish unscratched. It was that good. Yes.

You want details? Please bore someone else with your "questions."

Oh yes and the actors. Well, starting at the top. M.S.'s Miranda was beyond hyperbole. I raise a finely sculpted eyebrow-line in tribute to her thespian genius. Oh, and she had actual fun too. Oh yes, we can tell. Can't we though? Am I reaching for the stars here? Not really.

And Miss Blunt. Oh my! Miss Blunt, so talented, delivers the goods in the supporting actress express lane. What WAS her first name? Oh Emily! Emily! Yes, Emily there you are. How many times do I have to scream (or shout) your name? Emily, get the name of that actress, you know the one I mean, and fax it over to Irv at the Kodak theater. And I want it done by three o'clock. Do you understand Emily? That's all.

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Fans of S.S.'s Jaws should check this one out., 16 November 2006

Remember the boys out on Quint's boat? At night, down below, swapping seagoing yarns, showing their scars, knowing the shark is out there, waiting in the watery night, guys talk of exploits and escapes. Joining in, the Roy Schieder character naively questions, "What's that one?" noticing another tattoo on Quint's forearm, The USS Indianapolis. Quint tells the tragic story of that WWII ship and crew. His personal motivation as a shark hunter.

Well, if you want more of the story, that's what Mission of the Shark delivers. It is a nicely crafted historical drama with high marks for historical accuracy. Stacy Keach is wonderful as the captain, a tragic figure with biblically bad luck.