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Cinderella (2015)
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correct, 22 May 2015

not great, not extraordinary. only a correct work. with classical ingredients, for the precise target, using the old fashion of fairy tale. that is all and the high expectations of the viewer, in this case, could be the only problem. it is a nice film, adaptation of a well known story, with good actors and beautiful costumes, far by artistic revelations but decent - Helen Bonham Carter and Dereck Jacobi represents lovely surprises -. it is a film for kids and that is only fundamental sin. because only a child has the gift to be satisfied with a not complicate mix of romanticism and justice, few toys and not the best acting. but that is the key in this case. because it is only a correct adaptation. and it is not the real bad choice.

fascinating, 19 May 2015

not only a good series. but a fascinating one. for the tricks for discover the truth in case of people. for tension. for the science to be not exactly only a cop story. and, sure, for Tim Roth performance. a new sort of Dr. House, his role is more than well made. the nuances, the dialogs, the large areas of emotions, secrets and truths are good pillars of a character who creates an entire universe'rhythm. a film about gestures, errors and sins, a team and crimes solutions, it has the gift to be wise and only smart, useful for the details who defines the language of body, seductive for a rare lead character. in few scenes, more than a series, almost an experience. see it !

On My Way (2013)
beautiful, 19 May 2015

in a bitter manner. with an admirable script. story of a lady who desires to escape from her every day life. and the result. Catherine Deneuve does a fascinating role not only as remember of a long career but using new tools for create a character who has a profound force, convincing grace, delicate power.her great virtue - the links with the entire cast. and the fine exploration of each nuance. a film about family and choices. about happiness. and about fights. about beauty and honesty to yourself. nothing new. nothing complicated. only a beautiful film who propose few useful questions.and it is enough for discover the freshness of the new French cinema.

"Felicity" (1998)
nice, 17 May 2015

a teen series must be only nice. and Felicity has that virtue. a girl, few boys, common situations, large territories of love, small crisis, not new dialog'subjects, problems, friendship, expectations, hopes. so, nothing original. but that is its purpose. to present a story without high ambitions, to be escape for teenagers and mirror for expectations. only a show, it has humor and few charming moments. and nothing else. a kind of oasis , unrealistic but seductive, few not bad actors and the universe of Felicity. a series who reminds many others. and that could be another virtue. because it is nice. and for the crumbs from a fascinating age in not worst light.

chaotic, 17 May 2015

it is its only virtue. a film who is only the second part of "A doua cadere a Constantinopolului", mixture of vulgarity and crazy situations, without a real script, using good actors in roles of sh.t. exhibition, Oriental flavor, a lot of characters without precise status. all as parts of a story about nothing. sure, it is expression of a freedom who, has not real definition. but that could not have excuses. because is only argument of a deep crisis who presents , behind the new Romanian cinema wave, the reality using two colors - the kitsch - that film is an useful example, the cold , cruel details, moral ruins and cold images -" Pepe si Fifi" is the second alternative. a film like a basket with moldy slices of bread.

experiment, 16 May 2015

maybe an experiment. one of the first comedies after the fall of Romanian Communism. a good director and a grotesque movie. because it has not direction. it is only vulgar, chaotic and kitsch. great actors in poor roles. mixture of Orient and West influences, clichés and a profound unrealistic script. only an experiment. without purpose, without good sense, without a target. because the acting is only metaphor, the script - something without taste, the actors - pieces from a boring game. lights and nudity - that is the essence of entire show. a poor film. from a great director who , after few real remarkable movies , creates a freaky expression of freedom in cinema.

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the poor thief, 16 May 2015

story of a too honest thief. not convincing, not seductive. maybe nice. an easy work far to use a high level of ambition. a comedy who could be only mixture of different pieces for a show about nothing. old scenes, Jude Law in a sketch of role, no direction, moral lessons, chaotic, strange and childish.the end as a knife cut. that is all. and the only error is the absence of purpose. nothing credible, nothing interesting, only few characters and crazy situations, mixture of flavors and a lot of clichés. the story of the poor thief is not a bad idea but, in this case, the tools for create it are not the best. but, that could be only a detail. or, only a kind of uninspired parable.

nice, 12 May 2015

like many other series from the period, it could be only a nice series. not real good, far to be impressive, but useful for memories and meeting with alternative life . same recipes- good looking actors,not credible events for high level tension, friendship, ambiguity, hate and revenge. a series who has the virtue to remember the spirit of 1990 decade. that is all. short, a nice series. full of adventure and complicated situations, young people and nuances of cruelty. so,easy entertainment . not bad. because it is a right work , interesting for discover new form of fairy tale who translate every day reality/experiences/dreams in a better form than a soap opera.

beautiful, 11 May 2015

than kind of movie who use the life of a man for describe the force of an idea. honest, useful, simple. a film who reminds an event. and recreate a way. without be great, it is perfect choice for discover the roots of a legend.clear, precise, poetic. the images from the Gagarin's past, the choice for mission, the faith and the generosity as ingredients of the entire story, the dialogs and the science for use in right manner the measure are the virtues of movie. and, sure, Yaroslav Zhalnin as Gagarin who maintains the colors for Charming Prince but, in same measure, suggest the heroism as result of a not easy experiences. a good film. a beautiful one. first, for its honest manner to present one of the great moments from the XX century.

a war story. and little more, 9 May 2015

first virtue - the cold delicate poetry of image and story. than - the wise manner to suggest. a war, a community's life, role of the bridge, solitude of a woman, the childhood, the love. result - a gem. not a manifesto, not a masterpiece, not a homage or memento. only a gem about a contemporary event signification, without guilts or pledge for a cause. like every film about the experiences from Yougoslavia of 1999, My Beautiful Country is a form of exorcism. but different for the high level of sensitivity, for simple story, for the special atmosphere, for silences and for the memories. a film about a woman and a man. like many others. about decisions. and theirs traces. about child's impressions about the events. and about hope. so, see it !

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