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Someone hand me a bucket!!, 23 August 2001

Gregory Hippolyte should pay me and everyone else who happened to sit through this utter piece of garbage the rental fee and the mental scarring compensation this movie(i guess!!) created.The only highlight is Wendy Schumacher,who dressed or more often than not undressed,is stunning and despite the script can act.I forgive you Wendy,but Gregory you are kidding!!!

It's soft core at it's best or worst!!, 23 August 2001

Ahh yes, another delectable feast of non stop sex and nudity from the queen of late night, Kira Reed.Here she plays Suzy Largo a woman who heads west after her husband catches her with the local stud.After a bus ride cross-country including a dalliance with some lucky passenger she stumbles into the world of high price prostitution(not that old chestnut again)via her discovery of Madam Jasmine's little black book.Suzy seizes this opportunity to fulfil every little girls dream of being a Madam,and the inevitable trouble that line of work will bring.One of the disappointments of this movie are the under used talents of two of my favourite B movie babes,Lorissa Mccomas and LoriDawn Messuri.But you've got Kira and that's all good.

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Allyson is watching,so am i.!!, 16 August 2001

Who are these two ladies,where have they been and where the hell are they now?I am referring to the two female leads in this softcore late night cable delight,Jennifer Hammon(Allyson) and Caroline Ambrose(Bridget).The story revolves around Allyson's struggling acting career in her new home in Los Angeles.However the fun begins when Allyson hears noises coming from the adjoining apartment and investigates by peering through the keyhole to witness her neighbour and a (client) getting it on.She continues to watch and get aroused by her new friend and then the good times roll.What follows is surely one of the greatest lesbian scenes of all time between Allyson and Bridget.Throw in a psychopathic killer for a twist and you have all the necessary ingredients for cinema at it's best.But where are these two lovely ladies now,we the fans deserve to know.Come back Jennifer.come back Caroline.

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better with the sound off, 9 August 2001

I don't like to be too harsh when it comes to rating films.but this is a nightmare to sit through.The movie's only redeeming qualities lie in the undressing of the stunning Lisa Boyle,particularly her rooftop sex scene.It is a typical soft core thriller,this time revolving around Lisa's character on the run from her boss at the strip club,mixed in amongst naked bodies trying too act.Sorry people,apart from Lisa you all failed dismally.

It's Kira,so you know it's good., 9 August 2001

Not surprisingly,this film didn't win an Oscar,but who cares.It stars the goddess of soft core film in Kira Reed and thats all that matters.Basically the story revolves around a married couple who get into some predictable relationship problems when the husband suggests that his wife (Kira) should engage in some carnal activities with other men,while he watches!!! How stupid is this guy,if you have Kira Reed as a wife and you wanna get in some threesome action,get another girl.Quality scenes throughout including one with porn star Janine.