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time's capsule, 26 April 2015

Mary Schell.she did an admirable work. she impose the flavor of novel and propose a character who transforms each of its ingredient in a spectacular show. Yul Brynner . he gives a pure Dimitri Karamazov and the only sin is the fear to nod make errors so, the best option remains for him a cold - mannerist acting. the rest - pieces of a world who, American at all, preserves a Russian spirit. not only because it is a Dostoievsky's great book but for the effort to build atmosphere with traces of obsessions. a great show more than a good film because it represents the image of a period and the force of the script. a beautiful work. not extraordinary but beautiful. like a sort of time's capsule.

In the Fog (2012)
simple story, 26 April 2015

dark, slow, cold. slice from recent history. more than a movie, a reflection support. because it is not the story of a character but the story of a generation. it is not only a film who reminds Stalker by Tarkovsky but tool for discover a side of every day reality. a film about choices and profound cruelty. about the thin line between justice and errors. and about the real purpose of a life. a film who is not easy to see. because it seems be boring and cold and neutral and to simple or too confuse. in fact, it is a testimony. far by American blockbusters, using the old Russian cinema marks. a honest movie. that is all. simple, direct,cold, slow, dark, page from recent history.

more than beautiful, 26 April 2015

a love story. like many others. but profound different. not only for the age of the lead characters. not for the nuances of performances or for the script or for beautiful images. but only for the actors. or, maybe, only for the admirable presence of China Zorrilla. she is a real surprise for each viewer who knows almost nothing about Argentinian cinema. because she has the splendid gift to transform the joy of acting in an useful and powerful , too, tool for transform the public's state. the grace for translate the emotions and expectations and fragility and the dialogs of teenager to a couple of old people is more than impressive- it could seems be magic. and that fact is the secret of this special film.

King Ralph (1991)
seductive, 25 April 2015

at first sigh, an amusing lesson about royalty. in fact, a kind of parable with flavor of fairy tale who remands the essence of democracy under the British aspects. a comedy who translate the duties of monarch, it has the chance of perfect cast who gives to cultural differences precise marks. a film about the duties and solutions, about a metamorphose and about the spirit of a nation. seductive and amusing. little gem by Peter O 'Toole and a rich nuanced character by John Goodman. a film for laugh and for reflection. easy and clear, far to be great but not series product, interesting and not too complicated. a movie " ad usum delphini".

Overboard (1987)
nice, 25 April 2015

not bad script, a lot of humor, inspired cast, mark of a modern fairy tale, clash between life stiles. one of adorable films who reminds emotions and fresh state of childhood. seductive at all, chain of adventures and hilarious situations, almost crazy in few scenes, film about responsibilities and values of life, it is a good occasion for meeting the spirit of a period, a nice love story, few real good actors in a film far to have great ambitions. more than a comedy, it is interesting for the simple message. and for kids. for Ken Russell who is perfect for his role - maybe, too good - and for Goldie Hawn who use her potential in right manner.

more than a wedding, 24 April 2015

shadows from past. a wedding. dialogs about forbidden themes. a show. and the ash taste of a movie about family but, more important, about the signification of the roots. the Shoah is only the axis. the choices, the memories, the need of new beginning, the cold words and the exercises of reconciliation who are only new start for new crisis. a film who seems not be real original. not exactly for its status as adaptation of a play but for the pieces who are not originals for a genre of film. so, its virtue is the cruel honesty to remind and to use known tools for the sketch of profound pain who seems be only part of the past. a powerful film. who could be a puzzle of Brueghel 's fools parties and inspired manner to talk about a dark page from the XX th century.

"Toledo" (2012)
good work, 24 April 2015

a Spanish historical film. not different by many others. same battle for power, secrets, traitors, forbidden love stories, fight scenes and complex plot. different is the lead character who reminds the simple sacred values who defines a honest life. and the atmosphere of a city who becomes a character itself. a beautiful story and not bad acting. spirit of an old period who reflects the images of present. tension, humor and the clichés about Middle Age. all in decent and, in few episodes, touching mix. a film about values more than reconstruction of a page from history. seductive, nice or interesting. not great ambitions but a real honest work. that is all. like many historical films, an adventure.

Oxen (1991)
beautiful, 23 April 2015

atmosphere. story. the tension. the links between characters. the religious axis. the cast. each as part of a beautiful - in special form - film about redemption. it reminds Ingmar Bergman's filmography but that is only the first sigh impression. because it has different rhythm and a form of delicate presentation of story. because it is , like Dostoievski's work, more generous and hopeful. because it is a parable in right colors. all is impressive - the simplicity of facts, the respiration of a community, the Christian virtues. and the acting because the Bergman's actors transforms the old roles level in inspired manner, in new forms, in delicate and precise manner. see it ! because it could be more than a beautiful film.

seductive, 22 April 2015

after so many time and a lot of books, films, clubs , shows about vampires, it is strange to discover the series seductive like at the first meeting. maybe naive but it is not its sin. maybe soft but it is part of different period. but the same. a new hero, huge challenges, drops of love, horror and a brave girl. nothing new but so seductive ! for a decade it remains one of fundamental marks. for today it is more than a teenager series but a form of delight. because it reflects, in right manner, expectations, emotions and a beautiful story with deep roots. a new kind of hero and her extraordinaries adventures. the structure of each fairy tale.

smart, 22 April 2015

that virtue does it more than interesting. or different. it is special for the courage to use the honesty to say an ordinary story using clichés, good actors, a humor who is more than tool of comedy, a wise science to do the characters as every day neighbors. a series about family, love, friendship, expectations, crisis and solutions. gray at the first view, it is romantic, courageous, seductive. and honest at all. and each of that details is important to discover something comfortable, new and nice. and unexpected - smart. because it is a show about small basic things and convincing details. and arena for a couple who remains in memory long, long time.

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