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Killing Jesus (2015) (TV)
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crumbs from Gospels, 29 March 2015

it has two virtues - Haaz Sleiman as the Savior ( only for the physical image ) and the icons/ religious images of film credits. and a lot of sins. the script is chaotic and too strange. nothing is coherent. crumbs from Gospels in disorder. fragments, slices, not purpose, mixture of a carpenter who discover his mission and the Son of God. it is only expression of good intentions without credible result. and, after so many films about Christ, Killing Jesus is only another deception. because it has not message, because its ambiguity has as fruit only confusion, because not bad actors are only hangers for the roles. because the ambition is different by possibilities to create a real good story. it could be only an eccentric sketch about Jesus. is it enough ? maybe not. because it is a story only for the teller , not for his audience. in fact, only one of bizarre news/documentaries about Jesus in the Easter's period.

smart, 29 March 2015

a smart movie. that is its secret and the source of seduction. a film about a meeting and a love story who remains fresh decade by decade for the courage to be natural. and, sure, for the chemistry between the actors. a film new at all who respect the old recipes. a good example of grace for use delicate subject and a magnificent manner for Julia Roberts to explore her character's nuances. a film like a trip who gives interesting definition to romanticism. and a story who remains in the memory of viewer for a long, long time. short, a smart script. and good actors. the result is far to be a surprise. because the film reflects the energy, the spirit and the force of a new period and impose the rhythm of it.

magic, 28 March 2015

the dance scenes. the acting. the atmosphere. the script. each as part of magic film who seduce, again and again, the public. because the theme is not complicated, because the love, the freedom, the beauty of dance are elements who defines every period and becomes basis of a special form of entertainment. and Patrick Swayze does one of his memorable roles. it is not easy to describe the magic of this film. because it represents almost an experience. because it is one of that movies who lives in memory like a great moment of pure freedom. not the story itself, not the chemistry between the lead actors is the key but a sort of nostalgic perception and a lovely occasion to rediscover the pure romanticism.

maybe, useful, 28 March 2015

it is far to be original. or one of great films. it is decent. and, maybe, for a part of its public, useful, touching and a form of lesson about life with few pink ingredients. it could be a good occasion to discover few actors at young age or Jeff Bridges in a bitter role but, in same measure, to remind old fashion values and few cultural references, the spirit of teenagers and a good guide who transforms theirs in men. it reminds many other films about the same theme but the manner is almost a virtue. because it is a right work, with not the best end but the tension, the drops of soap opera, the pieces from the epics about the man against nature, the importance of duty and the metamorphose in contact with a great challenge are the solid good points.

good work, 28 March 2015

each episode is a kind of event. because it represents , in a special manner, a comfortable series. smart, seductive, realistic, funny, profound, almost a slice from your life. a film about relationship with the others, with yourself, about a not real ordinary form of friendship and about the questions - bricks of happiness. in fact, only inspired meeting between a good script and good actors. and right use of emotions and humor, cultural references and personal stories. a series who must see. for the different feeling. for the good job of team. for the leading actresses. for a small place from Connecticut who becomes,episode by episode, familiar.

good intentions, 28 March 2015

it is not a good or bad sitcom. it is only almost forced job, childish in few episodes, unconvincing in others, fake in some. but the good intentions, the subject, the acting are interesting pillars of a series who has as only basic sin the absence of clear direction. the family's problems, the children, the teenagers, the people from show's world, the errors, the confusions, the jokes, the run to success are pieces of a too large puzzle who could represent an abstract painting. a new build with old bricks from another series in chaotic order. that is all. one of comedies who are only expression of high and noble good intentions. nice but far to be seductive. that is See Dad Run for me.

seductive, 26 March 2015

a seductive story about love, hope and joy. fine humor, right acting, interesting cast. and, sure, the young Bobby Driscoll. a film like a song - seductive, melancholic, full of energy and profound nuances. not surprising because each actor use his specific tricks and tools for create the character. but, like many other movies from same period, the mixture of innocence and idealism is the key of the magic in this case. a different image about basic values, delicate irony, French stereotypes, the teenager universe, the charm of Boyer, the good guy in the right proportions by Jourdan and Jeanette Nolan as mother - axis for a bohemian family. a lovely movie. seductive in smart manner. and useful, to.

admirable work, 21 March 2015

if the first part represents the travel in time of the lead characters, the second is the travel of the viewer. because it represents a puzzle and the script, the acting, the nice moments are the pieces for seduce the public in special manner. to save the future , than the past, to solve crisis and to admire a special couple, to admire the adventure as part of it, to create a more interesting second part than the first are arguments for see it and enjoy it. because it is a smart movie and that fact is a rare event. because its humor remain fresh and refreshing. because it has all the ingredients for be a success in each decade. because it is, in same measure, a film noir, a Sci. Fi. and a lovely comedy. each at high level.

just lovely, 21 March 2015

its great virtue - courage to not be original. than - the old fashion message who reminds the dreams of little girls to be princesses, the magic of Disney from the creator 's movies, the joy of childhood, the moral lessons in convincing, sweet forms. a princess like each of her viewers- nice, clever, wise in many moments, innocent, fan of justice. and a seductive universe around her. short - a series who must see it. not only for drawings or music, for the status of vehicle to a lovely universe but for an interesting script who teach in the right manner. Sofia the First is almost an oasis for its public. and the best thing is the measure who defines it.

the grace, 21 March 2015

the grace to present the old story of love, the performances, the music, the shadow of emotions and fights and hope, the sacrifice and the remember of the importance of hero. each of them - pillar for a lovely show, romantic in profound sense, interesting for manner to suggest and for the grace of image. because that is its basic virtue - the grace to replace a Medieval poem in the spirit of present period using the universal virtues of courage, love and need of power. a clear, subtle, seductive story. simple and convincing. tender and powerful. far to be a masterpiece, it is a necessary film for remember and for preserve the flavor of delicate feelings and real courage. Tristan and Isolda. the same from its birth to present. this film could be a proof.

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