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decent, 19 September 2014

a decent adaptation. interesting performance of the lead actors. an OK Gothic atmosphere. but something missing. not very clear, few characters as sketches or stamps, an old recipes with new ingredients, Ellen Burstyn as pillar of story in precise role who explores many from her character sides, the film is almost an introduction to series. and it is not a bad fact. but the impression to discover a sketch, the feeling the story has not real roots, the incest theme presented in superficial manner, all does a fragile construction. sure, it is a good film. decent adaptation, remarkable young actors. but it could be better. that represents a certitude.

lovely, 15 September 2014

using the Jane Austen novels, the director does a fascinating web of relationships, emotions and events. pink, soft, amusing, it is the type of movie who experiments a special romanticism in inspired manner. a book club and the shadow of a writer. nothing complicated but useful for the geography of the characters area. delicate feminism, a young man lost in the search of deep senses of books, the plans, the life, the projects and temptations. and not surprising end. it is a good film not only for script or cast but for the science of detail, for the fresh air, for a form of joy and bitter side of happiness. and for a lovely atmosphere. a film for chicks is the first verdict. maybe, in same measure, a film for rediscover/rereading Jane Austen. maybe... . but, more important, a lovely work.

The Words (2012)
beautiful, 14 September 2014

its beauty is real special. for the grace of stories circle, for the nuances of acting, for the force of script. a film about choices. and about the sense of life . a film about honesty and the role of testimony. a rare gem for precise measure and for the levels of image. Jeremy Irons does a great job. Bradley Cooper creates a touching character , using each of its nuances with delicate science. a film about power of words. about their trace, about their ash, about need to transform the words. a rare gem. precious for the seductive reflection, for the profound message, for the flavor of universe of a book as axis of characters and, maybe, the public.

beautiful in profound sense, 13 September 2014

it has a special beauty. far to be perfect, far to be convincing at whole, it has the science to use the kitsch and the light, the dialog and the details in wise manner. and that performance is its high virtue. old stereotypes - Helena Bonham Carter using Tim Burton recipes, remarkable parts - Jeremy Irvine as one of the most good Pip and the nuances of Magwitch by Joseph Fiennes, the crumbs of sentimentalism and the air of novel does it more than a correct adaptation. a beautiful film in profound sense. for the romanticism, for the links between characters, for the inspired way to tell the story. sure, nothing spectacular. sure, almost nothing new. but useful for remember the spirit of a great novel.

different, 13 September 2014

at first sigh, an experiment. delicate, charming, exotic. not only for modernization but for the cast who creates a seductive story, not very loyal to novel but useful for discover new sides of Dickens work. it has a magic aura - the kiss scene, De Niro performance, Gwyneth Paltrow as impressive ice Estella and Ethan Hawke as Pip, the inspired music and New York as fascinating scene are the ingredients of an adaptation who has high chance to be memorable. a film who must see it. for the flavor of a different version who, too short, has the gift to propose a special image about a well known story. and the meeting with an admirable cast.

beautiful, 12 September 2014

a beautiful homage to the cinema beginning. warm, delicate, romantic, almost seductive. high level technical value, it has delicate charm and presents a touching story. all is perfect, at its right place. but something missing. a small detail, a realistic piece, a precise target. because its team ambition seems be to do all. the passion for cinema transforms the family tragedy in a small part of it. the message is too sweet and the sentimental significance too obvious. and the two stories, mixed with precision transforms the old man effort in reflection of animation makers. because the ambition to create a high work is based on the sacrifice of the most important part of story. and the price - a kind of confusion, a melancholic silky air.interesting, maybe useful. but not exactly enough.

Dog Pound (2010)
honest, 12 September 2014

honest image about prison life. about decisions, angry and value of the other. a film who remembers many others about same theme but it remains special for the poetic note, for the different acting by the young cast, for the details who desires give a profound spirit to a delicate subject. the violence is not ignored but it is not the purpose. and the key of that subtle exercise of honesty is its end. because it is a film about deep freedom , about the dimensions of an age, about friendship and about sense of life. an inspired one. the sensitivity in different nuances, the force of image, the dialog are the basic virtues of movie. and a great cast who does a remarkable job. that could be all. so, see it !

dark, 12 September 2014

a dark animation, well made, about fear, sin and escape. a kind of sketch about guilt and need to escape from it. ironic, cruel, it use impressive images and ignore to give profound nuances to story. but, sure, it is only a short animation film. and that excuse it. the gloomy atmosphere, the cruelty who has not the religion as source but need to escape from your fear is in admirable manner presented. it is a good film and that fact defines it. slices of Expressionism, the West small town and the force of manipulation, the expectation and the war between priest and singer, the truth as massacre in final are good points of a special work who is , in few senses, a great parable.

embroidery, 12 September 2014

it is one of films who are not defined but story - well - known - but for art to translate in image a classic text. the science to present new nuances for Andersen story . and, in that case, the job is remarkable.for the grace of details, for the smart solutions, for the lovely animation, for the blue and white and gray, for the magic and for the last images. a film like an embroidery. delicate, simple, touching, honest and hard careful work. the little girl is different by the original character but the new details are beautiful homage to the author. a lovely short film.useful for the remember of childhood emotions.

legendary, 11 September 2014

legendary series for many children from East Europe, it was a phenomenon, than, a lovely memories source. a wolf and a hair. adventures, humor, wise lessons and same promise. it is difficult to define it today because it was one of rare entertainment pillars in that period. but, after so many time, it seems be one of remarkable success of Soviet animation school. sure, not very high but seductive for simplicity of stories, not remarkable for drawing but useful for its moralistic humor. a series who remains, for many of its viewers, more than interesting. because, like Tom and Jerry, it has the rare gift to be answer to basic questions of an age. and because it is an admirable work.

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