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nice, 27 February 2015

delicate. and nice. inspired music. good actors. and the absence of courage of director to build a real convincing story. because the basic sin of film is its fragility, the grace of a bashful exercise, the status of sketch though the possibilities and tools are numerous. it is a beautiful film but it could be a memorable one. because it opens so many doors without explore any room, because it remains a love story who use more the naive humor than the clash of cultures, because, after its end, you understand than it has not roots. an esthetically delight, it has all the resources to be more. Gorkem Yeltal remains only an ethereal shadow and Nadir Saribacak - victim of his cage- role . but it is far to be a bad movie. only, maybe a nice one.

impressive, 27 February 2015

it has the gift to be a precise adaptation of the novel. to use the ideal cast , to reflect the real traits of characters and remind the atmosphere chapter by chapter. but, in few scenes, this perfection becomes the profound error. to present everything has the price to ignore details and that fact transforms in artificial parts of film. so, the escape is Ralph Fiennes as the real Heathcliff, not a surprise but real useful for rediscover a character in its profound complexity and Juliette Binoche in a Cathy who represents more than a victim of love. a splendid example of adaptation. only sin - the ambition of perfection of director who gives , in the second part, especially, an impressive work but without soul. but, in fact, that could be only a small detail.

a legend, 23 February 2015

for many of South American soap opera 's fans, this series is one of the most important title. not only for performances or for the love/hate story, for adventures or for the chemistry between lead characters but for the special atmosphere. a film about the old Mexico, embroidery of powerful passions and strong tradition, beautiful landscapes and remind of old fashion romanticism in precise dose. a film about feelings and duty, impressive for the music, nice for the fight scenes, useful for remind the metamorphose of popular novel in soap opera and the bitter force of emotions. a beautiful story of desire, it remains the scene for only two actors in many memories of viewers. so," Corazon salvaje ".again. like secret place of new fairy tale's admirers.

"Salomé" (2001)
only a soap opera, 23 February 2015

but like many soap operas, it is a real travel. lights, tragedies, love, sacrifices, the fight for truth and justice. and the show. a film about the lights and the rules, the appearances and the force of show. good cast, interesting script, smart details and beautiful music. and, sure, Edith Gonzalez who does , not surprise, a beautiful job. a series who respects the recipes of genre but, in same measure, propose something different. not a spectacular story but almost a magic one because the slices of fairy tale and the reflection of every day problems, the success and the errors are , scene by scene, pieces of a seductive construction. one of soap operas who reminds, in the clothes of genre, the basic things who defines life. with real success.

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Vadim mark, 22 February 2015

nothing bad or good. only a strange movie with an admirable cast and too high ambition. because it is a dark comedy with ambition of reflection about power. because it is chaotic and without a precise sense. a Vadim movie, far by profound purpose, nice for the presence of Girardot and Deneuve, a parable not real credible, strange dialogs and , in fact, only a confuse parable. the only sin - the ambition to be more than a Vadim film. to improvise a message who seems unclear and artificial. to do a serious film with fragile tools and a not inspired script. a castle and the end of a war. and Robert Hossein looking to save his character . nothing new.

The Fighter (2010/I)
beautiful, 22 February 2015

for performances and the theme. for the force of emotion and the force of image. for the wise manner to use a delicate subject. for the music. and for Christian Bale who remains the same in an admirable role. a film about boxing who impress for the science to explore different levels. a film about abductions and about self definition, about love in different angles and about sacrifices. about glory. short - one of dusty movies, not spectacular but profound touching about fight and success in American way but with universal message. a beautiful film. that is all. and enough not exactly for seduce but for remind deep truths.

Tootsie (1982)
admirable work, 21 February 2015

one of memorable roles of Dustin Hoffman. and a film who reminds the small, fundamental details of life. a film about career, vocation, profound change. a form of enjoy. and a kind of experience because the high talent of a magnificent actor gives new and new images for his character who becomes an entire world. a film about a decision and its force for transform lives. and that could be all. except, maybe, the presence of Sydney Pollack and the young Jessica Lange . a film like an experience. who reminds the essence of cinema, who presents an unique Dustin Hoffman. and who gives a spectacular character with status of cultural icon.

admirable, 19 February 2015

one of films who remains, years by years, one of memorable titles for many of its viewers. not only for story itself, not, maybe, for the virtue to be a convincing court story, not for a detail or other but , especially,for its end who defines a magnificent work by Edward Norton and a Richard Gere who reminds the basic truth than he is a real good actor. sure, for our period it could be almost nice, collection of tricks and good parts unexplored in real sense but it remains a discovery, with sparkles of revelation, interesting, almost seductive, well made and complex, realistic and good occasion for remember a young Norton and its force, nuances, level and spirit of acting. a film about a trial and a profound game of appearances. a film about sins and about errors and about profound image of sin. but not about religion . only about a battle. and about the taste of a cruel form of victory.

beautiful, 18 February 2015

beautiful people, touching love, adventure and mysteries, Versailles and strange situations. that could be all. a splendid Michelle Mercier as new, strong, determined, mature Angelique and her fight for justice and true love. France of Louis XIV and little more than romanticism, exoticism or a history lesson. a film/a series who reminds more the sensitivity , expectations and innocence of the public from the"60's - East European not the last - than the glamor of a pink history. a film who seduces for the , at first sigh, large circles of chaos. and for the art of the lead actress to create a credible character who defines herself more than by the beauty but for the force and courage. a film for each age. for discover a form of cinema who has origin in the popular novel by Alexander Dumas father and Feval and could be a kind of alternative to many blockbusters.

Attila (2013)
the poor Attila, 17 February 2015

a bad movie ? not exactly. only awful. small ordinaries tricks, blood and fake history's use. and a film about nothing with ambition to became a series. absurd, illogical but useful like each bad movie for a strange form of fun who has not the status of irony but only surprise. it is not original, only clone of clone of clones of many stupid movies who are not sense, not script, not actors and represents just a small place near hard pornography. because the source, maybe the purpose are the same. only problem after its end is the choice of Hun leader. which is his huge sin for be victim of this form of cultural garbage ? so, only mercy for the poor Attila saves the film for few days after the meeting. but it is far to save it in real sense.

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