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I bought the DVD set, 10 January 2008

Needed to grow at least 3 season. But that is how TV is get rid of the good shows and slam us with crap. Got a good feel to it just cut to short. I liked the actors. Story lines where good. So why so short who knows. Chicago was good for Kolshak. I loved the hockey stick. Does every show have to be a mega hit. Maybe they can make some TV movies. I really give it a 7.8 overall in the rating. I also like the special unit they cut that one too. For the scifi buffs its getten real slim. If they know they are to cancel a show at least make a half season unreleased to put in the DVD box ya know what I mean. Dresden files was OK with me because I didn't read any of the books. Well what can you do.

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Bond the new and gritty secret agent, 17 April 2007

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We love are bond. Its hard for the purest to accept him. He doesn't have the class of Rodger Moore or Pierce Bronsan. Nor the build and manliness of Sean Connery but he is out there fighting a different enemy. His world is grittier more of a senseless violence in it. Now he is protecting the free world which is much bigger today. So our Bond can't be swayed by old values that will make the mission fail. He let his guard down with Vespar Lynn and it nearly destroyed him. Mr White is in for a big awakening. We have our man for right now to get the job done. Gerad Butler and Clive Owen would have made very good Bonds but they are old school this is the 21 century with very surly bad guys. It took me 5 times at the movie to accept Daniel Craig as Jame Bond agent 007 but what is done is done he has the job. I am ready now for the next Bond thriller.

300 (2006)
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NFL strikes back, 29 March 2007

Yeh baby its a man movie. We love women. Kick butt on Persians. Yeh its conservative all the way. This movie is not for the sundance boy lovers but for NFL fans. Spartans put their D line against the O line of all of the Persian Empire. The Greek special teams come in sideways and make a mess of King Xerxes best. Yeh I love the close ups football action. Smash mouth football man style. No your artsy films do fail because movies like this one and the Passion are the majority of people in the world who will not go quietly in the night. Hitler the artist and his liberal crowd twisted things to make them look like the good guys. But in the trenches the Spartans are the heroes against the evil Persians. Yes you libs don't get to get the last word taking over the blogs if its a conservative film and bash everyone. The true lib is a traitor to his countrymen, country, and freedom. A great movie with todays politics or just plain action. The Persian King struck me as a Nephilim from the old testament thought that was really good to put in. Two thumbs up on this one.

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Pro Life, 29 March 2007

Great movie about pro life and why its so important to have babies. Its our future its our hope and survival. Pro life in why its important for us to live everyday with the appreciation of how lucky we our to be alive. Just a really good movie. Yes a lot of liberal politics in it but hey its why life is important it is what makes the movie. Boy I hope we don't go over the edge and the world ends up looking like Pittsburg. Did I say that I meant Toledo. One spoiler I don't think the gypsy's dog would have made in that camp. Look like poke chops to me. A lot of action, good scifi writing, not a Bladerunner, just a good more real future if we go to far in extremism, and suspense to keep you interested. Slight humor but effective. I liked it.

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Painful to Watch, 12 January 2007

I am glad I rented this at a discount. It was tuff to watch. Just boring as all get out. A "B" movie to be sure. You need to have 2 litre bottles of mountain dew to stay awake. It should not have been that long. Just make it quick and end it. The Germans need a lot of work when making an action flick. Could you have gotten any worse of an actor to play the star Luke Skywalker. The father mopes around. The mother gropes around. It trys to be a empire strikes back, indiana jones, blade, highlander, apocalypse now, and da vinci code all in one. Man it sucks. But theirs a few spots that could of had promise. Bad story with no direction. Visual effects poor and slow. Dvds should end up on I40 truck stops.

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A Shane feeling to it Family and Cowboys, 5 January 2007

I thought this was a darn good western. Enjoyable and entertaining as a true American Western should be. Great chemistry with all the actors. Keith Carradine was really good you see why their back in Monty Walsh. Tom and Keith have it on screen. The wife of Cable is very authentic. A western frontier gal. She reminds me of the wife in Shane. A good plot and running story line. David Carradine always as weird as ever playing Duane. He carry's it. True to the civil war era with rifles and revolvers for authenticity. I like the scene where Paul Cable sits on the porch with riders coming up slightly pulls his gun out from the holster for a quick draw and cocks his Henry rifle. I also notice Comet rides again from Brisco County Jr. It looks like that horse that Tom rode was what Brisco rode too. Also Denis Forest who played Cornet the cowboy who got a shot into Cable played on Briscoe as well. He was one of the Swill Brothers. A good movie won't be disappointed.

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Cimarron Strip - The Law of the American West, 5 January 2007

I was very young when I watched the reruns in the early 70s. This was more for my parents but cool enough for me. I knew this Marshall was no fool. Every episode was riveting. I really enjoyed the beginning riding the horse on the trail with that great theme. When your about 6 TV cowboys are real. I am sure I rode a few arm chairs with hat and holster on. The marshal portrayed the American Western Lawman has a prolific hero. The bad villains were really bad men that rode a horse and were not anti heroes or somethings cool. Marshal Jim Crown man's man. Today a show of this caliber would be on an HBO mini series. I don't think the networks could get away with a smart but violent show in which bad guys are left in the dirt. I yearn for good ole quality cowboy shows. A must see if you have never experience the likes of this one. I can't wait till it comes on DVD. Alias Smith and Jones comes out in Feb 2007 another classic. So hopefully soon Marshal Crown rides again.

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One of the Best Ever Made, 4 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With out a doubt. A classic and original style war movie with intense acting from Peter O'Toole. The almighty aircraft mechanic seeks revenge for the death of his shipmates by the evil nazi navy. Jona hunts his whale to get his pound of flesh. I saw it when I was a little boy thought wow this guy can fix anything. Over the years when I have caught it on TV man the old classic still holds up. A gritty telling story of one man's blind revenge to seek justice. I am all for Murphy to kill those ba$^@&d%. Proud to be in Murphy's box. A sailor who at the end of the war witnesses his ship and crew torpedoed by a German u-boat. He survives with a pilot and plane. He with the help of a local island man Louie gets the down aircraft out of the jungle. But the Germans have come back to finish the job. With a missionary doctor as subplot the story is compelling. A great line "don't worry it's just alittle ole alligator" classic. A must see for all time. I still think on of the best ever put in film art.

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My favorite Western - All American Cowboys, 4 January 2007

What can I say about this show its just great. I was a little grasshopper in the early 70's but could watch it with my Big Sister in high school. She had a crush on both of them but Pete was her sweety. She also had the hots for Jim West of Wild Wild West oh so funny now. Mom and Dad had Gunsmoke we had Kid Curry and Hannibal Heyes our heroes. The show was just kick butt with action, humor, plots, and quality stars. You wanted these two to come in your house every week. They were great role models for young boys. How to treat girls, help old folks, and save a ranch or town from villains. I like how they could fall into a trap now and then great humor. I just wanted to ride with them away on an adventure. Cowboy days are long gone now but they had a long run with all good shows from beginning to end. The best family show probably Bonanza, another kid's favorite Branded, and adult theme Cimarron second to my Smith and Jones. Heyes and Curry ended the western motif but at on a high note for quality. The western shows never seem to get rusty or dry. Briscoe County Jr was really good more like a Wild Wild West but more humor towards a Smith and Jones. And now another cult classic Firefly is my favorite over the boys. From the beginning of Firefly it isn't a scifi but a western. It has the same feel that Alias Smith and Jones had. Both of course cut short in TV history. I also felt the success of Battlestar Galactic 1978 was due in part to Apollo and Starbuck's chemistry that Curry and Heyes had in the best American Cowboy series. A gem in TV history.

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Favorite Outlaws of the Ole West, 3 January 2007

Lever action style comedy. I must of been 6 or so when this aired. I knew these dudes are the heroes. Noble cowboys liven fancy free. A true American Western with TV cult status. I grew up thinking how cool would that be riding in the west saving the day. It hit a mark with the young people because of the style. My oldest sister was in high school and we both could watch it. While Gunsmoke was mom and dad's show this was ours. A fun hour of action, humor, and villains. The only show since then to capture what Kid Curry and Hannibal Heyes had is another cult favorite Firefly. The feel of it is the same. Briscoe County Jr is good but not like Smith and Jones. I can't wait for DVD set to come out on this TV classic. Worth watching any chance you get.

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